Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Pups

In the blogging world, it is wordless Wednesday. Post a picture or pictures and say no more. Usually, I don’t participate because I always have a word or two to say, in fact, I’ve already broken the wordless rule. But going forward, I shall be very,very quiet. Shhh. (whispering…these pictures were taken on the fly by, capturing moments last night and today) Shhhhh…..(I am going to whisper a few captions. It will be helpful).


(Eloise finds her spot before bed)

3 dogs night

(they snooze, I loose. Going to the bathroom before bed was a bad idea)

Elosie and Scooby

(afternoon dog nap)


(For the record we do have dog beds…)

Eloise and Rascal

Eloise Rascal

Odd Loves Company! (whisper, tho.)


11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Pups

    • Eloise is a big girl and so sweet. Thank you, Rascal is pretty darn cute and can not hear it often enough.

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