Tartan Day, Sorry Charlie Day, Caramel Popcorn Day

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April 6, 2014

Welcome home mom

★~ Today’s Quote: In the end, everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not yet the end. ~Fernando Sabino

 ★~ National Tartan Day:

Tartan Day

National Tartan Day honors and celebrates Scottish culture and the role it has played in the development of the United States. Canada has been celebrating Tartan Day since 1993 and the U.S. Senate officially recognized it in 1998.

There are three groups of people that came from Scotland to America – the Lowland Scotts, the Highland Scotts, and the Scotch-Irish. Each of these groups has influenced American culture. They’ve passed on Scottish last names, introduced the sport of golf, shared the sounds of the bagpipes, and made tartan a fashion staple!

Tartan is a crisscrossed pattern of horizontal and vertical bands woven into cloth. It is made by weaving colored threads at right angles to each other. The Dress Act of 1746 attempted to ban tartan and other aspects of Gaelic culture in order to bring people under tighter government control. The law was repealed in 1782 and tartan became symbolic as the national dress of Scotland.

★~ Sorry Charlie Day:

Sorry Charlie

I have always felt sorry for Charlie! All he ever wanted was to be a Starkist tuna, but even with his snazzy specs and comedic outlook, he just wasn’t bait worthy. Let’s all  honor Charlie the Tuna, who has been rejected for decades and still keeps his spunk and positive attitude.

★~ Caramel Popcorn Day:


Caramel popcorn has been enjoyed since the 1890s when brothers Frederick and Louis Rueckheim introduced their molasses-covered popcorn at the World’s Columbian Exposition. But their concoction was too sticky so back to the drawing board they went. After a bit of tweaking, the perfect combination was created and Cracker Jacks were invented!

Good to know: Cracker Jacks uses the same recipe today that they started with in the 1890s.

Carmel Popcorn

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1916 – Charlie Chaplin was 26 years old this day when he signed a movie contract with the Mutual Film Corporation. He made a fair piece of change, too — $675,000 a year — and became the highest-paid film star in the world.

♥~ 1938 – Du Pont researcher Dr. Roy J. Plunkett accidentally created the chemical compound that was later marketed as Teflon. It revolutionized the cookware industry.

♥~ 1968 – The soundrack album from the movie The Graduate hit number one in the U.S. The album made superstars of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. The alubm also showcased the music of jazz pianist Dave Grusin, who wrote and perfomed six of the tracks.

♥~ 1971 – Rolling Stones Records was formed to promote the hits of The Rolling Stones. The famous Stones trademark, the lips logo, became widely used. Brown Sugar was the first hit by the Rolling Stones on the new label, followed by Wild Horses, Tumbling Dice and Bill Gates’ favorite song, Start Me Up.

♥~ 1980 – Another accidental invention? Post-it® Notes were introduced. It seems a 3M scientist used an adhesive that didn’t stick to create what were called “temporarily permanent” book markers

♥~ 1987 – Boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard won a 2-1 decision in a stunning upset over Marvelous Marvin Hagler in a bout held in Las Vegas, NV

♥~ 1998  Teletubbies, the British show for toddlers, debuted on U.S. TV

★~Born Today:

Raphael Santi

♥~ 1483 – Raphael Santi artist: Marriage of the Virgin, School of Athens; died Apr 6, 1520 [on his 37th birthday]

♥~ 1931 – Ivan Dixon actorHogan’s Heroes, Porgy and Bess, Where’s Jack?, Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came?; director: McCloud, The Waltons, The Rockford Files, Starsky and Hutch, Magnum, P.I., The A-Team, Airwolf; died Mar 16, 2008

♥~ 1937 – Merle Haggard CMA Entertainer and Male Vocalist of the Year: [1970]; songwriter: Okie from Muskogee, If We Make It Through December, Hungry Eyes, Workin’ Man Blues, Mama Tried

♥~ 1947- John Ratzenberger, Actor (“Cheers”), turns 64

♥~ 1952 – Marilu Henner (Mary Lucy Denise Pudlowski) actress: Taxi, Evening Shade, Cannonball Run 2

♥~ 1969 – Ari Meyers actress: Author! Author!, Kate & Allie, Think Big, Dark Horse

♥~ 1972 – Jason Hervey actor: The Wonder Years, Wildside, Fast Times, Diff’rent Strokes, Back to School, Back to the Future

★~ Good to Know: Odds and Ends

♥~ What a World We Live In: 

A Woman Befriended This Homeless Man In Brazil.



Honey Maid: Love



♥~ Fun:



pick a word

♥~ Interesting:

– The Art of Japanese gift wrapping.



– Russian photographer takes incredible portraits with real animals:

– Image is Everything: The Secrets of Body Language

The most significant misstatements made by U.S. presidents in the past 55 years

♥~ Tips:

– Chef Peels Apples with Power Drill


– Opening a Wine Bottle with your shoe (Thanks Beth Ann)



Cole will be trying both of these tips very soon. We will report back.

♥~ A Picture is Worth a 1000 words:

– Who am I really? 

Bird reflecting

– Jump. Jump. Jump.


Hot Spot (Wi-fi): Pregnant women.



Wishing everyone a Super Sunday. It was a beautiful day yesterday. Click to see a few pictures of my campers enjoying the sunshine Camp Facebook Page.  I also bought an egg cooker. You can read about it here.

On another note. I saw these Valais Blacknose sheep, from Switzerland on Facebook and immediately wanted one. A few other people said, “Me too.” I think we have 3 orders right now….If you want one, let me know, I’ll I will try to negotiate for herd pricing.  They are not available in the US at this time, so I see a real opportunity. Really! I am not trying to pull the wool over your eyes!


Odd Loves Company,

13 thoughts on “Tartan Day, Sorry Charlie Day, Caramel Popcorn Day

  1. Morno,
    A sheep could be handy. Do they eat grass? I like caramel corn, I wish it was easier on my teeth. Charlie is a good tuna. Frankly I think he has the better end of the hook. No Tartan for me but I like bagpipes. I’ll take a look at the rest later I am off to breakfast and golf. Beautiful day. Enjoy.

    • I am pretty sure they do but I am not a sheep expert by any means.
      Charlie seemed to have a much better life than a tuna that was caught, and packaged in a can. I never really understand that either.
      Sounds like you had a wonderful day planned! What was for dinner.

    • Spring babies are so cute!!! Did you get out and pat any of them or stop for carrots? I think sheep snack on carrots.

  2. I am a recovering gadget-a-holic..so good to hear about your experience with the egg cooker so I will not be tempted by an egg cooker..not a fan of poached/boiled eggs anyway..Maybe “my favorite gadget” would be a good choice for your next contest ?? Love caramel popcorn.. 🙄

    • It would be but oddly enough there are people that can pass right by that made for TV aisle without a second glance. People who have never owned a chop-o-matic or ginsu knives. Heartbreaking really. So I’m not sure everyone has a favorite gadget and how would we choose? Of-course it works for me!
      Did you have some caramel popcorn?

      • What ??? Can’t imagine not having any “helpful household gadgets”…but everyone must have a favorite decorating item in their home..like art, a wall hanging , knick nacky stuff, houseplants, lamp, a special piece of furniture, etc..something that makes a home a home .. No ? 😯

  3. Intelligent, real, energetic. Not sure about intelligent since I misspelled it the 1st time…….
    I always check out pictures of my Scottish dog walking friend’s family. All wedding pictures & quite nice.
    Cute sheep! Sheep most generally produces an awww. Another dog walking friend is a Swiss who may be able to help you out with your venture.
    We didn’t get the rains that were expected. Hope it doesn’t pour during tracking class. I’ll be fine, Nik won’t.
    Good afternoon!

    • Sounds like your words nailed it.
      I like sheep but I’ve heard they are fed dumb. My Mom had a lamb that she swears her younger brother fed to death. True? Hard to know.
      Keep you Swiss friend on hold…she/he might come in handy.
      Hope Nik did not get rained on. A Parson’s terrier wouldn’t be bother by the rain. Just pick them, give them a shake and they are dry to the bone.

  4. “Cheerful. Adorable. Proud.” I’ll take ’em!
    I’ve always liked tartan, but I can’t fathom why we celebrate it in the springtime, rather than the winter (when it would seem more reasonable!)
    Oooh, I do like those sheep. And I just know Dallas would love to have one or two to herd around the back yard. I’d kind of like running a comb through all that fur, too!
    Domer was too old for Teletubbies (thank goodness!) — those things creep me out, much the way clowns and mimes do!
    Enjoy your Sunday, Kb.

    • Do you know that the bagpipe players do not wear undies under there tartan kilts?
      Ok we will your name to the list for two sheep. Dallas would love it.
      Teletubbies did nothing for me either. Cole was given a purple one but since we watched no television back then (ok, maybe an occasion episode of Arthur) he had no idea what the purple doll was about but it was sweet looking and soft so it hung around for awhile.

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