Bird Takes Flight Over The Gate


Last night, I was sending a camper home and after we had gone through the gangway gate, Cole let two more campers into the yard. Returning to the gangway through the garage door, I heard Cole exclaim, Holy Flying Bird, at the same time one of our campers sailed over our 6 foot gate using parcour moves into the gangway to greet me. I stood their stunned as Bird wagged her tail and grinned at me. I grinned back and wondered if she could do it again.

Cole turned on the video camera and I went to the other side of the gate and while this time Bird did not take flight I would say her maneuvers are very impressive.

Aside: Bird’s family had no idea she could fly over fence. The name is coincidental.

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10 thoughts on “Bird Takes Flight Over The Gate

    • Bird has shown no interest in leaving the yard as long she is with us or does not hear us on the other side of a the fence or gate. But now that we know…we will be watching.
      (Odd issues with migration to—which is why El Morno is still missing. Shoot me)

    • I think she hurt Dozers feelings a bit because when we came back through the gate he was a bit stand offish.

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