Garlic Day, Amaretto Day, Odds and Ends

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April 19th, 2014


★~ Today’s Quote: “To dream that you are eating garlic denotes that you will discover hidden secrets and meet with some domestic jar. To dream that there is garlic in the house is lucky.”
Richard Folkard in ‘Plant Lore’ (1884)

★~ Garlic Day:


Native to central Asia, garlic has a lengthy history dating back 6,000 years. Long a staple of Mediterranean diets, garlic was a commonly used seasoning in the cuisines of Africa, Asia and Europe. China is currently the world’s biggest producer of garlic followed by India, South Korea, Egypt and Russia.

Regarded as a force of both good and evil, the Egyptians are said to have fed the herb to workers building the Great Pyramid of Giza because they believed it boosted their stamina. In the Middle Ages, plague-phobic Europeans ate whole cloves of garlic to fight off the scourge known as the Black Death.

Dubbed the ‘stinking rose’ because of its overpowering taste and smell, garlic is known for causing bad breath, which apparently can be neutralized by sipping milk or eating parsley.Ironically, despite its illustrious reputation, the herb that causes garlic breath has also long been admired for its powers as an aphrodisiac. Legend has it that Tibetan monks were forbidden from entering monasteries if they had eaten garlic because of its reputation for arousing sexual desire.

Thanks to Hollywood and popular literature, we’re well aware of the myth that garlic deters vampires, but it’s also thought to protect against the evil eye and to ward off jealous nymphs said to terrorize pregnant women and engaged maidens.

Roasted Garlic

★~ Amaretto Day: 


Like other favorite liqueurs, amaretto has a legend, and a sentimental place in Saronno culture because of its Italian origin.

In 1525, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s pupils, artist Bernardino Luini, was commissioned to paint frescoes in a Saronno church. Because of the church’s dedication to the Virgin Mary, Luini needed a model to base her on, and he found his muse in a young innkeeper. The woman wanted to express her gratitude (and adoration) with a payment, but didn’t have the money, so she steeped apricot kernels in brandy and gave him the concoction. Thus, amaretto’s love story was born.

If you’re cooking with amaretto, it’s a great enhancer for desserts like tiramisu and even the whipped cream on your hot chocolate or coffee. Or, jazz up your favorite pastries by adding a shot or two to the batter. You can even go savory because amaretto is a great addition to almondine sauce and chicken dishes.

Of course, amaretto is just as good by itself or on the rocks. Besides adding it to your coffee, the liqueur is also a great base for French Connections, Toasted Almonds and Bocce Balls.  Cheers to you, Amaretto enthusiasts!


★~ Today in History:


♥~1956 – Actress Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco on this day. The beloved U.S. actress from Philadelphia married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in a storybook wedding. More than 1,500 radio, TV, newspaper and magazine reporters were on hand for the event in Monaco, as were most of the citizens of the tiny country

♥~1981 – The first major-league baseball team to win 11 straight games at the beginning of a season was the Oakland A’s. Win number 11 came with a few fireworks, as a brawl or two became a part of a 6-1 victory over Seattle in the first game of a doubleheader. In the second game, however, Seattle ended the A’s win streak with a 3-2 win.

♥~1988 – Former singer and one half of Sonny and Cher; Sonny Bono was inaugurated as the Mayor of Palm Springs.

★~Born Today:

♥~1930 – Dick Sargent (Richard Cox) actor: Bewitched, That Touch of Mink, Body Count, Fantasy Island; died July 8, 1994

♥~1935 – Dudley Moore actor: Arthur, Arthur 2, 10, Crazy People, Parallel Lives, Bedazzled, The Hound of the Baskervilles; died Mar 27, 2002

♥~1937 – Elinor Donahue actress: Father Knows Best, The Andy Griffith Show, Get a Life, Pretty Woman

♥~ 1979 – Kate Hudson actress: Almost Famous, 200 Cigarettes, Dr. T & the Women, The Cutting Room, Four Feathers, Le Divorce ; daughter of actress Goldie Hawn

★~ Odds and Ends: A Few of my favorite clicks this week. . .

Odds and Ends

♥~ The biggest lies on the internet

♥~ Do You Have Your Plan B? (I liked this one a lot)

♥~ Why we can’t stop procrastinating, according to science

♥~ Anton Chekhov on the 8 Qualities of Cultured People

♥~ Our water comes from Lake Michigan. Just Sayin’ 

♥~ Simon’s not in the mood to watch ballroom, but Paddy and Nico have much more in store than first appearances suggest.


♥~ Cat people are crazier than dog people. This video is proof.


♥~ Lindzee – Amelymeloptical illusion


♥~ RSA Shorts – The Power of Empathy


♥~ Big Hug!

Hug chicken

I’ve tried everything to get rid of these hiccups


Path of least resistance

Path of least resistence

Finally an apology!

tail gating



I’m off and running this Morno. Tail wagging busy at camp and Cole needs a ride to the airport.  My sweet Mom wants him to teach her all about her new Mac (my old Mac) and her I-Phone while he is visiting.  I’m expecting lots of progress reports from both them. Cole told me last night that he is DYING!!!! to try an Old-Fashioned. After the tech lessons he might be in luck….I can hear the ice falling and the bourbon splashing as I type. . .

Hope your Saturday is SUPER!

Odd Loves Company

12 thoughts on “Garlic Day, Amaretto Day, Odds and Ends

  1. Very interesting videos this morning..loved the guy on the escalator..I wonder how he ever got back on his feet at the top..ha ha
    Cole will have a great time in NM..

    • Last time I text with Cole he was drinking a Starbucks and eating Almond cookies at the bar. Off to a good start.
      I wondered about that guy too. Would you just kind of slide off?

  2. Morno,
    Woke up to sunshine. It’s going to be a beautiful day. How do I do one of those smiley things?
    A little garlic goes a long way but it sure adds to a meal. Amaretto makes me think of my Dad. He liked it in his coffee after dinner.
    Enjoyed the pictures. Someone needs to scare that sea lion.
    Off to start the weekend off right with some golf. Enjoy your day.

    • How do you scare a sea lion? I don’t know, just asking.
      I think Amaretto is a Dad’s drink. My Dad liked it a lot too.
      Hope the whole weekend stays pretty for you.

  3. Hope I’m as agile & spry as the 80 year old dancer. Better stretch more!
    Liked the empathy video & the guy on the escalator. Apparently, my empathy/sympathy only goes so far!
    Leaving for the farm in an hour. Late for us, but what the heck?
    Enjoy another lovely day!

    • Those dancers were amazing. I am not that agile and spry now.
      Hope you and Nik had a great time at the farm.

  4. What I’m wondering is why the cat massage lady goes back and forth from the real cat to stuffed one. Is that weird, or did I miss something?

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend. And if you celebrate, Happy Easter!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • The whole video is weird. Very weird.
      We do celebrate Easter! And all things Chocolate. Thank you.

  5. I love Armaretto stone sours…. so good and easy to drink more than one. Haven’t had one in YEARS. Cats are okay, but I’ll take a house full of pups anytime.
    Have had a wonderful Spring day and tomorrow looks promising too. That is my Cindy’s Birthday. Have a Happy Easter, KB.

    • A beautiful day to celebrate Cindy!
      I’ve never had an Armaretto stone sour sounds interesting. My dad loved an Armaretto a an after dinner drink.
      I agree dogs are superior.
      Happy Easter, Carol ♥

  6. I just know Cole and his grandparents are going to have a wonderful visit!
    Here I am, trying once again to play catch-up.
    Poor escalator-guy. That looks painful. Good thing HE wasn’t a SHE in a pencil skirt!!

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