Shhh It’s A Surprise!


El Morno!

On Friday I was talking with my sweet Mom on the phone at around 4:00 p.m., when she mentioned that most of her inside flowering plants had bit it, After hanging up, I made a note to send her flowers when I come back from a grocery store run. I usually grocery shop with a list and a mission in order to get in and out as quickly as possible, and yesterday was no different. I was in the mood for a hotdog dinner, and we needed bananas for smoothies. When I entered the check-out lane with a couple of steaks, pork chops, hot dogs and hot dog buns, potato chips, artichokes, some fruit, ice cream, mac and cheese that you just heat up, and Oreo cookies, I could not help but wonder what has possessed me to add all those things to my cart—all things I like but rarely buy at the same time.

Back home again, while unloading the groceries, it occurred to me that it would be a slow weekend and that I had a window of opportunity to hand deliver the flowers to my sweet mom. At 4:45 p.m. I called a friend who trades me stand-by airline tickets for pup care; she checked the flights for me and said a flight was leaving Chicago at 7:20 p.m. By 5:30 p.m. I was driving to the train station to catch the shuttle to O’Hare, calling Cole en route to tell him my plans and let him know that we had a fridge full of food he could enjoy. I knew it was a long shot that I would make my flight (navigating rush hour in Chicago is never easy, but on a Friday night it is especially wicked), but I made it to the train and even found street parking close to the station (Cole and a friend would pick up my car and drive it home later) in record time.

The airport was unusually quiet, and the line through security was short. I was sitting at my gate with a first class ticket in my hand, sipping a Starbucks, with 20 minutes to spare.

My flight arrived in Albuquerque at 9:50 p.m., too late to drag my parents out to the airport, so I would need to book a hotel room close to the airport for the night. I found one, called, and snagged a room despite the fact that Albuquerque was in the middle of a huge Pow Wow convention, which was held just a few miles from the airport. The room was a single and half the price I had expected to pay. The hotel van picked me up from the airport 10 minutes after I had made my reservation.

My sweet mom has always told me that whenever I am in the neighborhood to stop by, so tomorrow morning I think I will, but “shhh”—tonight it’s still a secret.

In my haste to pack, I forgot my computer charger, so I’m just going to tell you quickly that these are today’s celebrations: If you want more information click April 27, 2012

National Hairball Awareness Day
Arbor Day
Tell a Story Day
Babe Ruth Day

Weekend “Odds and Ends” is on hiatus this week, but you can look forward to the last— but by no means least—shoe review after I make a Best Buy run for a new charger.

No, I really can’t believe I just jumped ship and headed to New Mexico, leaving my kid alone for the first time without a list of instructions a mile long. I’m excited not worried . . . the Universe seems to be on my side.


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26 thoughts on “Shhh It’s A Surprise!

  1. Wow, you’re amazing! Your folks will be thrilled to see you, you’ll get a much-needed rest, Cole will be fine, and so will the pups. Enjoy your break and don’t forget to do that “Rabbit Rabbit” thing on May 1!! Oh, and try to bring back some of their warm sunshine for us!!

    • Thanks! I have lost all track of time…Rabbit Rabbit is now on my reminder list. I am blowing sunshine and clear skies your way!

  2. you are a one woman wonder, Miss Katybeth. Your mom will not be surprised by this quick trip as she knows anything is possible with you, You will have a wonderful time, I’m sure and Cole is probably looking forward to this “party time”. JK

  3. Morno,
    When you make up you mind to do something you get it done. Missing hairball day isn’t a problem for me. We told plenty of stories while we were golfing, hope they didn’t have to true. No food celebrations?
    Enjoy your time away. El Morno, tomorrow, right?

  4. Cool beans. It’s amazing how everything came together for you! Have a wonderful time and keep us posted 😀

  5. What a nice surprise!! I can hardly believe I got to see my grandson and my daughter this month! I picked Katybeth up and she told me she needed to stop and buy a computer cord. So we drove to Uprown and we found a parking spot right in front of the Apple store! Finding any parking space at Uptown is usually impossiible.
    We came home and had Quiche for lunch on the patio, ran a few errand and now Katybeth is taking a wee nap before we go out to dinner. What a fun weekend.

  6. What a great story and what a great daughter you are, Katybeth!!! I hope your visit is fabulous and I am sure it will be. I am just a tad disappointed to not hear ad nausem about hairball day, though…..just saying.

    • Good point. A little time away from each other is good for us both. And by moving quick, there was no time to worry. Love my folks so much and we are having such a good time.

  7. Awesome. That is a surprise your Mom, and you, will always hold near and dear to her heart. Well played KB.

  8. Emails, phone calls are nice but, to drop everything and show up like that, is the sweetest thing I ever heard. Miles apart yet always close to heart. And clearly would go to be with the other in a heart beat. I especially love this visit because it was one of those “just wanted to’s”. Question though…did you bring flowers? ;-D

    • Wow, thank you. I bought yellow roses at Cosco! I would love to visit more often, and now that I have a kid that can hold down camp with Vickie on a slow weekend that might be more of a reality.

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