Give a Teen a Large Pitcher and He’s Going to Want to Make Lemonade

lemon tree

Homemade Lemonade! Every summer, Cole and I make homemade lemonade.

This summer,  Cole talked me into buying this pitcher for our lemonade. It had a handy spout; we have a mason jar addiction. Odd, I know.

Lemonade pitcher

And then Cole asked me to buy 36 lemons because he decided a full pitcher or lemonade was better than a half-empty pitcher of lemonade. So I did and…


Together we peeled,

peeled lemons




We measured 12 cups of sugar (don’t judge) and added 30 cups of water. 

And then, because we sometimes enjoy strawberry syrup in our lemonade, we pitted and sliced two pounds of strawberries to create the syrup.


It took time, muscle and a tolerance for sticky floors, but the final result was worth it.


Lemonade straight up

Strawberry Lemonade!

strawberry lemonade

More lemonade!


Mason Jars!  Did you notice?

Lesson: If you give a teen a BIG pitcher, he’s going to want to make two plus gallons of lemonade to go in it. I don’t mind. Really. Can one have too much homemade lemonade? No.

If you are in our neighborhood stop by, sit a spell and enjoy a glass with us.

Odd Loves Company!



Click for our lemonade recipe. 

My Favorite Lemonade Story. 

14 thoughts on “Give a Teen a Large Pitcher and He’s Going to Want to Make Lemonade

    • Wow. Quick comment. 😀 I was just told by Cole is was 2 gallons of LEMONADE not 10 quarts. Opps.

  1. We made your homemade lemonade last year and it was well worth the trouble, but did not last long enough. We may need buy a pitcher like yours. How long did it take you to make 2 gallons.
    Mason jars as glasses? What a great idea! And the lid would make it extra handy.
    We will have to make a batch this week.

    • It took us about three hours, but we didn’t peel every lemon and that time includes making the strawberry syrup and waiting for water and sugar to boil. Liz (below) idea of setting up juicing and zesting outside is a good one!

  2. The recipe! We have made it twice this year, but like Kim pointed out it is gone long before the day is over. Two gallons sounds like a project that could keep my kids busy for an afternoon. I let them juice and zest outside. I handle the sugar and syrup. Where did you buy your pitcher?

    • I bought the pitcher at Bed, Bath and Bring it back. It takes up a fair amount of space in my fridge but since we don’t stuff our fridge with food so we have the space 😀 Great idea taking it outside.

    • Great minds! I wish we had seen the blue it would have matched the glasses! Cole’s strawberry syrup turned out great too…thanks to your lesson.

  3. lemonade yum! never had strawberry lemonade though. good for you & cole for taking the time to make it right! how long will two gallons last? nice mason jar dispenser. good & sturdy! i’m sure a blue mason jar will grace your kitchen one day!
    stay hydrated!

    • Two gallons will last about a week if we share it. Because Cole’s and my mouth break out in canker sores if we drink to much citrus, we have to pace ourselves. And as you probably know lemonade is a terrific diuretic. :-D.
      Mason Jars are the best!

  4. Well, if I’d known you were making lemonade — in Mason jars, to boot! — I’d have been there in a heartbeat! Well done, Cole and Katybeth!

    • Thank you. But where the heck have you been? I was just getting ready to shoot out an e-mail. Never Mind. You are back and that is all that matters.
      For sure, If you ever make it to Chicago in the summer we’ll have lemonade!

  5. That lemonade looked very tasty. However, for those who don’t want the mess or sticky floors,—you can pick up a carton of Minute Maid lemonade, just 15 calories, for a buck at Walmart. However, unlike Carolyn, i won’t say it’s probably about as good as yours and Cole’s.

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