911 Remembrance Day, Make Your Bed Day, Hot Cross Bun Day

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September 11, 2013

★~ Today’s Quote: “Painful memories will always remain, as they should, but remembrance stirs us to reflect on both the evil and, yes, the good that emerged on that tragic day and in its aftermath.  The good is rooted in the heart and soul of American society. Right after 9/11, as a country, we stood as one. We were all in this together—as proud, strong, determined Americans. We must never lose that sense of common destiny ~ David Harris

★~ Make your bed day:


Odd, but true, statistics say making your bed every day allows your brain to start functioning in an organized manner and sets the tone for the rest of your day. Here are a few more benefits to making your bed.

Bed makers are 19% more likely to sleep soundly compared to those who skip the chore.

A messy bed tends to give a room an overall sense of chaos, whereas a made bed can make even a messy room seem more put together.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, picking one small task to improve your situation, and doing it regularly, can help you regain a sense of self-mastery. Making your bed is a good place to start, and tackling one easy daily step is a good way to energize yourself for tougher situations.

In the interest of full disclosure  I did read one pretty good excuse for not making your bed.

When you make your bed, it makes a more safer environment for the dust mites living inside you bed. An unmade bed’s warm, dry conditions are harder for the dust mites to handle. Leaving your bed unmade cuts down on the amount of moisture in your bed, so the mites dehydrate and die.

I make my bed everyday because my sweet Mom told me I have to or my day will be really crappy. I believe.

★~  Hot Cross Bun Day:

Hot cross buns

Baked from a white flour base freckled with dried fruit, sugar and spices, hot cross buns were considered an indulgent delicacy in 16th century England, at a time when wholemeal breads were the norm for most people. In fact, British law at the time limited its bakers to making the dough only for special occasions; the bread itself was labeled with a cross in honor of its Good Friday consumption.

In honor of its holy background, a cross is sliced into the unbaked bun, to be filled with a powdered sugar icing after the baked bun cools. The finished pastry is typically consumed with butter or jam or paired with fresh fruit. For a particularly flavorful variety that uses raisins, lemon and orange zest, currants, cinnamon and allspice, check out Epicurious’s traditional Hot Cross Buns recipe.

If traditionally Hot Cross buns are devoured on Good Friday why then, is Hot Cross Bun Day months after Good Friday? I have no idea.  Just get your buns out there and enjoy.

★~ Today in History:

Rays - The National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center - New York City

♥~ 1773 – Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to Josiah Quincy this day, wrote, “There never was a good war or a bad peace.”

♥~ 1883 – The mail chute was patented by James G. Cutler, a former Mayor of Rochester, NY. The device was first used in the Elwood Building in Rochester. Mail chutes can still be seen — and sometimes, they still work — in many old office buildings

♥~ 1962 – Ringo Starr joined John, Paul, George and Andy to record Love Me Do at Abbey Road, London, England. P.S. I Love You was recorded the same day, with Andy on drums again, and Ringo manning the maracas this time.

♥~1974 – Little House on the Prairie aired for the first time. This hour-long family drama was based on books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It focused on the Ingalls family and their neighbors living at Walnut Grove, MN:

♥~ 2001 – 911 Remembrance. The 12th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack ever carried out on American soil. In New York and around the country moments of silence will be held at 8:46 a.m. in observance of the time American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower, followed by another at 9:03 a.m. when United Airlines Flight 175 struck the South Tower. Further moments of silence will be observed at 9:37 a.m., when American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon; at 9:59 a.m. when the South Tower fell; at 10:03 a.m. (1403 GMT) when United Flight 93 hit the ground near Shanksville; and at 10:28 a.m. when the North Tower collapsed.

★~Famous Birthdays:


♥~ 1862 – O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) author: short stories: Gift of the Magi; died June 5, 1910

♥~ 1885 – D.H. (David Herbert) Lawrence writer: Lady Chatterly’s Lover; died Mar 2, 1930

♥~ 1924 – Tom Landry Pro Football Hall of Famer: coach: Dallas Cowboys [1960-1988], record: 270-178-6, 20 straight winning seasons, five NFC titles, two Super Bowl wins; died Feb 12, 2000

♥~ 1926 – Alfred Slote author: The Trading Game, Finding Buck McHenry

♥~  1950 – Amy Madigan actress: Riders of the Purple Sage, Uncle Buck, Field of Dreams, Places in the Heart, Love Letters, Love Child, The Ambush Murders

♥~ 1962 – Kristy McNichol Emmy Award-winning actress: Family [1976-77, 1978-79]; Empty Nest, Apple’s Way, Baby of the Bride, Women of Valor, Dream Lover, Only When I Laugh, Little Darlings, The Summer of My German Soldier

♥~ 1967 – Harry Connick Jr.Grammy Award-winning singer: We are in Love; actor: Copycat, When Harry Met Sally

♥~ 1977 – Jon Buckland musician: lead guitar: group: Coldplay: Sparks, Fix You, Don’t Panic, Warning Sign, Clocks, Help Is Around the Corner, Everything’s Not Lost

★~ Good to Know: Minimal Effort, Beautiful Bed 


♥~ The right pillows. By all means keep your favorite pillow—the flat, dingy one you’ve been carting around since childhood because it has just the right squish factor to lull you to sleep—but also invest in a pair of beautiful goose down pillows. Goose down pillows will look plump and make your bed look welcoming no matter whether you lay them flat or prop them up against the headboard.

♥~ Buy a bolster. Then push it up against the headboard and leave it there. It will make reading in bed more comfortable by filling in the space where the mattress meets the headboard. And it stays in place when you make the bed in the morning.

♥~ Linen is Best: Instead of cotton sheets and pillow cases, put linen on your bed.  You can stand at the end of the bed and with both hands go flick and linen looks beautiful, wrinkles and all. Yes, linen is soft.

♥~ Ditch the fitted sheet and instead tuck in a flat sheet around the mattress. Mattresses are all different depths. Fitted sheets never fit properly and they never look good. Instead, use a big flat sheet—if necessary, buy one that’s a size larger than your mattress—and tuck it in tightly around the mattress.

♥~ Good Bye Top Sheet: You don’t need a top sheet. Instead, stuff a comforter inside a duvet cover (preferably a linen one) and let the cover do the job of a sheet.  By eliminating a top sheet, you’ll be able to make the bed faster and more easily in the morning.

♥~ Buy the right size comforter insert to stuff inside the duvet cover. Because there isn’t a standard for the sizes of duvet infills, you can’t just buy ‘queen’ or ‘king’ and be done with it; you have to measure your duvet cover. To fill it up, buy an infill that is at least two or three inches larger. You can even buy one that’s six inches larger, and the infill should mush nicely in there. The You Tube video ^ shows you how to put a Duvet Cover on with Minimum Effort by Rolling It Like a Burrito



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13 thoughts on “911 Remembrance Day, Make Your Bed Day, Hot Cross Bun Day

  1. El Morno,
    What a nice way to start the day. Love the quote, and “Imagine” is just perfect.
    I make my bed every day. Never considered forgoing the top sheet and the fitted sheet. Very interesting.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. Well you just made my day with the duvet video! I am always struggling to get ours on after I wash it. I got in the duvet mode after we lived in Australia and they just make so much sense! I have them on two of our three beds at the moment and the other bed has a quilt because I love the look of quilts in that room. But I will definitely be calling up this video the next time I do the duvet dance. Awesome.
    And my mom was like yours—never leave without making the bed. Sometimes I make half of it if Chris is still there. 🙂

    • Amen. Putting the Duvet back on has always been such a pain that the last time I went with a conventional comforter. I need a new one and am thinking of going back to the Duvet armed with this info.
      I use to make the bed with Joe in–dam men are lazy! 😀

  3. The minute I get out of bed…..I make it! That make life more simpler to me. Don’t have to go back and make it after I have walked and had breakfast. I only wish it would stay warm so when I go to bed at night it would be nice and toasty in the winter. With the A/C going now it wouldn’t be bad to have it toasty so my tootsie would be nice and warm.

    • I put a heating pad on my side of the bed during the winter and turn it on for about a half hour before bed. Toasty warm. Making your bed does somehow make life simpler.

  4. Okay, I guess I’m Odd-Man-Out here when it comes to beds! I always make mine (thanks, Mom!), but I love cotton sheets with substance to them, love having a top sheet, firmly believe in fitted bottom sheets, and never use a duvet. In fact, I watched the video and am still wondering, “Huh??” Oh, well, to each his/her own.
    Lovely quote for the day, and “Imagine” is just so apt to illustrate it.

    • I was always a cotton fan until I tried linen. I still use cotton because that is what I have but I will replace with linen. So soft and they look great. Duvets can be a pain but now that I know how to put one on, I might reconsider. I like the look. I was amazed (FB poll) how many people wouldn’t dream of changing anything about how they would make there bed. Funny, I guess some things are meant to stay the same or if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
      Odd hosting issues. I can type replies to comments but not publish. It is being worked on but until it is fixed, I can not post. I didn’t change, I was changed, and it sucks for the time being. :-/

  5. Morno,
    I am up and feeling almost human. Guess my head cold was a sinus infection but the good drugs seem to be working.
    Make my bed most mornings. Keep it simple. I like the idea of replacing the fitted sheet with a bottom sheet. It doesn’t fit and it’s hard to fold. Top sheet I could give that up too. My comforter does the trick. Cotton or linen as long as it is nice and soft it doesn’t matter.
    911 was twelve years ago. The world sure has changed.
    Have a good one.

    • Glad you are feeling so much better. Keeping it simple is best! Hope by now (9/12) you are 99.9%. No El Morno today blog issues. Hosting company thwarting El Morno. Not fun.

  6. nice today’s quote. work observed the 8:46am est moment of silence. 12 years…..wow.
    doing away with the fitted sheet is a great idea. can’t see me saying so long to my flat sheet though. i need that light covering for the majority of the year. i’ve got the fitted sheet, flat sheet

      • I know 12 years ago and so much has happened since. A sheet for Nik is nice. Rascal has slept beside me since day one, when I swore I was done having dogs in my bed. Oh well. El Morno canceled today due to blog hosting issues being worked out. :-/

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