Shopping Reminder Day, Cake Day

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November 26, 2013 


★~  Today’s Quote:  You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. ~ Charles M. Schulz

★~ Shopping Reminder Day:


It’s been 125 years since Thanksgiving fell on the first day of Hanukkah, or the first day of Hanukkah fell on Thanksgiving, depending on your allegiances. Everyone’s excited! Thanksgivukkah has its own Twitter account, its own widely shared BuzzFeed listicle (“How to Celebrate Thanksgivukkah, the Best Holiday of All Time”), and a $3 million Manischewitz marketing campaign.  And a New York fourth-grader named Asher Weintraub successfully Kickstarted the “Menurkey”—a turkey-shaped menorah—which people are buying. In the words of David “the Latke King” Firestone in the pages of the New York Times, “As the two Google Calendars that rule our lives, Jewish and secular, collide in spectacular fashion, we are letting the gravy of one holiday freely flow into the olive oil of another.This won’t happen for another 70,000 years so make the most of it.

9 days until St. Nicholas Day (12/6/2011)

25 days until the winter Solstice (12/22)

28 days until Christmas (12/25)

29 days until Boxing day(12/26)

29 days until Kwanzaa starts (12/26/2011)

 ★~ Cake Day:


No time to rhyme now
Must bake and devour cake
Aahhh … a life that’s sweet

The cake we know and love today evolved from early leavened breads, which were sweetened with honey, fruit, and nuts. The word “cake” comes from the Old Norse word, “kaka,” meaning a baked flour confection.

My sweet mother is the Queen of Cakes! Perhaps she’ll share a recipe.

★~ Today in History:

Alice in Wonderland

♥~ 1864 – Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, gave his young friend Alice Liddell a hand-printed version of his book Alice’s Adventures Underground. He inscribed it: “A Christmas Gift to a Dear Child, in Memory of a Summer Day.” It was a reference to a long boat trip on the Isis River the summer before, when Dodgson had first told 10-year-old Alice and her sisters Lorina and Edith the story of a little girl and her magical adventures underground. The version that he presented to Alice Liddell had 37 illustrations that he drew himself.

♥~ 1896 – The University of Chicago defeated the University of Michigan, 7-6, at the Chicago Coliseum. It was the first major college football game played indoors.

♥~ 1922 – The tomb of the Boy KingTutankhamen (Tut)  was discovered in Egypt by Lord Carnarvon of England and Howard Carter of the United States. The find was called, “The greatest archaeological discovery of all time.

♥~ 1994 – The Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over, signaling the band’s reunion (after fourteen years), hit #1 (for two weeks) on U.S. album charts

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1922 – Charles Schulz cartoonist: Peanuts; Emmy Award-winning writer: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

♥~ 1933 – Robert Goulet singer: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, My Love Forgive Me, Camelot; actor: Mr. Wrong, Camelot, I’d Rather be Rich, Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, Scrooged, Blue Light; died Oct 30, 2007

♥~ 1939 – Tina Turner (Annie Bullock) Grammy Award-winning Pop Singer of the Year [1985]; What’s Love Got to Do with It, Private Dancer, We Don’t Need Another Hero, Theme from Goldeneye; w/Ike Turner: A Fool in Love, Proud Mary; Ike’s ex

★~ Good to Know:

Happy Thanksgiving's Birthday

A self-described “child of hippies” from Minneapolis is getting ready to celebrate the holiday she was named after 43 years ago.

“I was the child of hippies,” Happy said. And not just the occasional bell-bottom, bead-wearing hippies, they were a hard-core, tofu-making, co-op founding couple who didn’t have a name picked out for their new baby because they believed in letting the universe help choose the name on the day of her birth. It was total universe magic time for them “

So when the big day arrived on Thanksgiving, the universe had spoken, and Happy Thanksgiving was chosen for the babies first and middle name. According to Happy, the first snowfall of the season also occurred on her birthday and she narrowly missed be named Snow.

Now a physician, Happy Thanksgiving, says she is proud to be known as Dr. Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds

Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving!


Our Thanksgiving The Real Deal page continues to grow and one of the liker’s found this quote from Cosco.

“Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season, and we simply believe that they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families,” Paul Latham, the company’s vice president for membership and marketing, wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “Nothing more complicated than that.”

Sam’s Club is also closed on Thanksgiving, they made up for potential lost sales by staying open late this past Sunday night and offering mega deals.

Cheers for Cosco and Sam’s.

Wishing you a terrific Tuesday but if the day falls short of your expectations feel free to rant—It’s Rant Tuesday. Your rant is Odd’s rant.

Odd Loves Company!


12 thoughts on “Shopping Reminder Day, Cake Day

  1. Good Morno,
    The Thanksgiving banner is very festive. I like cake. Maybe the bakery will have a Thanksgiving cake I can take to the office today. Tomorrow is the office Thanksgiving pot luck. I’m in charge of the pies. By next Monday I’ll be rolling instead of walking.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Well, I suppose her name could have been worse. There is an old Indian joke that I won’t share, but maybe you’ve heard, that comes to mind.
    Have a good one.

    • Thank you. But now I noticed that my Thanksgiving banner is now a Christmas banner. Hope you like this one too!
      I know the joke, thanks for not sharing but it is very funny and truthful is came to mind when I wrote about Dr. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Morno,
    Hitting the road for my parents right after lunch so there won’t be time to make a cake, I’ll take a raincheck. Loved the story about Happy Thanksgiving. I guess, her name didn’t hold her back.
    Not sure if I’ll make it back before the big day, so I’m going to wish you and Cole a very Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for starting my morno’s off with a smile OX.

    • Glad you had fun at your parents. I know you did because I am replying to this comment after you are already home. Make your cake this week!

  3. Seriously? Someone named their child Happy Thanksgiving? Well, like Mike said, it could have been worse. And she probably succeeded because of it!

    Cake? I love cake. In fact, my son and I made cupcakes yesterday — though they weren’t for us. Long story.

    A new banner, I see. Well done! You’re using your embossing creativity here.

    • Sheesh if only you had made cupcakes tomorrow you could have tried to eat them using the food hacks that I didn’t know I was going to post tomorrow, today. Oh well. I hope you at least ate a couple of the cupcakes.
      Thanks. The banners are fun. I don’t count computer stuff as crafty tho…maybe I should!

  4. I still like the original Charlie Brown specials. Brings me back to a simpler time.
    Yeah….I’ve been meaning to mention the new festive banners lately especially this one. Nicely done!
    I do love cake!
    You’ve got to have guts to name a child lets say an unusual name. Seems to have worked well in this instance.
    Hooray for Cosco & Sam’s! Great letter from the VP.
    Not really a rant. I scheduled 4 medical appointments tomorrow. The fun begins at 6:30am. Am wondering what I was thinking, but it’s better than doing them after work. I’ll be happy at 2pm!
    Good day!

    • Thanks. The changes in look are amusing me. I’m easily amused and love to dress things up. Rascal is a little jealous.
      Glad you appointments are over! (writing this replies days late and backwards is like time traveling in an Odd sort of way.)

  5. DANG! I’m going to have to start reading this first thing in the morning so I won’t be behind. I’d planned to make a cake tomorrow. I hope that doesn’t spell disaster that I’m a day late. What’s your favorite kind that your mother makes?

    • My Mother makes a wonderful cheesecake and Angel food cake. I guess those are my favorites. A cake any day is good—today, tomorrow, Christmas eve…in the bathtub.

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