Choopko Peanut Puffs: A Review with a Twist

Choopko Peanut Puffs


Choopko Peanut Puffs. How could I have forgotten?

I felt awful when a lone bag of Choopko Peanut Puffs fell out of my kitchen cabinet into Rascal’s (my terrier’s) water bowl, reminding me I never wrote the promised review about the peanut puffs that were shared with me way back in December. It might be too late for this review, as the product is no longer available on Amazon, and the website is under construction…but a promise is a promise.

Choopko Peanut Puffs are made of corn, peanuts, sunflower oil and salt. The product has a good-for-you taste and is a filling snack. I shared them with friends and they agreed with my assessment that as a snack they didn’t offer much in the way of taste, but it’s a quality product that tries hard. If you enjoy a healthy taste, you might like it.  However, what my sweet mom and I noticed (I shared a few bags with her) is that our pups loved these and would come running whenever we opened a bag!

This post is in no way meant to insult the good people at Choopko Peanut Puffs who might object to their product being compared to dog treats, despite the fact that many pet owners are far pickier about what they feed their pups than what they feed their families; it’s a shout out to dog owners that our pups went cuckoo for Choopko Peanut Puffs (Choopko people, please check with your lawyers if you decided to use that as a tagline 😀 and if they see a bag at the local grocery store, they should snatch it up and treat their pups!

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    • The pups really did love them and as far as I can see there is no downside—unless your pup pal has a peanut allergy.

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