The Real Thing: Coke Mosaic


During the summer, I spend a lot of time with my campers outside, soaking up the sunlight and sipping Coke, the official soft drink of summer.

Recently, while my pups were catching a wave in the kiddie pool, I bent down to pick up a Coke bottle top that I had dropped, and I set it on our fence. The sunlight hit the bottle cap, and a good idea struck . . . I could create a Coke bottle cap mosaic along my fence!

At first, I was worried that the mosaic would take me too long and that I would never collect enough caps, but then I paused and reflected on the wise words of Depak Cokepra: “The journey starts with a single Coke bottle cap.” His words refreshed me, and I realized that while I might not have three billion bottle caps, I had more than one bottle cap, and Coke is my thirst’s best friend.


I set a goal to finish the mosaic by the end of summer.


The process could be slowed by a bottle cap drought, but I plan to step up my Coke drinking, hit up the Coke bottling plant, and invite the whole world to contribute their Coke bottle caps to the mosaic.

Let me recap the mosaic process for you:

The mosaic will be made up entirely of Coke bottle caps found along the highways to anywhere.

Each bottle cap will be thoughtfully positioned, secured, and presented with the best of taste along the top of the fence

The mosaic pattern will be allowed to emerge in a refreshing manner, and it will revive and sustain you; when you look at it, you’ll think, “Wow, that’s the real thing!”

Donations of metal Coke bottle caps are cheerfully accepted with a smile.

Each Friday, I will add Coke to your life by posting a mosaic progress report.

And finally to inspire us all, let’s end on this note. Sing with me?


Making it real!

Odd Loves Company


P.S. Can you find the Coke Slogans in this post?

12 thoughts on “The Real Thing: Coke Mosaic

  1. There is a rolling tool that will flatten those bottle caps for you when you are finished, it will make them a part of the fence top but the Coke logo will still be very visible. My sleepy mind (or old names) prevents me from remembering the name of the tool but I will find out for you.

    • It does! I didn’t want to paint it so this is a nice alternative….and gives me something to do as I let pups in and out, and an alternative to throwing muddy balls.

  2. We only drink a diet coke once in a while..If diet coke comes in bottles I will buy them and send the caps to you unless you only want the “real thing ” bottle caps…I will also check at the Sheriff Posse’s bar ..maybe they have bottle coke..Good luck with the fence..It will look sharp . 😀

    • Yes, I am true blue to the real thing. Just Coke….BUT my loyalty may drift as this project goes on and one and on. Thanks for the offer and checking around. I’m glad you think it will turn out okay–as we all know my good ideas don’t always pan out. 😀

  3. I didn’t realize how big this project was. I thought for sure you would have been finished. I imagined one cap per post. You always dream big. The yard looks so big without the trampoline. Is that fence you are decorating new?

    • Cole and Pat put the fence up at the beginning of last summer so you might not have seen it. 1 cap per post? Sarah!

    • I am using little nails. I tried wood glue but it didn’t work very well. I’m open to ideas tho.

  4. Awesome idea, Kb, and I commend you for your originality and your determination. Also your Coke-loyalty. With customers like you in their corner, Coke can’t go wrong! Say, perhaps you should e-mail this post to them and ask for their help? With their ingenuity, their marketing department surely can come up with an interesting, fun summer contest to help you along with your project!!

  5. Great idea Debbie! Katybeth remember when we took a picture of Viva, our horse, drinking from a bottle of coke and sent it to coke HQ. They put the picture in their magazine and sent us many coupons for cases of Coke.

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