Shoe Review Grand Finale

Shoe 2

Our April shoe reviews are completed. We had a super selection of shoes and our reviewers did a shoependous job.

  • All participants will receive a fuzzy pair of socks

  • All reviewers will receive a Pocket Monkey.

For our grand finale the smart, beautiful, and courageous Trinket will draw the two Zappo gift card winners. Please click on the video below.


Shoe Review Drawing from Katybeth on Vimeo.

Click on do hickey flower on right hand corner to enlarge video


Looking forward to next years review and I hope you are too!

Odd Loves Company!


Ok how many of you noticed I wrote show instead of shoe on the first line and did not tell me!! Caught it finally…but sheesh!! Kind of like having lip stick on your teeth and nobody pointing it out!! ♥

11 thoughts on “Shoe Review Grand Finale

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  2. Trinket is one clever dog!
    Congratulations to Irene and Abby. Btw, I love the way you collated all the photos of the shoe and put them in a heart shape. That looks so cool!

  3. The Trinket drawing is way too funny !! I am still laughing, but it also demonstrates Marcie’s great dog training..what fun..LOL 😀

  4. I am in awe over how smart Trinket is! And her little tail-wagging at the end of the video is precious! Congrats to the winners — this was fun. What are we reviewing next?!?

  5. nice touch with our shoes placed in a heart formation. thank you very much! trinket… expecting a delivery of your favorite treat that we discussed earlier.

  6. Trinket was awesome!!!! And I know totally unbiased even though I read a small reference in the comments to a treat…hmmmmm. Loved the clever drawing!! The shoe review was such fun even if there were no prizes involved!!! Congrats to Irene and Abby!!!

  7. Hope Trinket got a prize, for best entry picker. Congrats Irene and Abby! Love the collage up at the top. The reviews were great. Next year I get my act together and play!

  8. Wow,Trinket is really smart. I enjoyed all the reviews, and the shoes. Like Liz, I want in on the fun next year!

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