Chicago Waldorf School: High School Prank

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April 1,2014

cup prank

Chicago Waldorf School Class of 2014 


Styro -Solo in this case…..

It’s April Fools’ Day, and I was out until 2:00 a.m. last night helping Cole and his 12th grade classmates prank the Chicago Waldorf School. It was so much fun—SO MUCH FUN.

The Seniors wanted to execute a prank, but it is hard for them to pull together the idea and details. I wanted to execute a prank and had the time, transportation, and debt card. We were a good team.

Independently we researched ideas. The teens decided on a few. . .

I made two runs to Cosco to buy the supplies: 12,000 8 inch Styrofoam cups. (A few boxes will be returned, but it is better to have too many than too few, just sayin)

The word was put out that we would meet at the school at 10:00 p.m. The e-mail read, “Wear black.”

Cole and I headed out around 9:00 p.m. We picked up donuts and several teens on the way.

Entrance into the school was procured. (I would tell you how, but then I would have to kill you.)

Inside doors were unlocked using cat burglar moves. (Should college and future careers not work out, a few of our teens would make excellent cat burglars.)

At this point, I allowed the Seniors to take over and just blended in as a worker bee. I was impressed at how quickly they put together a plan and started work. (They have leadership ability. And they are NOT BOSSY.)

Maybe I should show you a picture or two. These pictures aren’t the greatest as my camera needs to be checked out, but I am sure more better pictures will be forthcoming.

All that Eurythmy paid off —12th graders are so agile.

Cat burgular

Over 3000 cups were filled with a little water and placed on the floor

My Solo Cup

Mailboxes were stuffed. Is that a Eurythmy gown hanging from the ceiling. However did it get there?


Rearranging a few of the painting room objects.

Creative art

Cole tearing his hair out because the cups are crooked. FINE. He will FIX IT.

Quick escape

Taking time off the job for a quick pose.

Hard at work

It was time to sell the school and move on….

Moving sale

Solo Cup Seniors proud of their Styro Installation – as we now call it.

Solo Seniors

I did not go to school this morning to see the prank executed. The kids will post pictures, and Cole promised to send me an update. However, when one teen said, “You know, we should put up a few of those signs warning students and teachers that the floor may be wet,” it amused me. They really are such great kids. I’ve decided to petition to call off graduation and keep them in high school forever.

Will there be more pranks? Maybe.

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23 thoughts on “Chicago Waldorf School: High School Prank

  1. How incredibly fun! I mean, really, it’s perfect. Though, I’m like Cole; the crooked cups would have bothered me.

    Sorry to have been away all weekend. I don’t know how many posts I may have missed, but it’s going to be a busy month for me–traveling to the beach, teaching a week-long workshop, and having friends visit from the US. Fun, but YIKES!

    As I commented on another blog, maybe all of this happening at once is appropriate, given that it’s April, after-all. When it rains,, it pours. Right?

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Believe me before it was said and down those cups were dam straight.
      We always miss El Morners when they are out and about but life happens and think of all the exciting things you’ll be able to blog about and share with us.
      Very astute observation about April.

  2. What fun! My only comment is that you shot pictures? Have we taught you nothing?? Have no evidence around so you can’t be proven guilty. Great prank.

    • We would fail the witness protection program, wouldn’t we? BUT I did remind the kids not to post FB pictures from the set-up. That counts, right? And there are NO pictures of me.

  3. Morno,
    Amazed again. How long did that take kids and you? I am assuming you added water to weight the cups down. Who is cleaning up? I’ll vote for the Freshmen.
    There has to be a place for all your energy even after 12th grade.
    Have a good one.

    • Thanks. It took us about 4 hour. The Seniors cleaned up willingly. It was worth it. Yep, the water kept the cups from blowing.
      My energy was sagging this Morno and I’m heading to bed early tonight.

  4. WOW! I agree with Kathy and Mike this prank is perfect and amazing. Everyone had fun, nobody was hurt, and the kids found out they have some useful skills if needed. I’d say this prank is a win win, win win.
    Hope you day continues to be as fun as it started out.

    • Thanks. I loved being included. It was a win and I was delighted that the teachers all had a sense of humor and enjoyed the FUN.

  5. Why this made me cry I do not know, but without you and Cole at this school, life would just be endlessly more mundane and …uncreative. Thanks for once again putting the effort in to make adorable and remarkable memories for these exceptional young people. You amaze me! xoxoxooxo

    • Awww thank you. Your boy was one of the big reasons it was SO MUCH FUN. Love the “we can do” this spirit.

  6. It is PERFECT! I love it! Such fun and so fun to be a part of it. The only prank I have really ever been a part of was “flocking” when we covertly put tons of pink flamingos in yards and you had to “pay” to get them moved on out. It was fun and even though I did not dress in black I was stealthy. Those were the days before my knee started clicking. Not so ninja like these days. Great prank! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

    • Love the Flamingo. I will admit to being sore this morno. You know the country song: I’m not as good as I once was but I am as good once as I ever was? That kind of describes me. I was assigned the stairs.

    • Well, if you mean who gave the kids permission the answer would be they took permission. The Seniors cleaned up in the early afternoon. Lots of water spilled but it was just water and mopped up easily. There wasn’t much water in each cup just enough to weight it down. It was a huge success with all the teachers (except one grump) congratulating them on their efforts and creativity. Not one asked how they had entered the building. :-D. 5000 cups.

  7. Thanks for sharing the photos! Today was one of those rare days I check Facebook, and your post was the first I saw. Made me smile. I know these kids will remember this prank fondly for the rest of their lives. I laughed out loud when I saw “for sale” sign – great final touch! Fr. Jackson probably had a fit when he saw it! Ha!

    • Glad you checked in to FB Mike. Did you know, that you share the same April 1st birthday as Michael Holdrege. Anytime we can get under the collar of Fr. Jackson is a good day (I think the sign came down pretty fast, tho 🙂
      I am pretty sure that I had as much (if not more) than the seniors did. Terrific group of kids. Glad you liked the pictures.

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