Puddle Day, Milk Day, Hot Toddy Day

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January 11,2014

puddle day

★~ Today’s Quote:  “The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.” E. E. Cummings

★~Puddle Day:


No problem celebrating Puddle Day in Chicago where the temps have hit 40 degrees, and 18 inches of accumulated snow is melting at record speed. We can offer slushy puddles, puddle with drifting icebergs, and swimming holes. A puddle for one and all.

Splish splash!

★~Milk Day:

Milk bottles

On January 11, 1878, milk reportedly was delivered in bottles for the very first time — by Alexander Campbell, in New York. Up to that time, milk had been ladled out of a container by the milkman, right into the customer’s own container. We still buy our milk in glass bottles from a local dairy and ice cream shoppe. Cold milk in a bottle is just so much better than cold milk in a carton with an impossible-to-open spout. Got Milk?

★~ Hot Toddy Day:


The hot toddy made with honey, lemon, and hot water, and whiskey, brandy, or rum. It’s the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day, and a few sips can also relieve cold or flu symptoms.

Hot toddies originated in Scotland sometime during the 18th century. Historians believe that the recipe was developed to make the taste of Scotch whisky more palatable. (Apparently the women of the day didn’t care for the smoky peat flavor.) One theory suggests that the word “toddy” evolved from “Tod’s Well” (also known as Todian Spring), the water supply for Edinburgh.

Why not mix up the original hot toddy recipe or try a hot buttered rum tonight?

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1770 – The first shipment of rhubarb was sent to the United States from London. Benjamin Franklin sent the plant to his buddy, John Bartram in Philadelphia.

♥~1922 – Doctors made a medical breakthrough when they used insulin from animals to treat diabetes for the first time.  The first diabetic to get an insulin shot was a 14-year-old boy in Toronto.

♥~ 1935 – Amelia Earhart Putnam became the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California. She had also been the first woman to solo across the Atlantic three years earlier.

♥~ 1964 –  The day of the infamous “surgeon general’s warning” that cigarette smoking could cause cancer.  That original warning from Dr. Luther Terry led to the disclaimer on every pack of smokes made in the U.S.

♥~ 1984 – Thriller, the album by Michael Jackson, became the all-time best-selling LP. Thriller, with ten-million copies sold, surpassed the previous bestseller, the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever. Among its precedent-shattering achievements, Thriller spent 37 weeks at number one on theBillboard album chart (longer than any contemporary rock or pop album’

♥~ 2003 – Two-year-old Elliot O’Sullivan, who wanted to build a snowman, was upset when no snow fell near his home in Totton, England. So his dad Shaun, who was working 110 miles away in snow-covered Kent, filled his Mercedes Sprinter with snow and drove the whole way home with the heater off to keep the snow from melting. Then, dad, mom, and son built a snowman. Does anyone else wonder why they did not take the kid to the snow?

★~Born Today:

Albert Hofmann

♥~ 1906 –  Albert Hoffman, Swiss chemist considered the “father” of LSD

♥~ 1946 – Naomi (Diane) Judd Grammy Award-winning singer: : The Judds: Why Not Me, Have Mercy, LP: Heartland; mother of singers, Wynonna, Ashley

♥~ 1958 – Vicki Peterson musician: guitar, singer: group; The Bangles: Walk like an Egyptian, Manic Monday

♥~ 1962 – Kim Coles actress: In Living Color, Living Single, One, Frasier, Six Feet Under, Celebrity Mole, Wig, Hell on Earth, Kids in America, The Show With A.J. Calloway, Strictly Business; author: I’m Free But It Will Cost You

♥~ 1968 – Tom Dumont: musician: guitar: group: No Doubt: Just a Girl, It’s My Life, Hey Baby, Bathwater, Sunday Morning, Hella Good, New, Underneath It All

♥~ 1972 – Amanda Peet: actress: The Good Wife

★~ Good to Know:


I’ve always wanted a pet dragon, too! So, I loved this story. Even tho I think toothless is an awful name for a girl dragon, but Stewart isn’t a bad name for a boy dragon, I guess. …

A 7-year-old Australian girl wrote to Australia’s national science agency, opening the letter with the charming greeting “hello lovely scientist,” to politely request that they make her a dragon with a black face as a companion for outdoor adventures. They complied, to the best of their ability. Click to read more 

And isn’t great how many people will pull together to make things happen for the young and old alike….Here are a few more examples

San Francisco Transforms Into Gotham City For Boy’s Batman Wish

After wife of 63 years dies, man catches date with second love

My favorite share this week. Thanks,El Morno friend, Carol

No Soliciting


Chicago Weather

We emerged from the past week’s arctic blast, with the biggest rain in 2 weeks, and icing despite 40-degree air temps. The thaw has been worst than the cold, in my humble opinion.

Last night, people were sliding up behind my garage to check their pups into camp after being stuck in traffic for hours. My teen was driving from school in the ice and rain; turning back was not an option so he inched home. It took him 2 1/2 hours to make the 45 minute drive; it took some commuters as much as 6 hours to make it home. Snow plows have largely ignored the Chicago side streets and neighborhoods all week which contributed to the problem. Hopefully this will be part of the reason our current ass of a mayor is not reelected.

My yard can now host swimming, ice skating, and a small sledding area. I’m considering hiring a Camp-Run-A-Pup ice skating instructor.

Applause Please! I have still not fallen! First time in, at least, 10 years that I have been on my feet this long. I’m going for the gold medal. Keep in mind my hurdles include corralling campers, retrieving dog toys, managing a gate that keeps falling, despite our best efforts to fix it, and making sure all poop is scooped (Thank you Vickie in this area), and navigating slippery sidewalks to check in campers.

My washing machine and dryer have been running non-stop for weeks. I need dry socks. So, I’m off to do another load of wet towels, and socks. How will you spend your day?

Odd Loves Company!

10 thoughts on “Puddle Day, Milk Day, Hot Toddy Day

  1. Morno,

    What a mess, hope you haven’t had any flooding. I would have suggest a slower rise in temps. But nobody asked me, which is often the case. Have a hot toddy.
    Great sign, I need one.
    If I owned a dragon I would call it Fonz or Brownie. It’s a long story, from a long time ago but my kids and I pretended we had a dragon on a long road trip and this very question was discussed.
    Have a good one. Hope you have more socks, than I do.

    • No flooding, just some leaking in the basement around the baseboards. Very common.
      I love the name Fonz for a dragon and Brownie isn’t bad either.
      Socks! Go to straight to Cosco—do not pass go—and buy some socks! Time to take things into your own hands, or feet as the case may be.

  2. That slushy mess sounds awful — but congrats on not having fallen. That’s some record, you know!
    I think they could have kept rhubarb right where it was and not too much disappointment would have ensued.
    Can you imagine what that poor kid (and his parents) thought when the doctors gave him a shot filled with animal insulin for diabetes??
    Hot toddy sounds just about right — by the way, that’s what I used to take for cramps, and it works!
    Today’s 70 degrees. Dallas and I took a long, long walk in the sunshine, and it felt GRAND! Glad you’re starting to thaw (but oh, what a mess!)

    • No, I can’t imagine! But, I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.
      Your walk sounds lovely. It hit about 40 here but it just warmed up to quickly–hopefully it will have a chance to drain before we are socked again.
      I’m not found of rhubarb either.

  3. You certainly have your hands full with muddy dogs in and out..lot’s of extra work for sure.
    The good news is that you have not fallen down in the outside mess.
    Take care. 😀

    • It’s not for the faint of heart, but we have lots of towels and at some point your surrender and give up being mud free ever again.
      Thanks, I am very committed to staying on my feet.

  4. Jeez…..what a mess you must deal with with mud & multiple dogs. I always thought having a mud room to enter first would be a grand addition to my house. Do you have one?
    Congratulations on not falling so far this season. Hope your record continues.
    70* temps with full sun at Nik’s farm today. Actually got a bit toasty. Back home in time to clean up & join friends for dinner & the playoff games.
    Good night!

    • Well…not really, but we are set up pretty well. Fortunately, no one is interested in being out very long except of-course the large white puppy. 😀
      Thanks for the encouragement–it’s not over by a long shot but I have set a record. I hate ice.
      Sounds like you had a fun evening planned!

  5. I am a little late to the game reading this but hey—-I was sipping tea sweetened with sugar cubes. 🙂 The dragon story is adorable. I love it.
    I am working on a gold medal for you—-please don’t jinx yourself by gloating…..pride cometh before the fall or so I hear.

    • Yum. We will sip it together some day soon–or at least this year.
      Thank you for the reminder–but not really prideful more amazed! In my case, usually dog cometh before the fall.

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