Hoagie Day, Cream Filled Donut Day, Odd News

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September 14, 2013


★~ Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. ~ Dave Barry

★~ It’s Eat a Hoagie Day!

The hoagie, also known as a sub or grinder, name originated in the city of Philadelphia.  A hoagie would be pronounce hOEwghie if you lived in Philadelphia. One story claims that the Italian immigrants who worked at a shipyard called Hog Island during World War I would bring giant sandwiches for lunch. The workers were nicknamed “hoggies” so eventually the name was associated with the large sandwiches but the spelling evolved over time. Celebrate today by enjoying a hoagie!

★~ Cream Filled Donut Day:

There is a creme donut with your name on it…..out there calling you…your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to find that donut and devour it. 

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1972 – Do you remember what major event happened in England on September 13th, 1752?  You do?  HA! It was a trick question. Nothing happened in England, or America, or anywhere in the British Empire on that day, because the date did not exist.  The Gregorian calendar was adopted by the British on September 14th, 1752.  They had to eliminate 11 days from the calendar that year…September 3rd through the 13th…to make the British calendar match those used by other countries.  Also, before the change, the British used to start a new year on March 25th instead of January 1st.

♥~ 1741 – George Frederick Handel completed his Messiah. It took the composer just 23 days to complete the timeless musical treasure which is still very popular during the Christmas holiday season

♥~ 1814 – Frances Scott Key, an attorney in Washington, DC, was aboard a warship that was bombarding Fort McHenry (an outpost protecting the city of Baltimore, MD). Keywrote some famous words to express his feelings. Those words became The Star-Spangled Banner, which officially became the U.S. national anthem by an act of Congress in 1931.

♥~ 1965 – My Mother, the Car” debuted.  It starred Jerry Van Dyke as a guy whose late mother was rein-”car”-nated as an antique auto.  Mom (the voice of Ann Sothern) spoke to him through the car radio. Other  Longer-running series which began on this date over the years include “The Waltons” (1972), and “The Golden Girls” (1985).

♥~ 1994 – Okay, do you remember the 1994 World Series?  Really? Ha, gottcha again,   There was no World Series that year, because on September 14th of ’94, major league baseball cancelled the rest of the season because of a players’ strike..

♥~ 1978 – The first show of the TV series Mork & Mindy, starring the irrepressible Robin Williams as Mork and actress Pam Dawber as Mindy, aired on ABC-TV. Mork had made an earlier (February, 1978) appearance, landing on earth during an episode of Happy Days. Na nu, na nu.

♥~ 1991 – San Antonio police arrested a 76-year-old man in an anti-prostitution sweep. From jail he called his 102-year-old mother for help. He said he couldn’t call his wife—she’d kill him.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1936 – Walter Koenig actor: Star Trek, Antony and Cleopatra, Moontrap

♥~ 1947 – Jon ‘Bowzer’ Bauman singer: group: Sha Na Na: LP: Rock & Roll is Here to Stay!; VJ: VH-1

♥~ 1947 – Sam Neill actor: In the Mouth of Madness, Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, The Piano, Jurassic Park, The Hunt for Red October, Sleeping Dogs, Ivanhoe, The Final Conflict, My Brilliant Career

★~ Odd News:


♥~ If it walks, talks and looks like a duck, it’s a potato:Dorothea Clinton, 73, was surprised when she located the vegetable in her back garden in Peaton, near Ludlow.

‘I just pulled it out the ground and I thought ‘Oooh, it’s a duck’,’ she told the Shropshire Star.

‘We normally eat everything we produce from the garden but I can’t bring myself to eat this one, it’s got a kind of strange sentimental value to me now.

‘It’s got pride of place in the shed, where it will stay until it rots away. It made me smile, so hopefully it will make others, too.’

Click to see more odd ducks. 

♥~ Super Hero’s Rescue Cat:  When firefighters rolled up to the scene of a house fire on Church Street in Milton Saturday, they were shocked to see who beat them to the scene.

Batman and Captain America, or John Buckland and Troy Marcum — were both in costume at an event at the nearby American Legion Post. They were teaching positive lessons to children, but the lesson became real life. When they saw smoke, the two super heroes sprang into action, rushing towards the flames to see if anyone was inside.

“I grabbed his shoulders, gave it everything we got and the door opened,” Buckland said.

“He (Captain America) breaks out the window,” Buckland said. “The smokes lets out and as I can start to see I reach down and grab something furry!”

While the home owners were out of town, their cat couldn’t get out and had to be resuscitated by Batman.

“The cat comes around,” Buckland said. “Takes a look at me, then hissed!”

Click to read more and see the video. 

♥~ Spelling Error: Students who worked on the Moorhead High School yearbook learned a hard lesson this week about the importance of proofreading, as hundreds of final printed copies of the 2013 yearbook arrived with the misspelling “Moorehead” on the cover.

The mistake slipped past an adviser and two classes of students who worked on the yearbook last year. They finalized it after graduation before sending it to Jostens to be printed this summer, Moorhead school officials said.

“They proofed the book and the cover, and they missed it,” district spokeswoman Pam Gibb said. “I don’t know that there’s much we can do now. It’s a mistake, and it was made.”

♥~ Knock Knock Weed Delivery:  A mail delivery of cannabis to a Naperville home resulted in law enforcement agents seizing 15 pounds of the drug and $85,000 in cash from three suburban men Wednesday, according to authorities.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service intercepted a package sent from California to a home in the 800 block of Pueblo Court in Naperville and determined it contained 5 pounds of cannabis, according to police. Postal inspectors and police teamed up to deliver it to the home.

♥~ The real question, is will she regret it later in life?


A grandma has gone under the needle to get her first tattoo at the age of 86. Artist Eve Colding has been granddaughter Beki Sanderson’s biggest supporter since she opened up her tattoo studio four years ago. Beki, 26, said her gran has been asking her for a tattoo ever since and she finally relented, inking a rose design onto her upper arm. It went really well and she didn’t squirm at all. She said ‘ooh’ a couple of times but that was it, she was really brave. I was more nervous than she was. She’s been showing off her tattoo to all her friends.


I’ve decided, the best kid tracking device, ever, is a parents debt card. Yesterday, It was very reassuring when a charge showed up on my debt card from Hermit Island, Ma, and today when one showed up from a gas station (candy, I presume) I knew, they were headed back to civilization and the airport. From now on, when Cole travels, I’m just going to ask him to buy something every day he is gone! Looking forward to the return of the kid this afternoon! However, next week he is off again for a few days on an all high school camping trip. Do they every have classes? The world is their classroom. 😀

What are your plans for the super Saturday?

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12 thoughts on “Hoagie Day, Cream Filled Donut Day, Odd News

  1. Morno,
    Hoagie Day and I am feeling good enough to enjoy one. It’s a shame about the yearbook but it won’t matter in a few years and the kids will always be able to tell the story. I think, I’ll get my first tattoo on my 90th birthday.
    Playing a short round of golf and then having lunch with some good buddies.
    Have a good one.

    • So true about the yearbook. It will end up being funny. Go for the tat when you are 90 maybe something to do with golf? Have fun on the course. Don’t over do it. Sinus infections take awhile to get over!

  2. Morno,
    Odd news is the best. A tat when your 86 makes perfect sense.
    Follow the money, I agree giving your kid your debt card is a great way to keep track of them and the best thing is they will remember to use it
    We were having subs for lunch, but now we are having Hoagies!

    • Yep, if you still want a tat when you are 86–Go for it! I’m going to order a Hoagie from Jimmy Johns for lunch. I’m just in the mood.

  3. Today is perfect for a Hoagie! Loved your Odd News, especially the duck-shaped potato. Sad about that yearbook, but we all know mistakes happen. I guess if I’d been alive in 1752 I’d have missed my birthday when they eliminated 11 days in early September!
    What a gorgeous day today is — planning on watching some football this evening. Go Irish!

    • Go Irish! I have spent the day outside with my campers. Did I tell you, I found a ton of cicada shells on my tree? I would never have known what they were if not for your post! Thanks.
      I am off to pick up Cole!

    • Weeding such a pain in the neck job but it is nice to be able to really see a difference when you are done. Hope Sunday is a funner day.

  4. we call them hoagies. kind of a neat name!
    at age 86, you can do whatever you like. you’ve earned that right.
    interesting odd news items today. never a shortage, is there?
    rescue had a late summer meet & greet event at the farm for potential adopters to meet prospective dobes. alumni were invited to come play so we did. hot day. raced back to watch the a&m-alabama game with friends.
    lots of great stories from the trip ne!
    good night!

    • Sounds like you had a fun day. Hope the wantabe Dobes and potential owners meet and greet was fruitful for all. I’ll have to start keeping track of the football scores to keep up with all of you!
      Boy home–he had a wonderful, wet, wild time.

  5. I have a wishing well in my front yard and I hang a basket of artificial geraniums in there. was out the other day to check things out and it was covered in cicada shells plus the Maple tree that is right beside it had them going uo the tree. Have never seen so many as there have been this year. Weird!

    • I know! My camp sign is covered in them. I had never really noticed them before. I guess they are dying off if the shells are left behind.

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