New Year Full Of Surprises

Snow Wave Kb

First Surprise of the New Year…

On New Year’s Day Morno I hopped out of bed, opened my arms and said, “Welcome 2014!” with enthusiasm and exuberance. I then went to meet, greet and welcome my campers to the New Year. We frolicked in the snow, then I wiped their wet fur and muddy feet, and we all dined on whatever those little hot dogs in crescent rolls are called. I was like the good winter fairy, if you can image a good fairy wearing her uncle’s oversized Hawaiian shirt, a large vest with a flowered diamond pin attached to it, striped leggings, Ugg boots, wool socks, a stocking cap and orange mittens. Here is a visual.

Snow Wear

You didn’t really think I would post a picture of me, did you? Ha.

When playtime was over, floors were dried, and the washer and dryer were humming, I grabbed a little bottle of Coke and escaped to the bathtub for a much-needed soak. Lying back in the tub, I pretended I was on an island, my little bottle of Coke was a pina colada with a little pink umbrella sticking out of it, and an island boy was massaging my *aching foot.

The knock on the door, followed by “Mom,” was easy to ignore over the waterfall cascading into the tub. The second knock was louder, then, “Mom, I know you can hear me,” was a little harder to ignore. So I sighed, turned off the water, and tried not to ruin my zen-like mood by screaming, “WHAT!” Instead I said, peacefully (but with an edge), “Cole, I am in the bathtub. What do you need…Precious?” To which he replied, “Well, I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the Fashion Outlet Mall with me. I need to exchange a few things.” OK. The story I am sticking with is that I suggested we discuss that possibility after my bath. To which the teen replied, “Oh. Sure. Take your time. No rush.”

Snow, sleet, slush and trudging through the Fashion Outlet Mall on a foot that felt like I was stepping on hot coals every time I put it down wasn’t exactly how I had intended to spend my day; on the other hand, Cole was right that the crowds would probably be light. So I hobbled to the Audi and let Cole drive. Our conversation bounced between “Mom, I know how to drive in snow” and “Cole, I know…but be mindful of the people who don’t” and the shortened version, yelled by me, “We are going to die.” Cole was right, though—nobody was at the mall and we finished our shopping in record time, despite my slow limp.

Our next stop was Marshalls—why not take full advantage of the almost-empty streets and lack of crowds? I had just rolled my window down for a refreshing blast of arctic air when Cole turned in to the large, empty, snow-covered parking lot and said, “Watch this, Mom!” as he took the Audi into a full-tail spin, sending a wave of snow through my window and covering me. I was dumbstruck. My teen was hysterical with laughter.

Sputtering, I got out of the car to shake myself off while Cole took a picture (up^), exclaiming, “MOM, wasn’t that fun?!”  After the initial shock, I started to laugh, because in an Odd sort of way it was FUN.

I have a feeling 2014 is going to be full of surprises. For both of us.

Did I mention we have a lot of snow?

Chicago Snow

Snow walk way

And may I suggest that if you live in a cold climate, or your feet get cold easily, you should head to Costco for their wool socks. Best socks ever, and since I cannot, will not, wear anything itchy, the socks are soft, comfy and itch free. Good to know, right?


Welcome New Year 2014

Odd Loves Company!

* trying to heal plantar fasciitis

10 thoughts on “New Year Full Of Surprises

  1. Happy 2014,
    Well, I bet you were refreshed. Why was the window open? Thanks for tip I was just talking about needing some new wool socks. I tell people I want socks for Christmas but nobody believes me or they buy me fancy socks.
    Thats a lot of snow. About a foot?
    Stay warm. El Morno, tomorrow?

    • Yep, I was refreshed. Does it really matter WHY THE WINDOW WAS OPEN?
      You’ll love these socks, I promise.
      About a foot and now we are getting the lake effect.
      El Morno, tomorrow!

  2. Sorry about your foot – Carter had a flare up of that last year and it was very painful. He laughed at your parking lot story – it’s a guy thing. Happy New Year!

    • It is a guy thing..he swears he “didn’t mean” to swamp me in snow—lying another guy thing.
      Did Carter have the shot? I’ve tried everything else, and 9 months later, calling uncle.

  3. Oh… that’s how you got snow in your hair! Hard to not take advantage of an empty, snow filled parking lot I guess.
    What did you do to your foot? Lingering injury?
    Nice backyard outfit. Colorful!
    Looks like 2014 is off to a rousing start!

    • It’s a boy thing. I don’t think he meant to turn me into the abominable snowmom, it was just a perk.
      I have something called plantar fasciitis and I thought I could heal myself with exercise and a foot cream. I was wrong and should have just followed everyone advice and taken the shot or cortisone. Especially since I am on my feet non-stop over the holidays. Crocs and Cosco wool socks have been the only thing that saved me and I just can’t bring myself to wear crocs out even without a foot of snow.

  4. You’re a MUCH better sport than I am — I HATE being wet almost as much as I hate being cold and wet!
    At least your teen has a sense of humor — and I’ll bet 2014 IS going to be full of surprises!
    Take care of your foot. I had that, too, once, and I can attest to how painful it is.

    • Well, in the first mom moment I was not all that good a sport–but there I stood covered in snow, with a teen snapping pictures and dusting me off and what could I do? Karma. He also swore he didn’t know my window was down—Mmmmm.
      My foot does hurt, and I thought I could work through it–exercise and cream. It didn’t work and I should have taken care of it before the holidays. Next week, without fail. What amazes me it an over counter inflammatory does not help at all.

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