Poetry Reading – Correct Way to Say Taco



In honor of Poetry Reading Day I’m reposting a wonderful poem titled “I Want a Girl Who Reads” by Mark Grist. My teen liked it and, for fun, memorized it and shared it with me.  Later it became part of a Bug Fund Raising challenge. . .

On a sillier, fresher note, last night, my teen showed me the correct and authentic way to say TACO . . .

Odd Loves Company,

12 thoughts on “Poetry Reading – Correct Way to Say Taco

  1. You know, kids today don’t have to memorize the way we did in school (and personally, I think that’s a detriment. Just sayin’.) Well done, Cole!!
    And he’s right about the pronunciation of “taco.” I’d never considered it before, but yeah, he’s right! Was that a half-eaten sucker he was holding??

    • Waldorf Education requires a ton of memorization. And handwriting. One out of two isn’t bad.
      😀 YES! Excellent guess. It was a chocolate Easter sucker. His uncle, the chocolatier, makes them.

  2. Cole owned that poem!
    I remember even in elementary school & Sunday School memorizing passages & parts in plays & what have you. I played Lucy in 5th grade! A real shame there is no photographic evidence…

    • Uhm, are you sure there is no photographic evidence? Lucy had to be one of the primary rolls! I bet you were a STAR!

  3. That Cole amazes me. He sure is one of a kind. That was quite a bit to memorize and he did it perfectly. You, Katybeth , have an amazing son. Be very proud of him. I know he didn’t get this way all by himself, so pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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