Embossing the World


Embossing the World 

My life is filled with talented, crafty people. I’ve never been able to find my niche in this group of people who can turn sows’ ears into silk purses…until now.

Attention, please: My life has been changed.

The Paper Source is a unique store filled with stationery items, artisanal papers folded over hanging rods, designer cards for every occasion, unique wooden stamps that can be matched to almost any interest, and so much more. I crossed The Paper Source’s threshold in search of a special birthday card. I was happily wandering around the store, sighing over the beautiful papers, cards and coffee table books, when a store associate approached me and invited me over to the craft counter to learn how to stamp and emboss a note card.

The craft counter was full of luscious thick papers, inks, pens and stamps, but what made my eyes light up was the embossing glitter. I love glitter. The associate demonstrated how to stamp a card, cover the design in embossing glitter, and then use a heat thingy to melt the glitter into the design. The end result was a beautiful embossed design. I oohed and ahhed, and then she told me it was my turn. MY TURN.

Some of you that know me or of me may be thinking, Here comes the punch line:

She spills the glitter, catches the card on fire with the heat thingy, sets off the fire alarms, brings fire trucks screeching to a halt in front of the store, and a store employees twitters, “I recognized right away that she was a glitter terrorist”

Well, you’re wrong. Wrong, and wrong again! I was amazing.

Do you see that card at the top of this post? I embossed the design on the front of it—and the picture really does not come close to doing it justice.

I am a natural embosser!

My inner creativity has been unleashed. And I’m ready to emboss some turkey place cards for my Thanksgiving table. I imagine the conversation around the table will sound like this….

Guest: Katybeth, these place cards are adorable! Where did you find them?

Me (casually): Oh, those. I made them.

Guest: You made them? I thought you said you weren’t crafty.

Me: That was before I discovered that I was an embossing genius.

Guest: Well, you certainly are! Please sign and date my place card and I shall save it for all eternity.

Me (modestly): Oh, you are much too kind.

Are you crafty?

Odd Loves Company!

15 thoughts on “Embossing the World

  1. Look at you, being all crafty and stuff!! I love it — both what you did with the card AND the fact that you discovered a new talent!
    Yes, people tell me all the time how “crafty” I am. I’ve done needlepoint, crochet, decoupage, etc. and of course, you’ll remember I bead jewelry. By the way, how are those dangly earrings holding up? Need me to make any tweaks yet?!

    • Thank you. Funny, the sales associate said before I left, “and now you can tell people you learned something new today.” I doubt she knew I planned to shout it from the top of the Odd blog.
      How nice to have earned the title crafty. Your beading is lovely and my earrings are still dangling beautifully. I think of you every time I wear them.

  2. You are too funny….you are such a talented writer . Some day when you have the the time to write novels you will be rich and famous ! 😀

    • And my book covers will be embossed! Thank you, and when I do publish I’ll add you to the acknowledge page for your kind words, and encouragement.

  3. I have yet to really try embossing but you know what? Hobby Lobby is just around the corner and I need some supplies so I am going to check out the embossing stuff!!! You did a great job!!!! I love it!!! Emboss the world. Your campers had better keep moving or you will be embossing them!!!

    • You are going to hate me. . .Amazon had some great prices. We don’t have Hobby Lobby, but I’ve heard they have good deals too.
      Ha, I was just thinking about how Rascal would look with gold garland streaming down her back…

  4. I just knew you’d find your place in the sun one day as a crafter! Very clever of you. Just don’t get the glitter in the mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving!

  5. Very nice, Katybeth. Will we be getting embossed Christmas cards this year? Hopefully with embossed dogs on them.I am an official paint artist now. Have 2 of my paintings in a little coffee shop on display and have hopes of selling them. If I do will take more down there to be sold. Can’t believe they would even want them to hang up, but they thought they were very good. We will see if others think so too.

    • Thank you. I will still design a photo card this year–it is TRADITION but i am thinking of embossing the inside or maybe a logo on the back. The possibilities are endless. How wonderful about your art showing in the coffee shop! Certainly, they want want the opportunity to show off your art. Local artist, beautiful painting…good deal for the shop.

  6. Nicely done! Very nice indeed! I like the snowy tree scene you created a lot. I am not a crafty person. My aunt is an artist & I share her name as my middle name. That’s as close to artistic as I get.

    • Thank you. Embossing is the craft for non-crafty people. It is easy to do, and the results are worth the mess we’re sure to make.
      Being named after an artist counts, and you don’t have to wash out those pesky paint brushes.

  7. Paper Source is to me what a hardware store is to my husband. Endless possibilities and such cool stuff. I can never walk into that store without spending lots of $$.
    They are actually considering my Poochi Sushi for their gift table. How cool would that be? I always have thought of you as a cool crafty genius KB!

    • That would be very cool and I think fit in beautifully! Well, I’ve always wanted to be thought of as a cool crafty genius–so thank you!

  8. I grew up in a house with a super crafty mother and four crafty sisters. Then there was me. I was the antithesis of crafty. I’m still hopeless with anything involving scissors and glue. I’ve never even held a glue gun. Maybe I could emboss, but I’m not so sure. Craft stores make me anxious. Whenever the urge to do something crafty comes over me, I just stick to baking – I’m remarkably good at it, especially cookies. Just name your favorite cookie and I’ll whip you up a batch some day!

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