Lapping The Bug


Lapping the Bug!

You don’t know what that means?

Well, neither did I until Cole showed me on the TV program Top Gear.

Click over to his blog for the video and pictures. I make no apologies for his helmet hair.

I over cheered. It’s called nerves, friends. And excitement!

We had so much FUN! Yes, there is some risk, but we they were calculated.   No traffic, helmet, adult inside the car driving, Mother running along side the Bug.  Reminded me of when I ran along side a bike without training wheels. . .

Ok, now I am going to go cry while you click over and visit Cole.

El Morno will be back tomorrow. It’s a special day for us.

Odd Loves Company!

14 thoughts on “Lapping The Bug

  1. As (dare I say) untrustworthy as a Bug typically is (in my experience, of course), I would NOT have had the guts to try Lapping the Bug. However, I think Cole did a great job! Congrats on his success — and pat yourself on the back, KB, for raising such a cook kid!!

  2. Loved it. I’m with Irene, I want to know what to look forward to next. It’s got to be more exciting than Power Point.

  3. I’ve been AWOL for a couple of weeks. Internet and computer issues at home and no time at work. But I’m glad that I did not miss this post. From two wheeler to lapping a Bug with his Mom running along side him cheering all the way. All kids should be so lucky, my friend. I’m glad that I did not miss this one.

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