VW Bug Innards on My Kitchen Counter

Bug Part

VW Bug Innard: This has been sitting on my counter for the last two weeks. I don’t really mind. Much.

Last night, I wrote a Facebook status that read,“You know you are tired when your kid and his friend walk by you, each carrying a blow torch, and you don’t ask what they are doing.” And then I watched HBO Network News and went to bed. So much for El Morno this morno. However, please don’t let my El Morno lapse keep you from celebrating Gummy Worm Day, Tapioca Day and Linda Ronstadt’s birthday.

Cole’s VW Bug* is bopping along, and parts are starting to infiltrate my house. Along with the Bug innards, 409 cleaning solution has a permanent place beside the sink, along with hand degreaser. Winning these days means taking a t-shirt out the dryer without a grease stain on it. In real time, I just paused my typing to shout to Cole that it was raining and his Bug’s trunk was up. Vickie our friend, camp helper and the wife to a car enthusiast said there would be times like this.

Raising a creative, passionate kid is a joy. You seldom have to deal with the “I’m bored” complaint, summers are free from organized activities, and your house is a never-ending flurry of activity and ideas. Really, the ideas truly are never-ending. From Cole’s first blanket fort to his current Bug adventure, he has never been short of ideas. I don’t mind, not really—the mess can be cleaned up, the switch plates wiped off, and I embraced the distressed look a long time ago. And as Cole would be quick to remind me, he has also been my partner in crime more times than I would admit in a court of law.

All in all, I live happily with the consequences of saying yes more often than no and race to get my camera when I am invited for a ride in the backseat of the Bug. This is a video of my first ride.

I’m proud to say my voice has become less shrill in subsequent rides; I’ve learned to ride those speed bumps and bounce off the ceiling yelling CARPE DIEM  (Seize the moment, for those of you who don’t speak Latin, like me.) instead of SLOW DOWN!

I try to balance the fact that while the wheel fell off on our second ride because of missing lug nuts, Cole and his friend Johnny troubleshot the problem quickly and came up with a solution that got the Bug home. Again. Once home, I upgraded our AAA membership and wondered how I managed to get grease on my shorts. While Cole visited his good friend Amazon to order lug nuts.

I don’t deny that I’m letting Cole sink all his time into working on his senior project and putting the car before college prep testing and getting ready for the next phase of his life. Cole bought the Bug from a guy who was about 28 and selling it to make room for his new wife, his new baby and his mortgage payment. College isn’t going anywhere, but this time in Cole’s life is passing by in a blink and I am all for seizing the moment.

Some times I worry because I’m not worrying about holding the bigger picture for Cole, pointing out the more trodden path, pushing Cole to plan for his future, or making sure he can take care of his mother in her old age. Perhaps I don’t worry because in my heart of hearts I believe that following your passion, loving your work, and finding creative ways to earn a living will always lead you down the right path—even if it’s not the straight and narrow one. I wish I were as confident about being taken care of in my old age as I am about Cole’s current zealous undertaking, but Cole assures me he will either be rich enough to hire a lovely staff to take care of me (including a butler), or he will find a very nice home for me. Good to know.

I’m having a blast in my new role as a backseat passenger and sometimes backseat driver. Mom’s aren’t wired to bounce along silently all the time. Someone has to ask, Got Lug Nuts? And when I’m left waving goodbye instead of riding along, I’ll seize the moment. Carpe Diem!  After all, I have a few of my own good ideas, I’d like to take out for a spin. So there!

Have a merry Monday! El Morno will be back tomorrow.



* 17 year old son who appears frequently in my blog posts.

9 thoughts on “VW Bug Innards on My Kitchen Counter

  1. I was wondering. Taking a day? Guess everyone needs them from time to time even the El Morno Queen. Hard to enjoy a cuppa without El Morno, tho. No gummy worms for the office.
    Life, responsibility will come no need to rush into anything. Enjoy the ride.
    See you in the Morno.

    • Sorry about the gummy worms. I’ll find away to make it up to you, I promise.
      The ride is a bit bouncy but the view is terrific.

  2. Aha, so that’s where you were, the backseat of the famous Bug! No wonder there wasn’t El Morno until this evening-o!!
    Sensible is highly overrated. You’re right in seizing the day while the day is still here. Cole’s obviously a smart, talented guy — the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, you know! — and there will be plenty of time for college prep. You’re making precious memories that will have to tide you over during his college years (regardless of how far away he goes).
    And I truly love what you said about following your passion. So don’t worry about old age. My guess is your son will find a way to repay you in style!

    • I’ve always wanted a butler. and a diamond Tiara. Funny story (may have told it) Cole went to grade school with a kid who was already a fabulous designer (clothes) by the time he hit 8th grade. I use to tease him and tell him when I was old and he was famous I wanted to wear the prettiest gowns in the home. He always promised. When he left the school for a different high school he gave me a big hug and told me he planned to make me a matching kleenex bags to go with all my gowns…..And you know, I have a feeling I can count on him.
      Thanks we are having fun and what happens next, happens next. And you successfully launched! Big round of applause.

  3. No doubt in my mind that you would show up. Sounds like you are having such fun and you’ve really given me the push to say yes and join in the fun a whole lot more these days. It was always my nature but I worried a lot about what other Moms would think. I’m almost over that and my kids have benefited. I have a feeling you will be just fine in your old age, you’ll be the one blowing up Twinkies on purpose and organizing cane relays.
    Glad the boy and the bug are bringing you such joy.

    • Well, I’ll have to find something other than cards to amuse me, or crafts that’s for sure.
      Have Fun, Liz. Have fun. And never let the other Mom’s scare you out of going for it. You won’t be sorry.

  4. you had all of us wondering where you were! then we found out you are knee deep in bug parts. it’s ok now! it sounds like you have found a motherhood comfort zone & riding it for all it’s worth. if it works for you, why not?!
    still love the old linda ronstadt music!
    good night!

    • Tried to find a good Linda Ronstadt song on You Tube but the quality was pretty awful.
      Why not! That’s what I always say. Said it today as a matter of fact and so far so good…the story and pictures tomorrow!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I am so impressed with his talent and your exceptional mothering. These are the moments you will both remember with great fondness. I really don’t believe that what Cole is learning would ever be had in a classroom. <3

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