Rabbit Rabbit Reminder!


The El Morno staff took the day off, but I wanted to hop by and remind you that today is the last day of July. And you know what that means!! Rabbit! Rabbit!

The first words out of your mouth on the first day of August must be “rabbit, rabbit.” This is doubly important if your birthday is this month. The magic words “Rabbit, rabbit” ensure good luck all month long!

See you August 1st!

Odd Loves Company!

4 thoughts on “Rabbit Rabbit Reminder!

  1. Good for you! A break is just what we ALL need, now and then! Hope it was wonderful. And thanks for the Rabbit Rabbit reminder!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your day. I’m kind of a lost El Morno Soul, but I do understand you need a break every now and then.
    Thanks for the Rabbit Rabbit Reminder. I feel like we just said Rabbit, the months fly by.
    See you in the morno.

  3. Rabbit Rabbit! Already? Mike’s right ^ the month did fly by. I’m on vacation for two weeks in August so I already know it’s going to be a good month, but I’ll say Rabbit Rabbit just for a little extra insurance.
    Hope you enjoyed your day.

  4. I will say “rabbit rabbit” to Buddy and Holly—-I am sure they will look at me like they normally do thinking “she does not have a brain in her head”. Happy day off!!!

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