Button Day, Fast Food Day, Odd and Ends

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November 16, 2013

Sally Lightfoot Crab On Beach (grapsus grapsus), Galapagos

★~  Todays Quote:  “Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.”  ― Dorothea Brande

★~ Button Day:


Buttons, offer everyday pleasures. Their little faces turn up agreeably, asking for personality to be impressed upon them. Buttoning oneself up is a slower, contemplative act; unbuttoning someone else, deliciously more so. Pressing buttons still delivers everything we love in the world to us.  The button—with its self-contained roundness and infinite variability—has a quiet perfection to it.

Fascinating button fact from El Morno friend Nancy: Buttons are referred to as “Findings” in the button biz.

★~ Fast Food Day:

The concept of ready-cooked food for sale can be attributed to the Ancient Romans. In many cities, street stands or “thermopoliums” (small pub-like shops) offered hot sausages, bread, and wine to patrons on-the-go. Thousands of years later, in 1867, the first American fast food restaurant opened in New York. It was a hotdog stand on Coney Island!

Today, there are over 300,000 fast food restaurants in the United States alone, making it nearly impossible to drive down the road without going by at least one fast food chain restaurant.

Need more proof of the popularity of fast food? In 1970, U.S. consumers spent $6 billion on fast food. Thirty years later in 2000, U.S. consumers spent $110 billion!

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1907 – Oklahoma, the Sooner State,  was admitted to the Union.  The U.S. flag would bear 46 stars after that, until New Mexico and Arizona became states in 1912. OOOOOOOK-LAHOMA!

♥~ 1939 – Al Capone was freed from Alcatraz — after having served seven years, six months and fifteen days, and having paid all fines and back taxes.

♥~ 1958 – 6.4 inches of snow fell on Tucson, Arizona, catching autumn golfers by surprise, to be sure…

♥~ 1974 – NBC-TV began a two-night showing of the award-winning motion picture, The Godfather, starring Marlon Brando. The film represented the highest price paid for a movie shown on TV. NBC paid Paramount Pictures $10 million for the showing of the picture, a deal Paramount “…just couldn’t refuse.”

♥~ 1975 – Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears rushed for 105 yards in a game against the San Francisco 49ers. It was Payton’s first game of 100 plus yards. He did it 77 times throughout his career and added two 200-yard games, as well.

♥~ 2010 – A rare pink diamond was auctioned in Switzerland for a record $46,158,674 to London jeweler Laurence Graff.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1916 – Daws Butler cartoon voiceman: Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Elroy Jetson, Beany and Cecil, Captain Crunch; died May 18, 1988

♥~ 1958 – Marg Helgenberger actress: C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation, Ryan’s Hope, China Beach, Through the Eyes of a Killer, Fallen Angels, Fire Down Below, Gold Coast, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town

♥~ 1967 – Lisa Bonet actress: The Cosby Show, A Different World, Angel Heart, Bank Robber

★~Odd and Ends:

♥~ On Your Mark, Get Ready! Click to feel Exhilarated! 


♥~ “I thought I saw a pussycat” – the dog

Kitty cat

♥~ How they handle speed cameras in Germany. Chicago are you listening?

speed traps

♥~ She’ll hurt you . . .

Old Lady Gangsta

♥~ What aisle is the tuna in? 

caught you

♥~ Timing is EVERYTHING.


♥~ Ditto: Timing is EVERYTHING


♥~ Not news: Paper prints retraction. News: For article from the 1800s calling the Gettysburg address “silly remarks”


♥~ Halloween Hall’ at Carlsbad Caverns is biggest area discovered in more than 25 years

Carlsbad caverns


I’ve been trying to finish this post all day. ALL DAY. I started this morno at 6am but it was one thing after another and a complete lack of focus, but rain nor shine, or chocolate chip cookies can keep me from you….

It is blustering day in Chicago. If my campers are any indication we are in for some storms. Time to batten down the hatches….

Enjoy your Saturday.

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10 thoughts on “Button Day, Fast Food Day, Odd and Ends

  1. Great Odds and Ends. My kids loved the Dominos and I loved the old lady; I would like to wear that shirt to a PTO Meeting.
    I have a huge jar of buttons that I hope to make into something someday. It was my grandmothers. Jewelry would be fun.
    Tons of running around today so we did swing into McDonalds for some fries.
    Hope you enjoyed your day.

    • Glad you celebrated FF day. As I suggested to Liz below maybe start a little smaller than that t-shirt –like a nose ring? Baby steps.
      I saw lots of cool button jewelry on Pinterest if you are looking for inspiration. 😀

  2. Thought I would check in before I checked out. Enjoying good company and good golf and soon good food. Ate fast food on the drive. Bet that big cat cleared that store in record time, hope he found what he was looking for.
    Enjoy your evening.

  3. I couldn’t miss Odds and Ends. Loved the Gangsta Gran (assuming)-I’m with Kim it would be FUN to wear it to a PTO meeting and give the “perfect parents” something to really talk about. Hope they had what that tiger was look for, I don’t being out of something would be acceptable.
    Fast food in the way of Pizza tonight. I have a button purse that is really cute.
    Off to soak in the tub before heading to bed.

    • Yes, lets hope the cat found what he was looking for! Just wearing different colored socks throw those parents in a tizzy–start small, work up.
      Pizza is always good!

  4. Thought it was button day not long ago? I guess repeats are ok.
    Enjoyed the big cat wandering into the convenience store. The guy careening around the corner was nice enough to drop his unpurchased item before departing!
    Guess I understand grandma’s t-shirt???
    Get your storm? I had the annual heater check up yesterday morning & had to open the windows while he was doing his evaluation. We’re having a balmy weekend without his help.
    Good morning!

    • No. It was COUNT your button day. Today is just button day.
      The t-shirt is parroting the gangsta trend around teens who think they are badass. Grandma is saying—don’t even think about it in kid language.
      Storm is brewing as I type. Hope balmy leads to rain and not just humidity.
      Good Morno!

  5. The domino video was amazing!!!! Amazing. Button day—-oh I have a collection although unorganized. Buttons of my own, buttons from my Grandma and buttons from Chris’s Grandma. Love buttons.
    Hope your storms aren’t too bad , I like storms if I can stay inside and just snuggle in with the kitties and a good book. Happy Day!

    • It was AMAZING. The whole time I watched I kept thinking how in the world do they set this up? I’ve seen cute cards with a button or two on them. Maybe they would make “special family card.”
      Me too, love storms when I can just sit and watch. Today, I am off and running. At least for the morning.

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