Odds and Ends – Stuff I Like

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends – Found while stumbling around the Internet this week.

Yule Logs for everyone: Click it’s FUN. 









Delicious time lapse of a plaited loaf











David and Goliath

Odds and Ends - Stuff I Like









Eagles take a selfie. He is a very handsome bird

Herding dogs doing what they do best.

Trick Shot Titus 


♥~ In the moment of his death, Mandela was remembered for his greatness, but it’s useful to remember that he was also just a man, even if one of a kind.And you have to wonder: Who among the living can inspire the world that way now? Read More

♥~ The things mentally strong people say they avoid.

♥~ Police killed someone in Iceland for the first time ever

♥~ Dear Santa:

Dear Santa

Odd Loves Company!

8 thoughts on “Odds and Ends – Stuff I Like

  1. That kid with the basketball needs a scholarship right now. Santa letters are a lot harder to write now. I just had to learn to spell shirt correctly when I asked for a cowboy sh*t

    • Isn’t he something? Kid is amazing. Shirt is a tough word to learn to write correctly–Cole had the same problem–Soccer sh*t .

  2. Great assortment of fun stuff. My kids and I just watched. Those dogs are amazing. Was that staged or natural play. Either way very cool. The Eagle was very handsome! And now I can finally have a fireplace in the bedroom! I’ll just fire up the Mac.

    • It was natural in the sense the dogs were doing what they do. There owner did tell each dog when to step off, and at the end she released them all to play. Otherwise it was natural behavior.
      I liked the fireplaces too!

  3. Gotta love that reindeer lazing on the dog’s bed on the deck! And the herding dogs — wow. You know, sometimes Dallas does that slow creep (when he spies some squirrel or addle-brained bunny), and it’s truly fun to watch. Though I’ve got to say, those border collies have him beat by miles!
    Good link on the things mentally strong people avoid — they’re right, too. Nothing saps one’s strength like tiresome habits and people!

    • I’m sure Dallas would be wonderful at herding. Most dogs love to do what comes naturally and with a little instruction pick it up quickly.
      I think the writer who wrote mentally strong people has some other articles if I find them I’ll pass them on.

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