Road Warrior Fatigue, El Morno Delayed, Admire Our Flamingos

I left Vickie (our friend and camp helper) in charge of Camp-Run-A-Pup yesterday, and headed out on a day trip with Cole to look at a Volkswagon Beetle he found to work on for his senior project. One Beetle turned into two and 800 miles later, our day trip was successfully completed. I’ll tell you the whole story, as soon as I’ve finished my large cup of coffee and the Alieve kicks in.

Yes, I know that’s a picture of a flamingo ^ at the top of this post and not a Bug; I’m still looking for my camera and hoping it’s not under the engine that’s in the back seat of my van. So please, just admire our new flamingos. If you want a pair of your own, I’ve done the leg work for you. Here is a pair of very cheap (yes, I mean cheap) Flamingos I found on Amazon:* Two 26″ Pink Flamingo Party Decoration Yard Ornaments

Pink flamingo

Click here for the history of the flamingos—Odd is a full service blog.

I plan to put Santa hats on them for Christmas…just sayin’….

Odd Loves Company!


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10 thoughts on “Road Warrior Fatigue, El Morno Delayed, Admire Our Flamingos

  1. Good Morno!
    We are BACK home! Great trip, wonderful stories, so glad to be home. Unloading the car, doing laundry, grocery shopping and waiting for the first kid to say, “I’m so bored, we never get to do anything.”
    I’ll be back to read your travel story, sounds like a real adventure.
    Enjoy your day.

    • It kicked in but I was sorer the second day. I hung upside down for awhile tho and felt better. I bet bats are kink free.

  2. I hope Cole is saving his money for a diamond tiara for mom. A Mother of the Year badge just won’t cut it. Seriously!

    Can’t wait to read the tale.

    • Yes! A diamond tiara would be just the thing. A friend of Coles a very talented budding clothes designer promised to design my nursing home gowns with matching bags for my tissue…when I was old. the tiara could match my gowns!

  3. Flocks of Flamingos are used in my area as a fundraiser. You wake up one morno and Bam! There they are, with instructions on donating for some worthy cause or the other. Then it’s your turn to transport the flock elsewhere (that’s the part Domer thinks would be best!)

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