Not Rain nor Snow Day, Acorn Squash Day, Salami Day, Odd News

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September 7, 2013


★~ Today’s Quote:  Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. ~Grandma Moses

★~ Not Rain nor Snow Day:

Not Rain Nor Snow Day, celebrates the opening of the New York Post Office building on this day in 1914.

The following inscription was inscribed on the building:

“Neither snow nor rain not heat nor gloom of night ,stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

A lot of people assume the inscription represents the Post Office motto. This assumption is incorrect. But, this inscription is very close to the old Pony Express rider’s motto. Which leads to a third misconception.. ……The Pony Express was not a government funded predecessor to today’s Post Office. The Pony Express was a courier and message delivery service. However, it was privately owned and funded.

The postoffice is my friend, now that I buy my postage on-line and arrange for packages to be picked up at my door free of charge, or simple drop them off at the post office counter (without waiting in line) We mail things a lot around here and I seldom have a problem with delivery.

I love this blog post about a very clever postman; his mail truck generates as much excitement with the dogs as an ice cream truck for neighborhood kids and he does it without a bell.  Link Please Mr. Postman

★~ Acorn Squash Day: 

Acorn Squash Soup

As summer draws to a close many of us are ready to pull on our soft hoodies and fix soups and stews and and acorn squash! Today is the day to enjoy this sturdy, little tasty gourde. One way to make acorn squash,is to simply cut the squash in half, remove the seeds, drizzle with some oil, salt and pepper and roast until tender. Season with dried spices, fresh herbs, flavored oils, or even sweeteners like honey or maple syrup for extra flavor. Or if you want to get a little fancy Bake a tasty Buttery Sage Acorn Squash Tart. Stuff the squash with pork or go for a Southwestern flavor profile.

How to cut hard squash without shedding blood. 

★~  Salami Day!


The Salami Appreciation Society (SAS) believes that Salami is a too-often overlooked meat in the world of deli meats, and  deserved it’s day in the sun. Salami has a rich history and is definitely a part of a healthy diet, providing important nutrients such as protein and potassium. It can be eaten on sandwiches, crackers, in pita wraps, tortilla wraps, or even by itself. No one can resist the ultimate duo of salami and cheese! So today be sure to tell your friends about Salami Day so everyone can share in the joy that salami brings to the world!

★~ Today in History:

♥~1888 – Edith Eleanor McLean was the first baby to be placed in an incubator. She weighed 2 pounds, 7 ounces. Originally, the incubator was called a hatching cradle.

♥~ 1921 – The first Miss America Pageant was held at Atlantic City, New Jersey. This first contest was a promotion to keep tourists in the resort town after the Labor Day holiday (the unofficial end of summer). Miss Washington, D.C. won the contest and received a golden statue of a mermaid as her prize! She was 16-year-old Margaret Gorman.

♥~ 1967 – “The Flying Nun” took off from a convent in Puerto Rico. The popular TV series starred Sally Field as Sister Bertrillle.

♥~1972 – Curtis Mayfield earned a gold record for his Superfly album, from the movie of the same name.

★~Famous Birthdays:

 Dr. Michael DeBake

♥~ 1860 – Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson) artist: modern, primitive work: The Old Oaken Bucket, Christmas at Home, The Quilting Bee; first painted at age 78; died Dec 13, 1961

♥~ 1908 – Michael Debakey – Heart and vascular surgery pioneer, medical ambassador and inventor, born in Lake Charles, LA. DeBakey invented the roller pump, which helped make open-heart surgery a possibility, and he made the first connection between smoking and cancer. Performed more than 60,000 operations, and cited by the American Journal of Medicine as perhaps “the greatest surgeon ever.” DeBakey died July 11, 2008

♥~1923 – Peter (Sidney Ernest Aylen) Lawford actor: Rosebud, Ocean’s 11, Mrs. Miniver, The Longest Day, Exodus, The Oscar, Harlow; member: Rat Pack; died Dec 24, 1984

♥~ 1949 – Gloria Gaynor singer: I Will Survive, Never Can Say Goodbye

♥~ 1950 – Julie Kavner Emmy Award-winning actress: Rhoda [1977-78], The Simpson’s: voice of Marge Simpson [1991-92]; The Tracy Ullman Show, This is My Life, Radio Days, I’ll Do Anything,Hannah and Her Sisters

♥~ 1970 – Tom Everett Scott actor: Grace Under Fire, That Thing You Do!, An American Werewolf in Paris, The Love Letter

♥~1987 – Evan Rachael Wood actress: Profiler, Search for Grace, Practical Magic, Once and Again

★~Odd News: 

gator record

♥~ See You Later Alligator:  Labor Day was a big weekend for alligator hunting in Mississippi. A six-person crew led by hunter Sean King of Yazoo City hooked what they joked was the Loch Ness Monster in Issaquena County. They hauled in an alligator that weighed 723.5 pounds, breaking the state record.

But the record was only good for about an hour. At the same time, Dustin Bockman of Vicksburg and his crew were chasing a very large alligator in the Mississippi River near Port Gibson. They were able to shoot the animal after a couple of hours of wrangling. Then there was a several-hours wait for help getting him into a boat. That’s when he heard about the earlier 723-pound gator.

Bockman said he couldn’t believe it and thought he’d probably missed his chance at the claim of harvesting a state-record alligator by an hour. “I knew he was over 700, but I wasn’t sure about 723,” he said.

However, when Bockman’s 13-foot, 4.5-inch gator was lifted, the scales stopped at 727 pounds and the hour-old state record fell.

♥~ Suspicious Stork:  A man fishing in the Nile river at Qena, Egypt, spotted a stork that had a suspicious electronic device attached to it. He captured the bird and alerted authorities to a possible case of espionage. Qena security chief Mohammed Kamal said the bird was taken into custody. Eventually, authorities figured out that the electronic device was a wildlife tracker, attached to the bird by French scientists. The device only worked within French borders, so the bird was cleared of spying charges. However, the bird remained in police custody until permission for its release could be obtained from higher-ups.

♥~ Sorry We Don’t Serve Your Type: Bruce Ahlswede visited the men’s room at a Starbucks outlet in San Antonio, Texas, where he got a “grande” surprise. A snake was draped across the toilet! He first thought it was a prank toy snake, but then it moved. When Ahlswede summoned his wife and store employees to see, the snake slithered around and disappeared -down into the pipes. But it was caught on camera. A snake expert from the South Texas Herpetology Association studied the photo and declared it to be a non-poisonous rat snake.

♥~ The Robber, the Judge, and the Case for Leniency: A 23-year-old bank robber named Shon R. Hopwood stood before a federal judge in Lincoln, Neb. He asked for leniency, vowing to change….Click to read more. 

♥~ A Lone Bandit and the Mystery of France’s Greatest Diamond Heist:  The operation was the largest value jewel theft in French history, and one of the biggest in the world—and all it took was some brute force and about sixty seconds. Click to read more.

♥~ Could Have Been Worse


♥~ A Swinger Charles Barkley golf swing montage



My morno started off at a full gallop with me screaming we are late, we are late, as I raced three boys out the door and into the van for a speedy quick trip to the airport for their school trip to Maine. Have you ever tried racing three teen boys anywhere at 5:30am? I deserve the gold. We’ll talk about water repellant towels, one pair of underwear that can travel with you for 10 days (now I have your attention) and alarm clock failure as soon as I groom three campers and my heart rate slows down.

Hope your morno, started out with a calming cuppa…

Odd Loves Company!

8 thoughts on “Not Rain nor Snow Day, Acorn Squash Day, Salami Day, Odd News

  1. I’m first?? Where’s Mike?
    Interesting news this morno. Huge alligators in Mississippi and a big ole snake in Texas. Guess they’ve both got my little ole raccoon beat!
    Did you post that gorilla picture over Grandma Moses’ quote for any particular reason? I just got a kick out of it.
    Glad your boys are off on their adventure. Do return and tell us more details!

    • Numèro Uno! Numerus I! ナンバー1! sayı 1! Nummer 1!
      נומער 1.
      Hey, maybe you buy a snake to eat the raccoon? At least you would have a new problem!
      Ha. I didn’t not even think about the Gorilla and Grandma until you mentioned it and then I thought about changing it and then I forgot. So I can’t answer your question. Sorry.

  2. Morno,
    Debbie, don’t mind being in my spot. Staying flexible at my age is important.
    Big fan of Salami on crackers. One of my favorite snacks.
    Odd news (especially Barkley) is entertaining. I would hate to met either of those gators. The snake could do better. I’m not a Starbucks fan.
    Sounds like you were on the run early, bet those boys snooze all the way to Maine.
    Have a good one.

    • Staying flexible is a very good thing. Yoga, next?
      Hey, watch what you say about Starbucks. Thought about this later but don’t you kind of wonder about the cameras that caught the snake on film. I think they were store cameras. Need to check!

  3. Good Morno,
    I always nail myself cutting squash. Thanks for the tip. My family likes acorn squash with butter and a brown sugar. Salami is a great road trip snack.
    Odd news is a great. I look forward to reading it. The robber that was redeemed and the judge that admitted he was wrong now that was an Odd story.
    Hope you catch up with your day. Rushing kids period is tougher than gator hunting and makes everyone twice as mean.
    Slow weekend for which I am very glad. I might even have a chance to read my book.

  4. my mailwoman went above & beyond duty by depositing my mail between the front doors instead of in the street mailbox when it was early in my recovery. i showed my appreciation via a gift card regardless of regulations.
    interesting news & videos today! could have been worse….whoa.
    yes….what is a water repellant towel. the more i thought about it, nik’s towel absorbs water. hmmm.
    great way to begin a day, huh?

    • Very thoughtful mailwoman! Of-course, it seems like you bring that out in people. I’m sure the gift card was very appreciated.
      I will miss Cole but waking up slowly and working my way into a day with just a few campers and a cuppa was delightful.

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