Draft Day, No Socks Day, Have a Coke Day, Coconut Cream Pie Day

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May 8, 2014

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★~Today’s Quote:  Always be a little kinder than necessary. James M. Barrie

♥~ Draft Day: 

Draft Day

The 2014 NFL Draft will be the 79th annual meeting of National Football League (NFL) franchises to select newly eligible football players. The draft, officially called the “NFL Players Selection Meeting”, will be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on May 8–10, 2014,beginning at 8 p.m. ET on May 8. The draft’s traditional time frame in late April will not be available in 2014 due to a scheduling conflict at Radio City Music Hall and the NFL plans to continue holding the draft in May in future years as part of a permanent offseason calendar change.

★~ No Socks Day: 

Video and Film

Liberate your toes and prepare to go all “Miami Vice” (this dates me doesn’t it?) because today is “No Socks Day!”

~ Eighth century Greeks wore socks made from matted animal hair.

~  Socks help to absorb sweat and move it to parts of the foot where it can evaporate easier.

~ In Japan a special kind of sock called tabi was created so they could wear socks with their thonged footwear.

★~ Have a Coke Day:


Have a Coke Day in honor of Dr. John S. Pemberton  who first sold his secret elixir to Jacobs Pharmacy in Altlanta, Ga today in 1886. It was originally used for medicinal purposes.

Coca-Cola is delicious and refreshing, cold and crisp, as pure as sunlight. When you are thirsty, what you want is a Coke, the best friend thirst ever had. Coke is just around the corner from everywhere, along the highway anywhere. It makes us smile, shows us the real side of life, and adds to our lives. I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, I would like to buy the whole world a Coke, because Coke is IT-the real thing. Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you may be, when you think of refreshment, you think of ice cold Coca-Cola. When Coca-Cola is a part of your life, you can’t beat the feeling!

I Love You, Dr. Pemberton!

★~ National Coconut Cream Pie Day:


They may have looked like coconut cream, but those in-your-face pies in classic comedies typically starred shaving cream. No one who made a pie this delicious would throw it!

Coconuts are a prehistoric plant that scientists believe came from the South Pacific around what is now New Guinea.

The sailors aboard Vasco de Gama’s ships gave the coconut its name. They called it “Coco”, named after a grimacing face or hobgoblin. When the “coco” came to England, the suffix of nut was added and that’s how the name came about.

Coconut oils contain median chain triglycerides which are easy to digest. The oil is source of energy and has an accelerating effect on the metabolism.

★~ Today in History: 

♥~ 1952 – MAD Magazine debuted. It is, in the publisher’s own words, “America’s longest-running humor magazine, besides TIME.”

♥~ 1970 – On the cover of LIFE magazine: U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew. The feature story about him, “Stern voice of the silent majority – SPIRO AGNEW KNOWS BEST.”

♥~ 1978 – The feat of climbing Mount Everest without oxygen was achieved by Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner and Austrian Peter Habeler

♥~ 1996 – Aerosmith’s Get a Grip was the #1 U.S. album. The tracks: Intro, Eat the Rich, Get a Grip, Fever, Livin’ on the Edge, Flesh, Walk on Down, Shut Up and Dance, Cryin’, Gotta Love It, Crazy, Line Up, Can’t Stop Messin’, Amazing and Boogie Man.

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1926 – Don Rickles comedian, actor: Kelly’s Heroes, CPO Sharkey, Beach Blanket Bingo, The Rat Race, The Don Rickles Show, Daddy Dearest, Toy Story [film series

♥~ 1940 – Toni Tennille singer: group: Captain & Tenille: Love Will Keep Us Together, The Way I Want to Touch You, Lonely Night [Angel Face], Muskrat Love

♥~ 1940 – Peter Benchley author: Jaws, The Deep, The Island;

♥~ 1964 – Melissa Gilbert actress: Little House on the Prairie, The Miracle Worker, Her Own Rules, Murder at 75 Birch

★~ Good to Know:

Draft Picks

♥~ The First Number One: The first player taken in the first-ever NFL Draft in 1936 was a halfback named Jay Berwanger, who was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. After his college career at the University of Chicago, he won the Downtown Athletic Club’s award (later known was the Heisman Trophy) for the most outstanding collegiate player. Berwanger never played a down in the NFL. He didn’t sign with the Eagles or the Chicago Bears because he asked for too much money. He later worked as a sportswriter and as a manufacturer of car parts.

♥~ Yesterday and Today: The first NFL Draft was held at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia and went nine rounds and lasted one day. The 2012 NFL Draft will be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York, will go seven rounds over three days and will be televised by ESPN and the NFL Network.

♥~ The First First-Rounders: All eight players taken in the first-ever NFL Draft in 1936 are deceased.

♥~ Much Ado About Nothing: In the first-ever NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates (now Steelers) drafted a running back from Notre Dame named William Shakespeare. He never played pro football.

♥~ The Express: Only one other first overall pick in the draft never played a down in the NFL: Ernie Davis, who was drafted by the Washington Redskins then traded to the Cleveland Browns in 1962, was diagnosed with leukemia that year and died in 1963. The running back, who played collegiately at Syracuse, was the first African American to win the Heisman Trophy.

♥~ Careerists: All-time #1 overall picks with the most NFL service: Vinny Testaverde (21 years); Bruce Smith (18); John Elway (16); Roman Gabriel (16): Ed “Too Tall” Jones (15); Jim Plunkett (15); Ron Yary (15).

♥~ Regrets, There Have Been a Few: In 1965, Lawrence Elkins, a wide receiver, was drafted #1 overall by the Houston Oilers. Joe Namath went #2 to the New York Jets. In 1977, running back Tony Dorsett was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys at #2 overall behind another running back, Ricky Bell, who went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 1981, the New York Giants took quarterback nightmare-inducer, Lawrence Taylor at #2 overall after the New Orleans Saints took running back, George Rogers. In 2007, wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, went #2 overall to the Detroit Lions after the Oakland Raiders took quarterback, JaMarcus Russell.

♥~ Like Father, Unlike Sons: Archie Manning went #2 overall in 1971 to the New Orleans Saints, behind Jim Plunkett (New England Patriots). Archie’s sons both went #1 overall (Peyton to the Indianapolis Colts in 1998; Eli to the Chargers, who traded him to the New York Giants, in 2004).

♥~ Play Like a Champion? Notre Dame has had five overall #1 picks. The last was Walt Patulski, a defensive tackle who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1972.

♥~ Hang Time: Ray Guy is the only punter ever to have been taken in the first round of the draft, at #23 by the Oakland Raiders in 1973.

♥~ Best. Draft. Ever. In the 1974 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected four future-Hall of Famers: Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth and Mike Webster.

♥~ Back-to-Back: In 1992, the Colts had the #1 and #2 overall picks in the draft. They took defensive tackle, Steve Emtman, and linebacker, Quentin Coryatt.

♥~ Busy Day: The record for trades in the first round is 15, which happened in 1995.

♥~ Not. The. Best. Draft. Ever. In 2000, the New York Jets had four first round picks. They drafted Shaun Ellis (defensive end), John Abraham (defensive end), Chad Pennington (quarterback) and Anthony Becht (tight end).

♥~ Cutting Floor: Mel Kiper, Jr. has his famous hair helmet cut by his wife and business-partner, Kim.


It’s that time of year again, our Year-End Pot Yuck. My sweet Mom suggested I take a Berry Trifle; she never gives up on me, does she?  Our last high school Pot Yuck. The end. Forever. How sad. I am sobbing, uncontrollable over here. Ok, so I’m lying. You can’t get overly emotional about everything! I’m pacing myself. But I am making a Trifle. Ha, I’ll say, I could bake and cook all along. I just didn’t want to. If my trifle fails or someone finds dog hair in their whip cream, there will be two people who are less emotional about the last ever high-school pot luck. Win-Win.

Will the trifle Wow or Fail?

Odd Loves Company!

10 thoughts on “Draft Day, No Socks Day, Have a Coke Day, Coconut Cream Pie Day

  1. I follow it a bit.
    Coconut is not one of my favorites but my sister is a big fan. I’m celebrating no socks day with sandals. And I’ll drink a coke this afternoon. Hope your trifle is a success.
    Have a good one.

    • Cheers to your Coke! Sandals work and I’m very glad you don’t wear socks with your sandals.

  2. Big fan of coconut. It’s great for moisturizing and canker sores. Coconut pie is okay but not my first choice.
    Coke is my first choice always. My husband pays attention to the draft and discusses options until my eyes glaze over. I wish he had more friends that were football fans.
    No socks works for me. I hate washing them and matching them up. Who am I kidding? Matching socks are a miracle.
    Was your sweet Mom trifling with you? I bet it turns out great!
    Have a good day and a grand Pot Yuck.

    • Coconut oil is great and like you I’ve heard it can do just about everything except unload the dish washer.
      Maybe one your kids will become your husbands partner in football. I guess that would be both a good thing and a bad thing for you.
      My Mom may have been trifling with me. The trifle was so-so.

  3. Aw, your very last Pot Yuck. Part of you is THRILLED not to have to endure this annual nightmare, right? (And the other part is trying NOT to think of it as “the last”!)
    My late dad was the coconut fan in our house. The rest of us? Not so much.
    Fascinating facts about the draft. Thanks for mentioning ND and the Mannings (both near and dear to my heart!). I imagine I’ll keep up with the necessary parts via Domer, who will probably be glued to the TV or the Internet!

    • The last. It was kind of a miserable last for a lot of reasons. Parents mostly. Sometimes you just gotta wonder about people.
      Was Domer pleased with the results of the Draft? Nice to have someone pass along the highlights!

  4. I’m sure your trifle will Wow. They aren’t very hard to make, but they look beautiful and everyone likes them. Your Mom gave you a great suggestion. Make sure your whip cream is very cold and if you brush a Strawberry Glaze (sold in any grocery store next to the fresh berries) over the top of the trifle the fruit will stay looking fresh for longer.
    I work in the food industry and eat out a lot. The information you provide on El Morno often makes for scintillating conversation.
    Thanks and good luck with your Trifle, but I bet you won’t need it.

    • Thanks for the tip and welcome to ODD. So glad you stopped by. Scintillating conversation? Oh go on! Stop by any time your in the neighborhood and feel free to share your foodie knowledge.

  5. I am kind of a luke warm football fan…I do know about the Mannings and like to watch them play…
    Coconut pie sound s good today…
    Hope your trifle turns out great..Hard to believe that Cole is almost finished with high school..so celebrate your last pot luck … 😀

    • My trifle turned out okay. For some reason the weather decided to go from 58 to 88 and include humidity…not great weather for whip cream.
      Joe could have watched a football tossed across a test pattern and cheered. Like you, I’m lukewarm. I do like football snacks, tho.

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