National Puppy Day Fun

This is how I’ve spent my day. . . .El Morno will be back tomorrow in entirety. . .

I baked bread in my Ez Doh (more about this wonderful simple gadget tomorrow).  I am so happy that I can indulge in goodie glutens to my hearts content.


It was National Puppy Day and I had a few big puppies that were ready to celebrate. This morno it snowed just enough to freeze the ground and when the sun came out, we went out to play in a yard with less mud. Of-course, no mud is best, but a little mud is better than a lot of mud. We had a little mud. It’s all relative at camp.

Pups at play from Katybeth on Vimeo.

I admired our favorite camp Turtle..Maxine. She was being a little camera shy but you can see she opened up just a little bit if you look closely.


Sunday is such a great day for a nap….


This was fun…Magic for Dogs:


It was a good day, with good friends….

Best Friends Stick together

And one more thing, Why not click over and vote for the Dobe. My sweet Mom says those Boston Terrier people are  “pretty tenacious!”  and naturally the Doberman is far superior.

See you Monday Morno!

Odd Loves Company!

10 thoughts on “National Puppy Day Fun

  1. Nighto,
    Just got back from Sunday dinner. My sister made a really good chicken dinner and I brought a fruit tart. Interested in finding out more about that bread gadget. I like homemade bread. My sisters birthday is in May.
    Played golf, watched basketball. It’s been a good weekend.
    See you in the Morno.

  2. I came over to visit from your Facebook page. What a great blog. Loved the videos and pictures. You usually make me laugh on your page and it seems you bring the same style and humor to your blog. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks!

    • So glad you were in the neighborhood. I’m glad we brighten your day and look forward to your company more often!

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  4. Vote early, vote often. I did vote!
    I wish your camp was not so far away. Nik loves being with other dogs.
    Funny magic video. I enjoyed the off camera laughter!
    I’m a day late…..

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