VW Bug Door to Door Campaign


The VW Bug owner (my dear son) decided he wanted more autographs on the June Bug from families at his school. The problem was how to best reach everyone. Postage is expensive, and I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of using the e-mail addresses provided in the school directory. Those e-mails are for setting up playdates and what-nots between families, not rallying around a VW Bug. Cole agreed and suggested we go door to door.

“Mom, we could go door to door and put a letter through the mail slot or leave it in the mail box.”
“You’re kidding, right?”
“How many times have you said personal contact is best?” (I’ve said pour it over the sink a lot more times and that hasn’t sunk in yet…)
“Cole, there are 300 families at your school!” (Thank God he attended a small school)
“Sure, but most of the families live in the same neighborhoods.” (beware there are pods of Waldorf Families–everywhere).
“You want me to drive you to 300 houses so you can drop off a letter asking families to sign your Bug?”
If we did 50 every day, we would be done in six days.
Why not. What the heck. In for a mile, in for a million miles.

Our first attempt was fraught with disorganization. First, we started too late in the day and could barely see the house numbers, traffic was unruly, and side-street parking was tough. Our route was also poorly organized, and we backtracked too much. And I was hungry. We finished, but not in the best of spirits. Ok. I was downright crabby. A Steak and Shake cheeseburger helped.

This morning, hope sprung eternal again, and we were out of the house and headed towards zip code 2 by 8:00 a.m. I stopped and bought six donuts for fortitude, and Cole found a way to organize our route so we would be more efficient. I drove, while Cole gave me directions and delivered the letters. He did attempt to hand me a letter to deliver when the house was on my side. No words were necessary. I am not walking on ice, through slush, over snow drifts, up icy stairs to put his letter through a mail slot. I love him, but not that much. We were done in half the time today and delivered twice as many letters. The response rate has been encouraging.

I have pushed the bug, pulled the bug, towed the bug, and driven the bug, so it seems only fitting that I am now going door to door for the Bug. But let me be perfectly clear I am not letting the June Bug sleep in my bed. I mean it.

El Morno will be back tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “VW Bug Door to Door Campaign

  1. You Katybeth, are a very good MOM. Now Cole had just BETTER remember that on Mothers Day.. You hear me, Cole?????

    • I passed the message along. Thank you! When he was younger he told me he would hire a butler and a maid to take care of me in my old age…. I have witnesses and I am holding to it! 😀

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  4. A Steak and Shake cheeseburger and a half-dozen doughnuts sounds like a worthy reward! That said, you probably ought to be thanked (maybe with chocolates and those tiny Coke bottles you love?) for sacrificing time for June and Cole. Hope the response is tremendous!

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