Camp-Run-A-Pup Tails

(Here are a few of our past and present campers. Slide show is in the process of being updated)

People often ask me to share Camp-Run-A-Pup tales. Here are a few camp favorites.

Sorry, Lily, no camp for you: A few years ago, I answered the phone and was greeted by a woman who had visited our Camp-Run-A-Pup web site and was excited to find a social, family environment where she might be able to leave Lily, her Great Pyrenees, while she vacationed. She had been desperately seeking a new place to leave Lily, ever since Lily had been banned from the dog parks and had bit the lady’s last pet sitter’s dog. This information was my first clue that Lily did not play well with others. I explained to the woman that Camp-Run-A-Pup was a very social environment and asked how Lily was with people. Not great. Lily liked some women (if you spoke quietly and never wore a hat), she did not like men, and she actively disliked all kids. I told the woman about my then 12-year-old son and husband, who interacted with our campers. The woman responded that would be fine; she was hoping to expose Lily to more men and children so she could become use to them.

One meal every 10 days: Tippy arrived at camp and before the owner left, I asked about her food. “Shoot! I forgot to pack her food, but I did feed her this morning.” Tip was camping with us for 10 days.

I’m in the alley with your pup: A family arrived to pick up their pup from camp. As often happens, they turned too soon and were in the wrong alley behind the wrong garage. When they called, wondering where we were, I told them we were waiting for them in the alley, with their pup in hand. The frazzled owner replied, “Are you sure you are in the right alley?”

We know nothing, nothing at all: While Joe was walking one of our campers, she managed to quickly turn and playfully bite the butt of a woman passing him on the walk. Joe, never missing a step, pretended it didn’t happen and kept walking towards our house. The woman, incensed, followed him to our front porch, where they stood arguing. I came out to collect the camper and to see what the fuss was about…

The woman, speaking a combination of Polish and English, pointed to a small hole in the back of her pants and emotionally told Joe, “Your dog bite my rear side and tear my leg.” Joe, following our ironclad rule of never incriminating a camper, said, “Our dog put a hole in your pants? Are you sure? Did you see it happen, or feel it?” The woman is sure. “No, NO, the hole pulled by dog. Pants are new!” To which Joe, redirecting away from the playful nip by our camper, replied, “Really, those are new pants? They look a little faded.” When the woman loudly claimed we owed her a new pair of pants, I was ready to hand her my credit card, but Joe made her fight for every dollar she insisted the pants cost. At last, the woman and Joe came to an agreement and she walked away, smugly clutching her hard fought for cash. It was half of what she said the pants were worth but more than what Joe told her they were worth. Everyone was happy.

Bunnies and Beagles and Labs, Oh No!: Recently, a woman called to ask if I would board Carrot Top, her bunny. I explained that my house is full of pups and not really safe for a bunny. Oh no, she tells me, Carrot Top loves dogs. Not being able to resist, I asked her if Carrot Top played with Beagles and Labs. She wasn’t sure he had ever met one. I was sure he hadn’t met one.

Unforgettable Brutus: Recently, a voice from our camp past left me a message. The client wondered if I remember Brutus (who had died 5 years earlier of old age), their 175 pound Rottweiler that took medication for anxiety. Yep. I did remember Brutus! We loved Brutus. And we are looking forward to meeting Spike, their new 10 pound pup.

Tails from Camp-Run-A-Pup. . .to be continued.

Odd Loves Company!

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20 thoughts on “Camp-Run-A-Pup Tails

  1. Funny stories. People can be so self absorbed about their pets. Me included! The story of Joe and the lady reminder me of that old joke…Does your dog bite?
    Thanks for sharing and the giggle.

    • 😀 the story did have that tone. I could always count on Joe to deflect away from a situation. I groveled while he challenged. Team work, I guess.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I so remember the Polish lady and the pants. The pup shall remain nameless but you guys were so protective of her and you helped her live a good life despite her early trauma!

    • It really wasn’t her fault. She was just giving a quick herding grip. Doing what she was bred to do..kind of. One of our favorite campers.

  3. there is nothing like stories about dogs! then there are the owners……. funny tales/tails this morning! our 1st dog was named tippy. will view pictures later on computer.
    good day!

    • Dog people, nothing like them. Tippy is a great dog name. Big weekend at camp so I will be adding pictures all weekend. If the weather holds. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  4. Good memories and you have so many more. Remember those large gerbil like rodents you kept and Joe forbid us from comparing them to the three letter word rodent that gives you nightmares? He didn’t want to have to take care of them. Weren’t they called Degu’s? They took sand baths and if I remember gnawed the entire window sill behind their cage?
    Or what about the Boxer that you kept for the divorced couple? You have to tell that war and roses story.
    Kb, I read every day. I don’t often comment, but I read and think about you and Cole often. Melissa sends her best, too!

    • Hi Sam!
      The Degu’s! Four of them I think. And they did look a lot like those rodents that shall not be named. The gnawed everything within reach of their large teeth. They were not fun, but kind of interesting.
      Chloe, the Boxer. I will tell that story since we all lived to tell it. I often wonder whatever happened to Chloe. I loved the dog, but the owners were C.R.A.Z.Y. Thank God Joe was alive to deal with them.

  5. Morno,
    Thanks for the heads up that El Morno might not happen today. I can handle missing tiara day. Not a big fan of Escargot either. Funny stories. I wouldn’t mind having another dog, its been a lot of years. Just a mutt, maybe an older dog that needs a home and is already trained. Something to think about.
    Off for the next 4 days. Today I am hitting the course with my son and cursing the tireless swing of youth.
    Have a good one.

    • Back tomorrow Mike, I think. Sometimes I just have to mix things up a bit. Glad missing tiara day wasn’t too much of hardship. Sounds like you have a great long weekend planned.
      An older dog might work out real well. Nice for you and of-course very nice for a dog that really needs a home.

  6. Thank you for feeding our Tip. Adding to the story, when I noticed my husband didn’t bring you the food Tips leash was sitting on top of, I asked him about it and he said ” I didn’t see it sitting there and you didn’t tell me she needed food.” Men. But Tip could count on you and I could count on you to turn it into a story we have often all laughed about and I am so glad to read that we are not the only ones!

    • Men, although forgetting food is not that uncommon and just this week I gave someone back the wrong food which was less of a problem for the person I gave it to than the pup who is allergic to most other foods. I have my moments too..lots of them.
      Of-course what made this story so funny was Bob’s response.
      Thanks for laughing with us!

  7. Morno,
    I came looking for El Morno and found this giggle instead. Love the tales from camp. And thanks to Mike ^ I now know I need to dig out my Tiara. Escargot is ok, but I suspect it isn’t going to be on the menu at our weekend pot lucks and picnics. School is out at noon and we are free, free at last. The kids want a dog, My dh and I agree our family needs a dog, but we are about a year from being ready to give a dog a good forever home. Maybe next summer. Kids will be the right age, and our yard should be fully fenced. I have always loved the Boxer. What do you think? Sure wish I could leave whatever we end up with you!
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Morno Liz,
      Love Boxers and they make a great family dog. Good for you for waiting for the right time, it will make the adoption all that much more enjoyable.
      What are you taking to the pot luck? Or are you hosting?

  8. Morno,
    Looks like the gang and some new friends are gathering for a cuppa here today! Thank goodness we are skipping Tiara day, I am been very bad about keeping it polished up. Snails even dressed up as Escargot with garlic and butter are not my thing. The stories are fun. Do you keep cats too? Love how Joe handled the playful nipper. Man had nerve. I guess Lily’s mom went through all her own family members and friends and needed new victims.
    I’m off at noon and looking forward to spending the weekend with a visiting girl friend.
    Hope it warms up in Chicago!

    • Yep, decided to take a pass on tiraras and escargot. I have kept cats. They stay in the television room which is sunny and has a nice window. Of-course cats are always happiest at home sweet home.
      Hope you have a fun weekend.

  9. ;-D thanks for starting my day with smiles. We love camp even though I did ask if you would board my Mom and kids. Each time you gave a very firm NO! I was willing to leave enough food but, still got a NO from you. I know you would have taken them out regularly in the backyard which was filled with pools and toys. But, oddly still got a big fat NO. Now, that I think of it you didn’t say NO so firmly last time I ran the idea passed you. Perhaps you are considering expanding your business???? Love yah!

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