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Beware Pothole!

They were the bane of every Chicago driver this past winter, and driving the city streets continues to be like playing a video game as you try to miss potholes and other drivers. It’s a mess. The City of Chicago is supposed to cover damage caused to cars due to potholes, and the claims are well over $2 million so far this year—and that’s on top of all the money it takes to fix the potholes. So good luck to all those who filed claims; I am sure your check is in the mail and will arrive any day now. But this post isn’t about city government and potholes, although I can’t help but take a potshot at the Chicago mayor I’m sorry I voted for with this video.


This post is about Chicago’s pothole guy, Dave, who takes the higher road and proclaims that his company The Pothole Store is not trying to make any statements about Chicago streets or city leadership. Rather, his pothole project has just given him further appreciation for the residents of the Windy City. Dave just thought setting up his company last November would be a “a fun little schticky thing to do.” Don’t you like this guy already?

The pothole store idea is brilliant, and it is FUN. Best of all, it champions the idea that when we change how we look at something, we can turn pothole asphalt into earrings or a necklace. I bought a pair of earrings to remind myself to think of the possibilities the next time something offends or annoys me. And I bought a matching necklace because, well, why not? My teen plans to buy a Pot Hole Snow Globe and wants to give his aunt and uncle a certificate of ownership for the Chicago pothole of their choice. (Note to lurking Odd readers: I’m not saying which aunt and uncle, so don’t assume you are the lucky recipient.) Of course, you don’t really own the pothole, so the good news is you are not responsible for repairing it. Bet the mayor is sad he didn’t think of this idea first. (oops,  did I just take another potshot at Chicago’s mayor.)

It gets better—Dave is not only high on pothole creativity; he also is a nice guy. I placed two different orders at The Pothole Store and soon after received an e-mail from Dave offering to combine the orders so they qualified for free shipping.

I want to share Chicago pothole love with you, so leave a “Hi Dave” comment and I’ll draw a name (sometime soon) and send the winner of the drawing a pair of pothole earrings or a necklace (your choice).

Nope, this is not a “sponsored post.” I just like sharing FUN and creativity with you and promoting it too! Click over and visit Dave, you might be inspired to look at something that annoys you in a new and different way.

Odd Loves Company,

Update:  My box of potholes jewels arrived.  The earrings and necklaces are souvenir quality at best with an authentic Chicago pothole smell. I’m pretty sure, I don’t want to stick the earrings posts through my ears more than once. But for you..once.

pot hole earring


pothole necklace

I’ll gift the earrings and necklaces as mementos with a note that says wear at your own risk.   However, I don’t want to be disparaging because it’s still a reminder to think outside the hole.

The contest is still on. Yep, you could be on the cutting edge of a great things to come!

Update: Scratch the contest. The smell is unbearable! Pitching immediately. Moral: Potholes by any other name still smell like potholes! 


5 thoughts on “Pothole Jewels – Thinking Outside the Hole

  1. What can I say except I’m sorry your Pothole jewels smelled so bad. Your right it is a good idea. Maybe Dave should invest in a little disinfectant.
    On the other hand your pot shots at the Mayor were very funny.

    • Yes, he should. Or something. Thanks, I was tired of Daley but it is a case of being careful what you wish for….

    • Well they are suppose too. They did replace one of my tires about 10 years ago that was flattened by a pot hole. It took about a year for the check to arrive so it was a nice surprise.
      I just reread the last couple of lines of this post–scrambled sentences must be catching—I fixed. Sheesh.

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