Shakespeare meets VW BUG

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March 2, 2014

Bug and Shakespeare

“Mom, the Bug has reduced me to quoiting Shakespeare, run over me please.”

I was so late writing El Morno for this Morno, I just decided to write El Morno for tomorrow Morno. If you are confused welcome to my world.

Cole wrote the story about our day with Bug yesterday and our days yet to come. So I am going to invite you to go over to his blog for more detail. Suffice to say it is hard work being the Mom right now. I’ll write more about that later tonight when I fall into the night time angst of would of, should of, could of; along side  will it, won’t it, what if….(I have no idea how to punctuate that sentence–just do the best you can :-).

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6 thoughts on “Shakespeare meets VW BUG

  1. Hey, that Bug is cutting into El Morno. I object. Sorry for your troubles. It will all work out it always does but sometimes getting to that point is hard.
    Dinner was good. Nice to be home with family. See you in the morno.

    • You aren’t going to share what you had for dinner? And what did you take for dessert? Sheesh you forgot the routine after a few short weeks.
      Yep, see you in the Morno. Thanks for commiserating.

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