Bonza Bottler Day, Yo-Yo Day, Gardening Exercise Day, Drive-In-Movie Day, Applesauce Cake Day

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June 6, 2013


★~Today’s Quote: In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy. ~Robert Brault

★~Bonza Bottler Day:

Bonza bottler

Whenever the number of the date is the same as the number of the month – like today, which is 6-6 – we say, “Happy Bonza Bottler Day!” Gail Berger invented Bonza Bottler day as an excuse to party at least once a month. A baby born on a Bonza Bottler Day is known as a Bonza Bottler Baby, which makes those birthday celebrations doubly special. Celebrating is easy: Party!

★~National Yo-Yo Day: 


So… when was the last time you went on a walk with your yo-yo? Wait! Before you answer that, let me clarify: I’m talking about the pocket toy consisting of a length of string knotted at one end to a flat spool. Are you a yo-yoer?  Do you know any cool yo-yo tricks? If you do, today is your day to show off! If you are not a yo-yoer and you don’t know any impressive yo-yo tricks, it’s never to late to learn! You Tube beginner yo-yo tricks

~ Filipino Pedro Flores is credited with the introduction and initial popularity of the yo-yo in the United States. He is even responsible for naming it the “yo-yo.” But it is businessman Donald F. Duncan who gets most of the credit.

★~ National Gardening Exercise Day:


Put on those gardening gloves, grab your straw hat, and let’s get moving. Gardening for an hour burns about 300 calories (depending on your weight and how intensely you garden). Lift those bags of soil. Come on, you can do it! And one and two… Now bend, and hoe, and bend, and hoe. That’s it; you’ve got it! Just two more reps and we’re ready to move on to some digging. The best health club is your backyard, with the added benefit of not only having a toned body but a beautiful yard.

★~ Drive-In-Movie Day:


 On June 6, 1933, the first drive-in movie theatre opened on Crescent Boulevard in Camden, NJ.These icons of Americana were first called “Park-In Theaters,” a name coined by their originator, Richard Hollingshead. Hollingshead, in search of a solution to make his mother more comfortable while watching movies, created the concept and secured a patent in 1933.

The United Drive-In Theatre Owner’s Association reports that as of March 13, 2013, there are still 357 operational, permanently constructed, commercially operated drive-in theatres in the US and Puerto Rico.

I took Cole and his cousin Ryan to the drive-in last summer and we had the best time. I highly recommend it!

★~ Applesauce Cake Day:


Applesauce dates back to the Middle Ages. During World War I, applesauce cakes were promoted as patriotic because they used less butter, sugar, and eggs. By the end of the century, they were touted as a more healthful alternative to traditional cake. Applesauce can also be substituted for vegetable oil.  No matter how you slice it, Applesauce cake is very tasty!

Classic Applesauce Cake

Applesauce Spice Cake

No Fat Old Fashioned Apple Cake

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1882 – The first electric flatiron, or what we call the electric iron, was patented by Henry W. Seely of New York City.

♥~ 1946 – Actor Henry Morgan became the first man to take off his shirt on television.

♥ ~ 1962 – The Beatles auditioned for producer George Martin of EMI Records. After listening to a playback of the audition tapes, Martin said, “They’re pretty awful.” He changed his mind after meeting the group, however.

♥~ 1973 – The world’s tallest totem pole, 173 feet, was raised at Alert Bay, British Columbia.

♥ ~ 1996 – Hungary’s Arpad Nick set a world record at the Budapest airport by pulling a 17-ton airplane 36 feet with his teeth.

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1892 – Donald Duncan, Sr, Founder of the Duncan Toys Company. Most commonly associated with the Yo-Yo,

♥~ 1926 – Tom Ryan cartoonistTumbleweeds

♥~ 1952 – Harvey Fierstein Tony Award-winning actor: Torch Song Trilogy [1983]; Mrs. Doubtfire, Bullets Over Broadway; and playwright: Torch Song Trilogy [1983]; La Cage aux Folles, Tidy Endings; actor: Mrs. Doubtfire, Independence Day

♥~ 1955 – Sandra Bernhard comedienne, actress: Roseanne, The Richard Pryor Show, Comedy Central: The A-List, The Late Shift, Hudson Hawk, King of Comedy

♥~ 1956 – Bjorn Borg tennis champ: French Open [1974-1975, 1978-1981], Wimbledon [1976-1980]

★~ Did You Know:

♥~ Park-In Theaters–the term “drive-in” came to be widely used only later–was the brainchild of Richard Hollingshead, a movie fan and a sales manager at his father’s company, Whiz Auto Products, in Camden.

♥~ Park-In Theaters (May of 1933), with started with initial investment of $30,000.

♥~ Richard was inspired by his mother’s struggle to sit comfortably in traditional movie theater seats and a desire to create a space where parents could casually bring their brood, freed from needing a babysitter. His pitch slogan was: “The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are.” (His maximum admission, no matter how many heads were in the car, was a dollar.)

♥~ The first film screened at Hollingshead’s drive-in was “Wives Beware” (alternate title: “Two White Arms”), a 1932 one-hour comedy starring dapper Adolphe Menjou as a married womanizer suffering from convenient amnesia. The film co-starred the acclaimed Jane Baxter, a Winston Churchill favorite who graced stage and screen for a half-century.

♥~ Hollingshead’s theater only lasted a few years, but his idea caught on, peaking at mid-century with nearly 5,000 drive-ins, according to

♥~  The largest park-in was the All-Weather Drive-In in Copiague, N.Y. It held a full restaurant, play equipment and more than 2,000 parking spots on 28 acres.

♥~ Hollingshead used  RCA Victor  speakers, and sound quality at drive-ins was notoriously awful for years — until soundtracks could be tuned through your car radio.

♥~ The decline in drive-ins was partly due to rising real-estate prices and the fact that films (most of which were B-movies or delayed-run features) couldn’t be screened until twilight.



Cole’s class has their end of the year pot luck, tonight: Hi, I’m Katybeth and I hate Pot Lucks. This subject deserves it’s own blog post which I will share later.  I’m off to take Cole to school, his car is back in the shop, according to the mechanic it needs another tweak or two. That’s what the mechanic calls them, “tweaks.” Sometimes, I think we need a new mechanic. I see a Starbucks in my future.

Wishing you a top notch Thursday!

Odd Loves Company!

16 thoughts on “Bonza Bottler Day, Yo-Yo Day, Gardening Exercise Day, Drive-In-Movie Day, Applesauce Cake Day

  1. tom smothers still looks the same & can sure move! basic yo-yo skills for me.
    drive-ins are almost a thing of the past. fun times.
    yum! applesauce cake. sounds good for a change.
    so glad george martin changed his mind & gave the beatles another shot.
    yeah, tweaks. everything needs tweaks. hope the car’s bill reflects a tweak amount.
    good day!

    • The car bill was just a little over $100.00 so I guess that is a tweak in audi speak. Better than the last bill, for sure.
      I bet George Martin was glad too! The spice applesauce cake is very good. I think that I also made the Classic Applesauce recipe! Basic yo-yo skills for me too.
      Sun shining on a cool day. Almost perfect.

  2. Morno,
    I’m amazing with the Yoyo. Maybe I mentioned this last year. Thanks for the reminder to take my Yoyo to work. They love it when I YoYo for them. I’ll make them insist, of-course.
    My sis makes a good Applesauce spice cake. I can’t remember the last Drive-In movie I saw but it was always cheap fun entertainment and we did take my kids to a couple before the Drive In closed to us was turned into a mall with a multiplex theater
    Have a good one!

    • Well, then I’m glad I took Cole and his Cousin last year. We had so much fun and the sound was greatly improved. The concession stand counters were just as sticky as I remembered. Something about waiting for the sun to go down and the movie to start is just so familiar and nice.

  3. You left off the birthday of one Aaron Chiles today —–he arrived 6 weeks early to one slightly scared mama but you would never know it today!!! I am going to send him your post with all the facts for today—-he, by the way, had a fleeting dream of owning a drive in. Your post today might explain why…..he had a connection and didn’t even know it!

    • Happy Birthday Aaron!! And Happy Birth-Day to you. Interesting about the Drive-In connection. So is Aaron usually on time or early? Some say, how children come into the world is a great predictor of what’s to come. Cole was two weeks late…I’m sure it was because he just could not make up his mind.

  4. Applesauce cake sounds pretty good — might ought to give that a try!

    We used to have a drive-in here; all that’s left now is the old sign. Sad that that form of entertainment is going by the wayside.

    Good luck with the potluck. As another mom who hated those things, I recommend dessert. Can’t go wrong with something chocolate-y!

    • Uhm…my chocolate cake melted before it was served BUT it still tasted good. Kind of. I made the Applesauce spice cake last year and it was tasty!
      It is sad about the Drive-In.

  5. Liked the idea of drive in theatres in the abstract, not so much in person. First, in Canada the summer months are considerably shorter, so they had limited movie seasons. Couldn’t exactly have a thousand cars parked with all their engines running and exhaust plumes rising without some serious consequences. Second, we had a family of nine. My parents got the front seats and us seven had to fight for our spots in the back of the station wagon. Let me just say I was not the strongest so never saw much of anything. Maybe it’s time I tried it again?

    School potlucks. How I forgot those. My favorite to bring were a tray of Lasagna from Maggiano’s. Of course I would take off their lid and replace with plain foil! One time for Ben’s football team I got a takeout order of Jambalaya, Mashed Potatoes, and a tray of wings. Ben told me there wasn’t anything leftover. Many a time I just dropped by with a dozen Dunkin or Krispy Kreme donuts. Only if I was in the mood and had time would I make, you guessed it, Rice Krispie Squares. Though I would also highly recommend getting a chocolate cake (an entire cake, not cut) from Portillos. It’s not expensive, you can take it out of the box, put it on a nice cake plate and no one would know you didn’t make it, and it’s one of the best chocolate cakes around – and I do consider myself an expert in that area

    Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be creative and fun! Enjoy, your school potluck days will be over before you know it

    • All good ideas! I made deviled eggs. Rice Krispie Squares you must have made hundreds! I am a huge fan of repackaging. I am going to keep Maggiano’s in mind!

  6. Loved the drive ins. We would pack the babies in their Jammie’s and take their bottle or snack and they would conk out while we enjoyed the movie. Great family entertainment. The conssesion stand food was fairly priced, not like they are today.The GOOD OLD DAYS!

    • We use to go to the drive-in the same way and it was such fun. I would usually fall asleep and my parents would enjoy the show. I saw Gone With The Wind at a drive in with my Mom and a friend. Great Memory. They were good days!

  7. Hard to believe, but when I was in grade school, Duncan Yo-Yo sent their pros out to teach us how to use them. I think it was early social media to get all the kids to buy Yo-Yos! It worked! Also, we have great mechanics for our Audis (that’s all they work on) VFC at Ravenswood & Leland.
    773-275-4832. There are also two labradors in the place daily…

    • Ohhh good to know about the Audi Mechanic. The repair actually ended up being a tweak $127.00, but that was after a much larger 1,100 tweak last week. I highly encourage you adding that puppy to your pack!! 😀
      So you have been professionally trained as a yo yo? Impressive!! I had to learn on my own. Ok. It’s all the deviled eggs I’m making..I swear ♥

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