Shoe Review 5: What Do Your Shoes Say About You?


Welcome to Shoe Review Number 5! Click here if you missed Shoe Review #1, Shoe Review #2, Shoe Review #3, Shoe Review #4.  Some reviews have been updated, and new comments have been added, so it never hurts to click back for a quick shoe review


A few Shoeperstitions:

~ When a person leaves home on a trip, throw an old shoe after him so that he will have good luck. Throw the shoe in the direction of the trip.

~ Drop an old shoe outside by the front door as you leave the house and it will bring you good luck while traveling.

~ If you want to conceive a child, try on the shoes of a woman who has just given birth

~ Old shoes should be worn on Friday the 13th for good luck

~ Nothing new should be worn to a funeral, especially shoes.

~ A dog howling at night when someone in the house is sick is a bad omen. It can be reversed by reaching under the bed and turning over a shoe

~ “If you wear your shoes out on the toe/ You will spend money as you go”

~ If you want to win at cards, you must put on the shoes you are gong to play in before you eat.

~ If you repeat “Hoping this night, my true love to see, I place my shoe in the form of a T” (place your shoes heel against instep) and do no speak again that night.  You will marry the man you see in your dreams.

~ To get rid of an unwanted guest, take one of his or her shoes, place it in the middle of a busy road, and set it down. Then calling out their name, declare that you want them to leave. (I can see why this one works)

~ It is bad luck to put your left shoe on first.

~ For luck, mix Dragon’s Blood/Herb-Robert with powdered sugar, steel dust and incense and place in your shoe overnight.

~ Putting your shoes on the table (even shoes in the box) brings the worst shoe luck of all. Picking them up, and placing them on the floor before putting them on restores them to the default condition (good luck).

~ It is a sign of good luck to have old shoes squeak while you are walking in them

~ Never hop around with one shoe on and one shoe off or you will lose your mind.

And now lets hear from our reviewers.

Abby’s Shoes: 


My Toms are so beautiful, 
can you see? can you see? 
One day I created a masterpiece
using only a sharpee
I drew a bright lightbulb,
a sparkling crown too…
I love my black Toms
How about you?

Reviewed By: Penelope Pede 

In my quest for spring shoes I asked a friend for ideas. “Why don’t you get some Tom’s?” she replied. Why don’t I get some Tom’s? Because everybody has them. Why didn’t I get some Croc’s? Because everybody had them AND they were ugly. Here is the ubiquitous Tom’s shoe, the only way I would consent to wear it: personalized. Granted it was personalized by the nephew or the toddler of the wearer. But this unique pair of Tom’s can go anywhere. Totally dressed down, an everyday, three-seasons shoe. With a long, flowing skirt, this shoe could be worn in the evening and the other theater patrons would assume that it was personally doodled upon by Julian Schnabel. And perhaps it even was. That’s the beauty of this shoe.

P.S.: According to Forbes: Toms satisfy a powerfully consistent desire among consumers concerned with casually signaling personal authenticity through footwear.

Reviewed By: Hong Choo

Toms: the company that, for every pair of shoes sold, gives a pair of shoes to a person in need. Did you know these shoes are made in China by people who have to work 100 hours per week, clock out and return to work, and haven’t seen their son in their faraway home village in three years? But wait—it’s okay because I don’t think you bought these shoes out of liberal guilt. You love these shoes because they’re the balance beneath your feet. They keep pace with your schedule and are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Not sure about the shoe doodles…maybe a map of a country on one shoe, and a mountain on the other. Well, you know what the good Dr. Seuss always says…

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”

Or maybe you just like to draw on your shoes.

Good To Know: In China one of the bride’s red shoes is tossed from the roof to ensure happiness for the bridal couple.

Lisa’s Shoes:


springtime in Chicago
high heels clack on the sidewalk

Reviewed By: Chief Pigeon Toe

Where to begin? I think that this person likes to be in charge and run the show, but isn’t afraid to laugh and let others think that they have a choice.  My red flag is that these shoes are supposed to be your favorites but these look lightly worn.  Repression is not a good thing.  If you like them, wear those kicks out!  And let me just say this about the shoes-this is not the only leather thing this person owns.  Outwardly fun and friendly but behind closed doors – Roar!  This tiger also has a silly side shown by the socks.  Multi colored stripes for every mood.  I say wear the socks with the shoes and really make a statement.  Kb says, the wearer of these shoes “likes to cook” but does that mean food or just in general?

Reviewed By: Charlotte Brannock

These are the shoes of a soul divided. She is constantly balancing her practical side with her whimsical side. The black shoe is practical. The big silver buckles scream whimsy. The chunky heel=practical. The height of the heel=whimsical. The socks also demonstrate this dichotomy. Grey socks are practical. Florescent stripes make them fun. This is a lady who may have struck the perfect balance.

Good To Know: Trivia Question – Does anyone know what Charlotte’s Brannock husband was famous for? 

Lori’s Shoes:

Lori Shoe

Summer sandals, so lovely you see
these sandals are amazingly special to me
They are one of a kind
so light and fine
I’m lucky to say, these sandals are mine

Review By: Taryn Rose

Somehow a sandal that is both stylish and comfortable,” said the potential buyer upon viewing this shoe. And, almost too good to be true, Cinderella found that it fit like a dream and miles could be walked without damage or discomfort. In fact it appears as if the sole even offers a built-in massage. If those circles are properly placed, the massage might even qualify as foot reflexology, an ancient yet new- age technique of pressing on the soles of feet in order to heal health issues that seemingly have nothing to do with feet! But perhaps that’s optimistic. At a minimum, this shoe deserves everyday wear status for its ease (velcro!), comfort, and attractive styling. Cruise control for the feet. I’d wear this shoe any day, but especially after a fresh pedicure.

Reviewed By: Chocolate with Sprinkles

There is something great about an ordinary pair of sandals with a little something new added. The detailing between the straps makes me think that this is a woman who does not miss the little things in life. She is the first to notice a new haircut, the fine print in a contract and the stray hair on your shirt. Not only does she pay attention to the physical details she is in tune to the littlest nuances of her friends behavior. She will be the first to comfort you when your youngest starts kindergarten. She will celebrate with you when you find that job you love. She is a woman who can be counted on to remember your birthday and bring you your favorite flavor cupcake.

Good To Know: In Biblical times a sandal was given as a sign of an oath.


Disclaimer: Please remember that the opinion of the reviewers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of your shoe review hostess, nor do the shoes in all fairness necessarily reflect her taste.

This concludes our fifth Shoe Review.Thank you Abbie, Lisa and Lori for submitting your shoes for review, and a big shout out to our super shoe reviewers. Don’t forget to leave your comments for a chance to be included in our drawing for a Zappos gift card.

So what’s your review?

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24 thoughts on “Shoe Review 5: What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

  1. I never noticed my Tom’s were made in China. Not that a lot of shoes aren’t, but the hours are long and it takes a lot of watching dogging on the part of the company to make sure they employees making the shoes are treated fairly. I know this because my husband oversees manufactures in China. It’s so complicated, and expensive. Sorry to go off on a tangent, the reviews were great. I love Lori sandals. The pumps are a shoe I wish I could wear, and I think Abby is very artistic. Good Job. Gotta run. 😀

    • I think China is one of the places that make them. I would rather buy US, but it’s tough. Good save, Kimie! ♥

  2. I want those pumps. And it would be a nice gesture if Lisa gave me the socks too. The Tom’s look very comfortable and I love the custom look. It’s true about the your money going out the toe of a shoe. Anyone with 4 kids knows this to be a fact.
    I shoe am enjoying these reviews!

    • I think Lisa told you no way (below) but she did pass along the brand so you can have a pair of your very own! Can’t imagine keeping 4 kids in shoes. Sheesh.

  3. abby’s shoes look very comfotable. like the art work, too! lisa’s shoes are stylish. striped socks are an interesting touch! lori’s sandals give a foot massage each step with those small circles? nice!

    • Abby is a college girl…so comfort is important as she chases around campus. Those socks were a surprise. I would not have matched them to Lisa. Have you ever had a reflexologist work on your feet? Feels so good!

  4. Not all Toms are made in China. Some are also made in Ethiopia and Argentina. The company website says, “We are aware of the challenges associated with overseeing a global supply chain and our global staff actively manages and oversees our suppliers and vendors to ensure that our corporate responsibility standards are upheld. On an annual basis, we require our direct suppliers to certify that the materials incorporated into our products are procured in accordance with all applicable laws in the countries they do business in, including laws regarding slavery and human trafficking. We also clearly define appropriate business practices for our employees and hold them accountable for complying with our policies, including the prevention of slavery and human trafficking within our supply chain.”
    At least they try to do the right thing.

  5. I like Abby’s shoes. They look comfortable and trendy. My problem with Tom’s is mine fell apart in a few months and there return policy isn’t great. I didn’t want to push the policy since supposedly another pair had been gifted when I bought my pair.
    Love the sandals in the last review, what is the brand?

    • Cole’s feel apart too, and I didn’t send them back either. From the reviews on the site, it seems quality can be an issue. I’ll ask Lori to share the brand of her sandals.

  6. First, I love reading the reviews. I haven’t left a comment yet, but I have read all of them. My daughter wanted a pair of Toms so I bought us both a pair. They faded quickly, and the strap frayed on both pairs. They were not inexpensive either. I was past the refund period and let it go, but won’t buy them again. Abby’s shoes, however look like they are in fine shape and I love the fact that she customized them. The pumps would be my go to shoes if they are comfortable. Love the sandals. I bet with that wide strap they are very comfortable. Great group of shoes and kudos to your reviewers.

    • Thanks for dropping by. Abby says her shoes have worked out fine and are very comfortable. Hope you come back soon! We will leave the light on.

  7. The pumps are crazy comfortable. They are more worn than the picture would lead you to believe. These are actually my second pair in this style.

    Liz, I am usually happy to share, but the shoes are also my husband’s favorite and will be staying in my collection. The socks had a rough winter and are ready for retirement. I am hopeful that Costco will have them again next winter. I guess I wore my go to socks more than my go to shoes this winter.

    BTW, I just got the summer cousins of the pumps – all patent & peep toe. Maybe those will become my next go to pair. You should be able to find the summer version at your local Nordstrom Rack in black & nude patent.

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  9. I wish I could wear Lisa’s pumps, but something tells me they wouldn’t exactly go with my customary attire of jeans and t-shirt!
    Your reviewers are out-doing themselves on these shoes, Kb — great job coordinating this fun series!

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