Odds and Ends: Champion Trinket Finds It, Free Therapy, Picture Round Up


Trinket (My sweet Mom’s Doberman)Showing Off. Again.

Trinket finds the keys from Katybeth on Vimeo.

Free Therapy: This video will solve all your problems and your friends problems!


Silk – Interactive Generative Art: Give it a Try. I made this!


If you are one of my crazy odd friends that hates air conditioning, I’m posting this for you. It might also give a small room a bit of an AC boast.  We have not made this, but it on our project list. (If I didn’t love the crazies, would  I post this???) Cold Air Fan from Reused Plastic Bottles

Cold Air Fan

Picture Round-Up :

nap in a case


self esteem


Prom Boy (These are my favorite pictures, Just sayin’) 

Prom Boy 1

Prom Boy_2

Prom Boy_3


Give Aways will be back next week. Frankly, my Odd friends, after last weeks mass Shoe Review mailing, I needed a break from the post office, and anything remotely adhesive (labels, mailing envelopes…).

And finally….

A cop just knocked on my door and told me my dogs were chasing people on bikes. Ha! My dogs don’t even own bikes!  (tweet, tweet). Don’t worry I won’t ever be able to resist…..

Odd Loves Company!


12 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: Champion Trinket Finds It, Free Therapy, Picture Round Up

    • Thank you! Uhm, as a Mother of two boys in this social media era….I know you understand why these pictures might have been at the end of Odds and Ends. . . 😀

  1. Wow, Cole is all grown up !! and very handsome, too..
    Marcie’s Trinket is amazing ..wonder how they are doing at the show this weekend ??? ❓

    • No news is never good news, but I think they are getting closer…Cole does look grown up, fortunately he has enough 17 year old moments to make me feel better!

  2. I LOVE the pics of Cole!!! How did the night turn out ??? What a handsome guy!!! And that Trinket is amazing!!! Simply amazing!! Great post with lots of “odds” to enjoy! Thanks!

    • Thank you Beth Ann. He had a great time, and I plan to write about being Prom Boys Mom, but knew I had to bury the pictures in another post.
      My mother who is running agility with healing broken ribs this weekend would appreciate your kudos. Trinket really is amazing and has such a great disposition.

  3. trinket is such a fun dog! your mom & trinket are quite a team!
    i live in air conditioning city, usa.
    great prom pictures! i imagine cole had girls lined up to dance with him. nice suit.

    • They really are a great team. They both like to play! Yes, in your part of the country AC is non negotiable. I remember!
      Thanks…Cole had a really good time and the suit worked out well (Thank goodness)

  4. A future Male Model, maybe??? Looking good! Now, let’s see the picture of the girl he went with and her dress.

    • Thanks. He cleaned up well. They went in a group–so no date. I teased him about taking his “Audi.” Next year, dresses, flowers and corsages!

  5. Ah, Cole looks splendid, Kb — and so grown up. I won’t remind you to enjoy these days while you can, okay?!!

    Trinket is amazing. Perhaps your mom would like to try her hand at training my Sheltie? Dallas’s breed is known for its intelligence, so she wouldn’t have to work too hard. Sadly, there just aren’t enough hours in my days to do everything I’d like to do!

    • Shelties and their owners are seldom given their due in the show ring because whenever they do well someone says, “Well, sure they won a class, they had a Sheltie.” Most are very easy to train because they want to please—They do experience some separation anxiety and the uhm…habit of being a bit, I don’t want to use the word yappy, so lets just say vocal.
      Thanks, Cole had a great time and while clothes are always a challenge for us..we managed pretty well..I might even use the word fun! Boys are a treasure.

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