Poinsettia Day, Ding-a-Ling Day, Ambrosia

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December 12, 2013

Christmas Bells

★~ Today’s Quote:  “At one time, most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed, it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe.”  ― Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express

★~ Poinsettia Day:


All year long there’s hardly a poinsettia to be found, and then suddenly the holiday season rolls around and POOF! these bright red plants are showing up in homes and offices all over the country. Where do they all come from? Well, Mexico and Central America, actually.  They are native to that part of the world, and were first introduced to the United States by a minister named Joel Roberts Poinsett, who also gave the plants their common name.

★~ Ding-a-Ling Day:


A ding-a-ling is a wonderful, loving, intelligent, friendly, and most desirable kind of person to know . . . a real bell ringer. Even though they may be a bit odd, they often live the motto of the Ding-A-Ling Club: “Less wiles, more smiles; less tears, more cheers; less shove, more love.” Do you think it is a coincidence that the Ding-A-Ling Club, which offers card-carrying membership, is in Melrose Park, Il.  not far from me? It is about 600 members strong.

Every time a bell rings the world becomes a better place, so consider celebrating Ding-a-Ling Day by dropping your spare change into the Salvation Army’s red kettle and supporting the Salvation Army’s efforts to help more than 34 million Americans recovering from all kinds of personal disasters.

★~ Ambrosia Day:


A fruit salad is a wonderful thing all naturally sweet and delicious, but when you toss in some sour cream, whipped topping, and mini marshmallows, you have ambrosia: the food of the gods, a heavenly tasting fruit salad.

Ambrosia Salad

★~ Today in History:

Wild Wild West

♥~ 1850 – Wide, Wide World, the novel by Elizabeth Wetherell (Susan Warner), was published. The book was the first bestseller in America. There were 14 editions printed during the first two years of publication.

♥~ 1937 – The Federal Communications Commission was a bit upset with NBC radio. The FCC scolded the radio network for a skit that starred Mae West. The satirical routine was based on the biblical tale of Adam and Eve. As she flirted with Charlie McCarthyventriloquist Edgar Bergen’s dummy, West said, “Charles, I remember our date and have the splinters to prove it.”  The FCC, NBC banned Miss West from its airwaves for 15 years.

♥~ 1953 – U.S. test pilot Chuck Yeager reached Mach 2.4 in his Bell X-1A rocket plane. At an altitude of 70,000 ft. the aircraft suddenly rolled out of control and tumbled for 36,000 ft. It eventually went into an inverted spin, knocking Yeager into semiconsciousness. Fighting the controls, he managed to pull it out at 30,000 ft.

♥~ 1957 – 22-year-old rocker Jerry Lee Lewis secretly said “I do” for the third time. Lewis married 13-year-old Myra Gale Brown, his third cousin, in Hernando, Tennessee.

♥~ 1980 – Oil tycoon Armand Hammer bought a notebook of writings by Leonardo da Vinci for $5.28 million at auction in London. It was the highest price ever paid for a manuscript. It was 36 pages long and dated back to 1508.

♥~ 2003 –  Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) was knighted in London, England.

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1915 – Frank (Francis Albert) Sinatra Born at Hoboken, NJ, Frank Sinatra matured from a teen idol to the premier singer of American popular music. Known as the “Chairman of the Board” to his fans, he made more than 200 albums. His signature songs included “All the Way,” “New York, New York” and “My Way.” His film career included musicals (On the Town and Pal Joey) and two gritty films: From Here to Eternity (Oscar for Best Supporting Actor) and The Man with the Golden Arm (Oscar nomination). Died May 14, 1998, at Los Angeles, CA.

♥~ 1941 – Dionne Warwick Grammy Award-winning singer: Do You Know the Way to San Jose [1968], I’ll Never Fall in Love Again [1970], I’ll Never Love This Way Again [1979]; Then Came You [w/Spinners], Walk on By, I Say a Little Prayer, Promises, Promises, Anyone Who Had a Heart

♥~ 1949 –  Bill Nighy actor: Pirates of the Caribbean” movies

♥~ 1952 – Cathy Rigby gymnast: 1968 & 1972 U.S. Olympic Team, World Champion silver medalist [1970]; TV commercials; actress: Peter Pan

♥~ 1956 – Ana Alicia actress: Falcon Crest, Romero, Coward of the County

♥~ 1970 – Jennifer Connelly actress: Mulholland Falls, The Rocketeer, Labyrinth, Once Upon a Time in America

♥~ 1977 – Erica Dahm, Jaclyn and Nicole Dahm identical Dahm tripletsactress: Juwanna Mann, Robocop: Prime Directives; Playboy model

★~ Did You Know: Myths about poisonous poinsettia plants


In 1919, a completely unfounded story began to circulate that a two year-old child died after she ate a poinsettia leaf. Researchers who looked into the story found that it is all hearsay and about as truthful as the razors in candy apple stories that circulate around Halloween. Ohio State University researchers found that a 50 pound child would have to eat 500 bracts  to even get a sore tummy. Despite this, the rumor continues to circulate that poinsettias are poisonous and should not be kept around pets or children.

However,  the sap from a poinsettia plant can cause temporary blindness when rubbed directly in the eye and people with latex allergies may have an allergic reaction to the plant. So if you have a latex allergy or the habit of rubbing plant sap in your eyes, please take care when you are around poinsettias.

Pet Poison hot line Pet and Poinsettia plants 

Mayo Clinic: Are poinsettia plants poisonous? 

Thanks El Morno friend Stevie for the perfect pup Poinsettia picture.


This amused me. I wonder if they will wear matching ties…


Moving on, this also amused me. I’m easily amused.

Vegan Christmas tree

Sigh. Next the Vegans are going to want fair trade vegan free-range Christmas trees.

It’s still COLD!!!


Wishing you a terrific Thursday!

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10 thoughts on “Poinsettia Day, Ding-a-Ling Day, Ambrosia

  1. Morno,
    A customer sent us a Poinsettia the other day. I hope nobody rubs their eye with a flower from it or has a latex allergy. I’ll make an announcement today and take it off the front desk. Always something to worry about. 😀
    Salvation Army bells are a part of Christmas.
    How much extra do they charge for a Vegan Christmas tree?

    • You just can’t be careful enough, these days.
      I think they charge an arm and a leg for those trees. Oh. Wait. Maybe not!

  2. I have a bad habit of rubbing flowers on my eyelids so I guess I should keep all poinsettias away at this time of year. You debunked a myth today on Odd and I hardly know how to go on with the day with this new knowledge…..

    • I’m sure you’ll find a way. Rascal suggested adding a little color to your Kitties food—Rascal tries to be helpful. 😀

  3. Love Ambrosia and love Poinsettias. I make my ambrosia with canned fruit cocktail, sliced bananas, mini marshmalllows, nuts , and mix it with cool whip or real whipped cream …very easy and very good. 😀

    • Your Ambrosia sounds very good. I might have to make some this weekend. Poinsettias are pretty, but picky about their location and it is hard to find a warm, sunny spot in my house. By the windows gets pretty cold.

  4. poinsettia plants say christmas so do the salvation army ringers. not all ringers wear the uniform which i would prefer.
    could go for a little ambrosia about now. rarely have it, but a nice treat.
    wow…….0*! we’re still having cooler weather which suits me.
    good morning!

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