Shadow, Big Teeth, Long Tail, Panic!

Late last night, I went outside with my pups, looked over on the sidewalk and saw this approaching ….tilt your screen, look closely, notice the long tail! Remember it is after 11pm.


I took a picture from a distance with my phone (What can I say? I blog.), called my barking pups, and raced them to the door. Safely inside, I asked Cole to take a look see. He went outside and immediately turned around, came inside, and locked the doors. We both made sure the windows were closed.

This morning, I tentatively investigated before letting my pups head outdoors. I’m not brave. I just don’t want to put myself in the position of having to wrestle a varmint out of one of my pups’ mouths. I don’t let fear get in the way of common sense. A dead varmint on the sidewalk is better than…well, never mind.

Fortunately, the suggestion of what might be, darkness, and overactive imaginations pushed us to jump to an unfounded conclusion.


Ok, it wasn’t a rodent, but look at those very fierce needles on that long branch! And in the light of our recent rodent issues, can you blame me for jumping to conclusions?

Taking deep cleansing breaths and wishing my sweet mother was visiting with her gun.

Odd Loves Company!

10 thoughts on “Shadow, Big Teeth, Long Tail, Panic!

  1. At night when you are on rodent alert that is scary. It clearly does look like a rodent.
    Impressive that you went back outside to investigate in the morning. I understand why, but still very brave.
    Hoping you varmint free and living in peace very soon!

    • It does!! I’m not crazy, right? The idea of diving into a pups mouth and pulling something like that out instills courage in you.
      Glad you were in our Odd neighborhood! Drop by anytime. The light is always on! ALWAYS 😀

  2. Yikes, Mickey in your yard!! No wonder you thought that thing was a rodent — that’s a perfectly logical conclusion, I think. And as someone who owns and loves a dog, too, I certainly wouldn’t want my “herder” chasing that thing into a corner and playing with it! Glad the mystery turned out okay. Just keep reminding yourself, Breathe!

    • Mickey would be less of a problem—it was more like Ratatouille and BTW, I hated that movie.
      Thank you for validating me. The city came out today and treated the alley, Orkin was here on Saturday and treated the carport area…and there haven’t been any “real” sightings in about 5 days. All the neighbors are on rodent watch too. On Friday a different neighbor will call the city to bring them out again. Teamwork at it’s finest will hopefully solve the problem.

  3. Made me laugh, Katybeth. I really don’t think any rodent of any size is going to chase you. They are just as afraid of you as you are of them. However, they will stand up for themselves IF cornered. So don’t try to get them in a corner.

  4. LOL! I laugh but I have never had to deal with rats….only little field mice years ago. A big rat would freak me out too. You are braver than you think!

    • Ha. You never saw a river rat? Big as cows. Ok not really, but we use to see them along the river when we rode.
      Field mice are a pain, but I don’t care if they live outside. I don’t want a rat to live in the same state and would prefer that they all be round up and fed to snake’s by a rat assassinator. I’m a little freaked out.

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