Emma M. Nutt Day, Cherry Popover Day, Pop Open Wine Day

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September 1, 2013

'Mardi Gras' heleniums

★~  Today’s Quote: My favourite poem is the one that starts ‘Thirty days hath September’ because it actually tells you something. ~ Groucho Marx

★~  Welcome September: 


~ The name September comes from the old Roman word ‘septem’, which means, seven, because on the Roman calendar it was the seventh month.

~ The Romans believed that the month of September was looked after by the god, Vulcan. As the god of the dire and forge they therefore expected September to be associated with dire, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

~ September in the Southern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of March in the Northern Hemisphere.

~ September begins on the same day of the week as December every year, because there are 91 days separating September and December, which is a multiple of seven (the number of days in the week). No other month ends on the same day of the week as September in any year.

~ September’s birthstone is the sapphire. The meaning is clear thinking.

~ The birth flowers for September are the forget-me-not, morning glory and aster

★~ Emma M. Nutt Day:

Emma Nut

In the beginning, there were no female telephone operators, and callers complained that male operators were curt and very rude. So a woman was hired to be the courteous, friendly voice on the other end of the telephone line. Emma Nutt was the first woman telephone operator to pick up the phone and say, “Number pu-leeeeeze” for the Telephone Dispatch Company of Boston, Massachusetts. She remained with the company for 33 years.

Emma was very thankful that her first name was not Imma.

★~ National Cherry Popover Day:  

Popovers are one of  my favorite things to make for breakfast. I even have a pop over pan. 

The popover, a cousin of the Yorkshire pudding, is a light muffin made from thin batter that rises to form a hollow shell when baked. And more than likely, you have most of the ingredients you need in your kitchen to whip this treat up. Click here for a recipe. Click here for popover tips.  And even tho it’s Cherry Popover day, go ahead and spread whatever makes you happiest on your popover. We love using honey, jams, and sugar and cinnamon.

★~ Pop Open Some Wine Day: 

pop cork

If you are too pooped to make cherry popovers, don’t despair — just pop open a bottle of your favorite wine, pour yourself a  glass, and plop yourself in your favorite chair and while away the day.

★~ Today in History:

Jackie O

♥~ 1887 – Emile Berliner filed for a patent for his invention of the lateral-cut, flat-disk gramophone. We know it better as the record player. Emile got the patent, but Thomas Edison got the notoriety for making it work and making music with his invention.

♥~ 1961 – On the cover of LIFE magazine: First Lady Jackie Kennedy, who revealed her plans for the White House.

♥~ 1972 – The O’Jays received a gold record for Back Stabbers. It was the first hit for the group from Canton, OH. The O’Jays would place nine more hits on the pop and R&B charts. Five of them were gold record winners: Love Train, I Love Music, Use ta Be My Girl, For the Love of Money and Put Your Hands Together.

♥~ 1978 – The last broadcast of Columbo aired on NBC TV. The Peter Falk whodunit was one of the most popular TV crime shows of all time. Columbo had begun as part of theNBC Mystery Movie, where it rotated with two other mysteries: McCloud, starring Dennis Weaver, and McMillan and Wife, with Rock Hudson and Susan St. James.

♥~ 1985 – The man in front of the monitor sat with his eyes almost glued to the monitor and calmly commented: “It’s something there.” The wreck of the luxury liner RMS Titanic,sunk by an iceberg in 1912, was found by Robert Ballard and other scientists aboard the U.S. Navy vessel Knorr in the Atlantic south of Newfoundland.

★~Famous Birthdays:

♥~ Chicken Boy –  Chicken Boy is a 22-foot statue of a boy with a chicken’s head, holding a bucket of chicken. Formerly the mascot for the restaurant for which he is named, he was rescued from destruction when the restaurant went out of business by Future Studio of Los Angeles, a graphic design studio. Chicken Boy has since become a pop culture icon and has been installed on a rooftop in Los Angeles along historic Route 66, so he is once again viewable by the public. Chicken Boy is known to some as the Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles. Click to read all about Chicken Boy. 

♥~ 1910 – Dame Peggy van Praagh: English-born ballet dancer; founder of the Australian Ballet

♥~ 1933 – Conway Twitty (Harold Lloyd Jenkins) songwriter: Walk Me to the Door; singer: It’s Only Make Believe, Danny Boy, Lonely Boy Blue, What Am I Living For, Next In Line, Hello Darlin’, 15 Years Ago, You’ve Never been this Far Before, Don’t Cry Joni; CMA Male Vocalist of the Year [1975], Grammy Award-winner [w/Loretta Lynn]: After the Fire is Gone [1971]; owns booking agency, music publishing company, Twitty Burgers, Twitty City theme park; died June 5, 1993

♥~ 1939 – Lily (Mary Jean) Tomlin Emmy Award-winning comedy-writer: Lily [1973-74], Lily Tomlin [1975-76], The Paul Simon Special [12/8/77], producer: Lily: Sold Out [1980-81]; Tony Award-winning actress:The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe [1986]; Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, 9 to 5, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, And the Band Played On, Short Cuts,Nashville

♥~ 1946 – Barry Gibb musician: rhythm guitar, songwritersinger: group: The Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive, Night Fever, How Deep Is Your Love, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Tragedy , Lonely Days; What Kind of Fool [w/Barbra Streisand], Emotion [w/Samantha Sang]; score: Saturday Night Fever; 29 hits: 7 gold, 4 platinum

♥~ 1950 – Phil McGraw psychologist: TV’s Dr. Phil, “Is it working for you?”

♥~ 1957 – Gloria Estefan (Gloria Maria Milagrosa Fajardo) ‘Queen of Latin Pop’: Grammy Award-winning singer: Mi Tierra [1993], Abriendo Puertas [1995]; group: Miami Sound Machine: Don’t Want to Lose You, Turn the Beat Around; solo: LPs: Cuts Both Ways, Into the Light, Greatest Hits, Destiny; over 45 million records sold; actress: Music of the Heart

★~ Good to Know: 

One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy...

One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy...Before dial telephones,  telephone calls were placed through an operator, callers  didn’t have any way to “dial” their own number because telephones did not include the dial pad. If the operator was otherwise occupied your called waited until the operator was available. In 1919 a better system was invented, the dial telephone, and spread until it was nearly universal in the 1950s. The dial tone, coupled with phones featuring rotary number dials, allowed callers to dial phone numbers themselves.  In the 1960s touch-tone phones (those with buttons) began to take over from the rotary dial models.

But some towns held out long past the near-universal dial telephone system. If the call volume was low enough, or the city remote enough, it just didn’t make economic sense to replace a working operator system with an expensive dial system. In this 1978 film from the AT&T Archives called “Good-Bye, Central,” we see the last few cities in the United States that operated without dial telephone services.



Cole and I off to Dearborn, Michigan to visit the Henry Ford Car Museum, so will wish you a sensational Sunday, hit  publish and go and wake up my sleep head road warrior so we can hit the road!

But before I do…a quick giggle…More expensive but worth every penny!

Boneless watermelon

Odd Loves Company!

8 thoughts on “Emma M. Nutt Day, Cherry Popover Day, Pop Open Wine Day

  1. Morno,
    I’m sure we will be popping open a few bottles of wine today. Boneless watermelon what will they think up next.
    Have fun on your field trip.

  2. Morno,
    Sick kid had me up bright and early. Finally, got her back to sleep and now I am wide awake at least for awhile. Looks like she caught the virus that started the school year.
    Love popovers and your recipe, I now own a popover pan. Pretty certain I will have pop open at least one bottle of wine before the day is over.
    Boneless watermelon? I’ll have to check my grocery store.
    Enjoy your day, sounds like fun.

    • So sorry your kiddo is sick. Lousy way to spend a Holiday weekend, but at least you made it to the movies yesterday.
      Hope you were not to pooped to pop by the end of the today and your daughter is feeling much better.

  3. Whoops, looks like somebody from the Meat Dept. got a hankering to keep applying “Boneless” stickers to the fruits and veggies, ha! I wasn’t aware watermelon *had* bones!
    Sounds like a fun day for you and Cole. Domer is on his way back to the Land of the North, so I’m sitting on my cell phone, waiting for his safe arrival. Meantime, I think a Sunday calls for a good book, don’t you?!

    • A Sunday with a good book, is always a good Sunday. Hope Domer has called and is tucked safely back into his own abode. We had a great time at the museum and the traffic was very light. We also passed at least 15 policemen handing out tickets and one successful speed trap. In Michigan they let you go 70 but not 71. We stayed at 70; I was thrilled to go 70 with light traffic, for a change. Can you believe the traffic was even light coming back into Chicago on a Sunday Night. I suspect tomorrow traffic will be a mess, and the police will increase revenue 10 fold.

  4. My supervising teacher’s name was Terry McNutt. He was a fantastic mentor.
    Lily Tomlin in that phone operator role was very funny!
    Are you going to the Henry Ford Museum? I’ve been there. Well worth the drive & effort.
    I’ll just take my watermelon the cheaper way.
    Not really a wine person so it’ll be a spectator sport for me.
    Safe travels!

    • We did go to Henry Ford Museum. Vickie ran camp and Cole and I headed out bright and early. We had a great time and the museum was worth the effort and drive. We were even able to ride in a Model T. FUN.
      I’m not a wine drinker either, it gives me a headache and makes me crabby.
      We seem to be on a roll with last names.

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