Toothpaste Day, Buy a Musical Instrument Day, Vanilla Pudding Day

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May 22, 2013

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El Morno is taking the day off, but I would feel terrible if I didn’t wish you a Happy Toothpaste Tube Day!  Washington Sheffield, a dentist in of New London, Conn. invented the collapsible metal toothpaste tube on May 22, 1892. Where in the world would be without the toothpaste tube? Do you squeeze from the bottom or any random place on the tube? Don’t you just hate those flip tops they put on toothpaste tubes these days? Awful. Really Awful.

Just a quick reminder that today is Vanilla Pudding Day which has been around since the 19th century. Most culinary historians agree that our modern recipe evolved from custards, which date back to Ancient Rome. Jell-O introduced its first line of instant pudding in the 1950s. The advertising campaign announcing the new product promoted it as a “busy-day dessert.”  Homemade Vanilla Pudding 

You want to see the busy-day pudding commercial too?? Fine.


Gosh, I don’t want to stunt your musical growth, so I better inform you that today is Buy a Musical Instrument Day.

And finally, I leave you with this because I’m hoping you’re as easily amused as I am. You are right? Easily amused?

fire exit

Carry on, I’ll be back tomorrow to celebrate Turtle Day!

Odd Loves Company!

P.S.S.S.S. . .Good to Know about Toothpaste.

~ Before modern toothpaste existed, people tried all kinds of dry, rough substances to clean their teeth, such as crushed eggshell, pumice, and the burnt hooves of animals.

To give your teeth the best care, contact North Pointe Dental today.

~ Polishes silver coffee servers or jewelry (removes tarnish) – don’t use on pearls or opal, though.

~ Fills nail holes in the wall (white toothpaste, of course).

~Adheres posters to walls without damage.

~ Adheres bows to baby’s hair (gel toothpaste); it washes out and it doesn’t pull out the baby’s hair.

~ Takes the sting and itch out of bug bites with just a dab.

~ Removes crayon from walls – rub white toothpaste on marks with damp cloth, then rinse cloth and remove and residue.

~ Cleans under fingernails with dab on a nail brush or old toothbrush.

~ Cleans running shoes (white toothpaste).

~ Gives a mirror finish when grinding steel or aluminum.

~ Clears up a zit with a dab at night.

13 thoughts on “Toothpaste Day, Buy a Musical Instrument Day, Vanilla Pudding Day

  1. Morno,
    Are you one of those people that takes a long time to leave? Well, I’m glad you stuck around to fill us in on the important stuff. I am very careful of my toothpaste tube. People have made fun of me, but I don’t like a gooey toothpaste tube. My son bought flip top toothpaste, what a nightmare.
    Slow this morno, took me a minute with the fire exit. Not a huge pudding fan. To quote El Morno, it’s kind of a “nothing mucher.”
    Have a good one.

    • Yes, It takes me a while to properly say goodbye. Why do you ask??? Nobody like a gooey toothpaste tube. I bought a flip lid by mistake and you are so right a complete nightmare.
      Ohhh…El Morno loves to be quoted. Glad you figured out the fire exit cartoon. 😀

  2. Good Morno,
    Anything exciting happening today? Thanks for the days highlights. I squeeze my toothpaste from the bottom. It just makes sense doesn’t it? Who randomly squeezes a tube of toothpaste.
    On the run, myself. Have a Happy Day!

    • Nothing exciting. Just needed to change things around a bit. Feeling a little stale. Well Dawn randomly (read down) squeezes. She is a rebel. Not me, I squeeze and roll up….and then I cut open the tube to eek the last bit out of tube. Not because I am frugal, but because I love seeing how long I can make a tube of toothpaste last. Odd. I know. Subject is worthy of its own blog post.

  3. Good Morno,
    Don’t worry Mike ^ I had to spend the time with the fire exit cartoon too. I’m alway slow when it comes to that kind of joke. Pudding commercial was so funny, was television really like that? They never seemed that bad. I like pudding but wouldn’t choose vanilla or all the other flavors.
    The toothpaste tube is a wonderful invention, if only it came with a top that jumped up and screwed itself back on. I agree those flip tops are a big disappointment!
    Glad you were not gone completely,today! I almost always read even if I don’t always comment. El Morno is the source of a lot of interesting conversations in my house and at my part time job!

    • A tube of toothpaste that never lost its top, but not one of those yucky flip off tops. There must be an app for that! Thanks for chiming in today. Always nice to have you join us when you have the time and inclination!

  4. i squeeze toothpaste from the bottom & prefer the screw top. nice tips.
    vanilla pudding girl here! one of my favorite pies as a kid. i enjoy seeing old commercials!
    i slowly studied the cartoon. got it!

    • Exactly…Who would squeeze toothpaste in the middle? Other than Dawn (below) and we have to wonder what is she thinking? Vanilla Pudding girl…very interesting. Old commercials are fun.
      The cartoon is a little bit tricky!

  5. Hope you are enjoying your day off! Loved the fire exit. I squeeze my toothpaste tube in the middle. Because I can. Vanilla pudding is a waste of good calories. Just my opinions…

    • Oh Dawn! Dawn! Ok. You make your bed every morning right?? We have to find hope for you somewhere! No pudding? Ok. :-D. Well at least you and Irene ^ have a love of dogs and running in common. I’m sure you can move past vanilla pudding.

  6. Not fond of vanilla pudding, but love chocolate. I am going to buy me a ukulele . I want to learn how to play one and then…on to the banjo! Love banjo music.

    • Ok..if you buy one–you must MUST be video taped playing it and we will offer an exclusive on ODD. You and your Ukulele will go viral. You will need a Ukulele costume of-course…So excited…going viral would be fun!! Maybe a of your red hats. The Rockford Ukulele player…

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