Rabbit Rabbit, Wonderful Wacky Wednesday

Rabbit Rabbit


Say “rabbit, rabbit” real quick and you’ll have a May full of luck. Happy Almost First Day of May!

Let me tell you about my Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, I had the opportunity to hang out with Henry for a few hours, and I jumped at the chance.


Rascal (my terrier) was horrified when Henry’s mom left him behind. She sniffed him up and down and finally, after cleaning his ears, decided that she would share his super-soft blanket with him.



(Worriers: When Henry fell asleep on the pillow I sat next to him for the 45 minutes he slept. I remembered about pillows and babies and since he was just a loaner I was very cautious) 

When his mom came to pick him up, it was almost embarrassing how relieved she was to see Henry leashed up and whisked away. I was, of course, sorry to see him leave. I’m planning on asking Emily to share Henry again real soon. I love that she is so willing to share him. In my opinion, smart moms let the villagers step in whenever they offer.

Next, I attempted to handle a problem that has plagued me over the last few months. Someone keeps dumping stuff behind my garage that the junkmen don’t want and the garage men won’t take, which makes it my responsibility. Most recently, they left a television, so I made a sign for the television that I hope will deter them in the future.


I also added google eyes to the television (which are not in the picture.) Some of the comments on Facebook after I posted the picture suggested, in a rather insensitive way, that I might be considered a little crazy or unhinged. All the better. I hope I’ve solved the problem but if the low down, no good, junk leaving, un-neighborly SOB does not get the message, my next sign will read “My mother with her gun and Doberman are coming to visit me soon, I’ve told her where I think you live.” You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.


My dearest friend, Annilise, brought her two pups to camp in the evening, and the terrier, Hope, escaped when she opened the car door (Hope showed up at my door years ago as a hopeless lost dog and Annilise gave her a forever home). We took off after Hope by car and by foot. Fortunately, she took a spin around my block and I was able to tackle her in my front yard. I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was—or, as Cole says, “Mom you’re not fast, but you’re darn quick.”

American of Martinsville mid-century Danish modern credenza dresser

Speaking of Cole . . . he showed me a picture of an American of Martinsville mid-century Danish modern credenza dresser and mirror, with a starting bid of $199, that he found on e-Bay. He asked me if he should bid on it because he really, really liked it, and they usually cost around $1,500. No doubt, it is a quality piece of furniture. The catch was that it was an eight-hour round trip from Chicago to Monroe, Michigan, to pick it up. But what the heck! He really, really liked it and was even willing to bid with his own money. So I suggested he make the lowest possible bid and if he won, it was meant to be his dresser. He won it! Now, we are both looking at each other wondering when we will pick it up. We planned for this weekend, but the owner is not available. The next two weekends, Cole is not available. During the week, he is designing the set for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which opens, I don’t remember when, soon. Well, it’s a good- looking dresser, it was meant to be, and somehow, we’ll find time to pick it up. This summer, he plans to stain it darker and update the look. My parents bought me my first quality piece of furniture years after I moved away from home. A chair. My sweet mother told me I needed a comfortable place to sit other than the toilet.

I hope you had a good Wednesday and didn’t think I skipped out on El Morno because I didn’t want to celebrate Raisin Day. Because that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Really.

El Morno will be back on Thursday sooner or later. If you forgot to say Rabbit Rabbit take a do over but say it while hopping twice.

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12 thoughts on “Rabbit Rabbit, Wonderful Wacky Wednesday

  1. Morno,
    We missed Raisin Day? Very suspicious.
    Cute baby but I see Rascal’s point.
    Hope your junkster gets the point. That is a crappy thing to do to someone.
    Nice piece of furniture but a hike to pick it up. How much is delivery if you wait until someone is coming your way?
    I remembered Rabbit Rabbit. Looking forward to May. Have a good one.

    • Maybe. But I’ve provide evidence that I was VERY BUSY. Did you see the baby?
      Thank you. It is a crappy thing to do.
      It would cost about $200.00 to have it delivered. More than the dresser. Trying to work out a plan.
      Good job with Rabbit Rabbit. May is going to be great.

  2. Good Morning,
    OMG that is an adorable Henry and Rascal. Makes me want another baby and a puppy. Well not really but if anything could make me want those things it would be this picture.
    I don’t think your note is crazy and if it doesn’t work I hope you send your Mom after them. A real idiot does something like that to a neighbor. He deserves the karma that comes his way.
    Good Luck with the Dresser. It looks really nice.
    Rabbit. Rabbit. I hopped and turned in a circle and then I made the kids do it with me. I am working the Rabbit Rabbit May Magic.
    Merry May!

    • Babies and pups can work their own kind of magic if you don’t watch out. It was fun having Henry visit for the morning.
      So far the television is still there broadcasting my message. I didn’t expect the person to come and get it but hopefully my point has been made.
      You are on a roll with Rabbit Rabbit I know your month is going to be very lucky

  3. I REMEMBERED. No hopping needed. Sounds like you had a very fun and full Wednesday. Adorable baby and Rascal is very cute.
    We had someone make 4 tires our trash problem once. So inconsiderate. Hope you nab the jerk.
    No raisin celebration? Did I miss something? You don’t like raisins?

    • So happy when people remember. Te baby was very cute and Rascal was cute despite being green with envy.
      No, I DO NOT Like Rasins. I think they are very sneaky. You can’t trust them. They show up unexpected.

  4. What can I say, Katybeth? You are wonderful and brilliant. I LOVE the sign you put on the TV. And Cole’s taste in furniture is awesome. Seriously, I have dresser envy! Congrats to both of you.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I like the way you start a comment. ♥
      Hopefully the sign will work and we’ll get the dresser home. It’s a good looking piece and I’m pretty sure he has the skills to update it. Hopeful.

      Hugs back to you from rainy Chicago.

  5. I remembered Rabbit Rabbit! (And here I thought I was late to your party — again!)

    Raisin Day? Well, yes, I did have some in my cereal, though I’d have preferred the chocolate-covered kind.

    Cole got a BARGAIN — good for him. Looks like an awesome buy.

    Poor Rascal. Isn’t it cute how jealous they can get??

    Doesn’t Chicago have laws against dumping? I’ll bet your mom, her gun, and Trinket will solve your problem!!

    • Good Job! Luck for you all month.
      Fine. I had nuts in my cereal.
      Yes there are laws about dumping but it isn’t a police priority and I’m not big on involving the police. Ever. I’d rather deal with it “our way.”
      If and when we get it home I think Cole will enjoy his dresser for a lot of years.

  6. I somehow managed to say *rabbit rabbit* this morning. Hope it’s the beginning of a month of good things.
    Humorous 1st picture of Rascal! Henry seemed game though.
    Monroe, MI! I have family there. Of course, haven’t been there in decades… Regardless, nice dresser! 8 hours, huh?

    • A month of good luck is headed your way. Henry was a very good sport. Rascal was a good sport and very happy when we were babyless again.
      Well, when we make the trip we’ll give a shout out to your Monroe, Mi family. 8 hours. yep.

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