Halloween Costume Fun


Cole_King Cole 3

Halloween 1997: Cole was King Cole


Halloween 2013: Fast forward 17  years, my son walks out the door as a blond from Denmark “twining”  a classmate in the 11th grade. Aja did not know she was going to be Halloween twined by Cole who “borrowed her sweater,” add a magenta scarf, pair of grey jeans (because that is her usual school outfit), and topped it all off with a blond wig. Fortunately, Aja thought Cole’s efforts were very funny. I’m working on procuring a picture of Aja and Cole together.


I believe Cole is trying to capture a donut in this picture without using his hands. A danish perhaps? Think about it, you’ll get it. . .

Cole 1Halloween eve,  Cole decides to be a lumberjack for a friends Halloween party.  A beautiful blond by day, a handsome lumberjack by night….

Lumber Jack

I ask you….what more could a Mom want?

Odd Loves Company!

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