Spending The Day With Henry Ford

model T fishwick

This past Sunday, Cole and I took a road trip to visit the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Our primary reason for visiting the museum was to gather information for Cole’s senior project research paper on car culture. We hopped up bright and early to start the trek from Chicago to Dearborn, Michigan. Traffic was light and the speed limit once we crossed the Michigan boarder was 70 so even with a Starbucks stop or two we made great time and arrived at the museum around lunch.

The cars exhibited at the museum lived up to their press and by all accounts Henry Ford was an extraordinary man. Since the day after our museum visit would be Labor Day, Cole and I mused about Henry Ford and the unions that he loathed. We admired the classic Ford cars, read about the eras they reflected, and took a ride in a Tin Lizzie (Model T).

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success – Henry Ford

Cole and I have visited a lot of museums over the past few years and neither one of us finds it necessary to linger at each exhibit, viewing it from multiple angles framed with our hands. We observe, admire, exclaim, click pictures, and move on. On Sunday, this policy left us time for standing in line for the museum snack du jour and visiting the gift shop before we had to head for home.

The talaki paki inside the gift shop consisted of the usual souvenirs, with the exception of a painting hanging on the gift shop wall that captured our attention. The painting was of a Model T, and the artist was Stephen Fishwick. The technique used to paint the Model T captured its character while creating a realistic representation of the car. Unfortunately, the price tag on the painting went well beyond our souvenir budget so we left it hanging on the gift shop wall and purchased a small print of the painting.

Once home, Cole googled Stephen Fishwick, and discovered that he paints in motion during live performances.  The best way to understand this technique is to watch the following video.


On our visit to the Henry Ford Museum we experienced passion, enthusiasm, and imagination, both in the cars Henry Ford and his workers designed and manufactured and in the painting that Stephen Fishwick dances onto his canvas.

The Henry Ford Museum was wonderful, discovering a new artist was a bonus, watching my kid instinctively check for change while passing a payphone was priceless.


El Morno, will return tomorrow! However, I would never let you miss Cheese Pizza Day!

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10 thoughts on “Spending The Day With Henry Ford

  1. We toured the Henry Ford Museum decades ago. I wouldn’t mind returning. Glad you & Cole got out of it what you needed to.
    Cheese pizza is my favorite. That is one of the food items I require when heading back to PA for authentic Italian pizza.
    Good day!

    • I like Cheese pizza too and might order it tonight. Except these days I find pizza makes me so thirsty! Funny, how each region has it’s own authentic pizza.

  2. Cheese Pizza Day?! Thank goodness you told me or my kids would have made me walk the plank for sure, and the best news is I’m heading to the store as soon as I get off the computer.
    I would love to take the kids to the Ford Museum. We had neighbors that went a few years ago and couldn’t say enough about it. The payphone is funny, somethings never change.

  3. Love that Cole is so frugal he checks for leftover coins in payphones! Sounds just like my Domer! Funny that these two kids are so much alike.

    You two browse museums the way we do. As we’re fond of saying, Grass doesn’t grow under our feet!!

    • Cole is so frugal he only spends my money!
      Most paintings can be summed up with I like it or I don’t like it. I can do that pretty fast.

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