Mint Julep Day, Water A Flower Day

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May 30, 2014

seed helicopters

★~Today’s Quote: I’m an Idealist. I don’t know where I’m going, But I’m on my way. ~ Carl Sandburg

★~Mint Julep Day:

Mint Julep Day, Water A Flower Day

On the first Saturday in May we celebrate the Kentucky Derby. But on May 30 we celebrate “National Mint Julep Day,” the signature drink of the Run for the Roses. Historians believe the mint julep originated in the 1700s, somewhere along the east coast of the United States. It first appeared in print, however, in 1803, described as a “dram of spirituous liquor that has mint in it, taken by Virginians in the morning.”


“The preparation of the quintessence of gentlemanly beverages can be described only in like terms. A mint julep is not the product of a FORMULA. It is a CEREMONY and must be performed by a gentleman possessing a true sense of the artistic, a deep reverence for the ingredients and a proper appreciation of the occasion. It is a rite that must not be entrusted to a novice, a statistician, nor a Yankee. It is a heritage of the old South, an emblem of hospitality and a vehicle in which noble minds can travel together upon the flower-strewn paths of happy and congenial thought.”

Mint Julep Recipe

★~ Water A Flower Day!

Mint Julep Day, Water A Flower Day

April showers bring May flowers, but then you have to water them to keep them alive! Today is a great reminder to show a little love to all those beautiful spring blooms.

★~ Back in the Days


♥~ 1431- Joan of Arc was 19 years old when she was burned at the stake as a witch in Rouen, France but declared innocent 25 years later.  Joan of Arc has been portrayed in more than 20 films; the first was made by director Georges Méliès in 1899. And she’s the subject of more than 20,000 books.  St. Joan was canonized in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.  My guess (and I did not know her…) is that Joan would have declined being made a saint by the same church that burned her at the stake.

♥ ~ 1539 – Hernando de Soto landed in Florida with nine ships, 632 men, 223 horses, and 13 pigs.

♥ ~ 1783 – The Pennsylvania Evening Post, was the first daily paper published in the United States. It was published by Benjamin Towne in Philadelphia, PA

♥ ~ 1848 –W.G. Young of Baltimore, MD patented the ice-cream freezer.

♥~ 1872 – Mahlom Loomis, patented his wireless telegraphing inventions (whilst working as a dentist in Washington DC).

♥ ~ 1927 –Toronto attorney Charles Miller set off the goofiest race in history when he died and willed his $568,000 estate to the Toronto woman who could give birth to the most children in the ten years following his death. Ten years later, on this date in 1937, four women split the purse in the so-called Stork Derby. Each had produced nine children.

♥~ 1933 – Sally Rand made a name for herself as she introduced her exotic and erotic fan dance to audiences at Chicago’s Century of Progress Exposition.

♥ ~ 1975 – Alice Cooper received a gold record for the romantic album, Welcome to My Nightmare. Alice’s real name was Vincent Furnier. He changed his name to Alice Cooper in 1966 and was known primarily for his bizarre stage antics. He appeared in the film Prince of Darkness in 1987 and had 11 hits on the pop/rock charts in the 1970s and 1980s, including a pair of million-selling singles: I Never Cry and Poison.

♥~ 1988 –  REM released Green, arguably one of R.E.M.’s best albums and one that pretty much made them, for a time, the biggest band in the world.

★~ Born Today:

Mint Julep Day, Water A Flower Day

♥ ~ 1908 –  Mel Blanc ‘the man of a thousand voices’: cartoon voice: Barney Rubble, Dino the Dinosaur, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Quick Draw McGraw; actor: Jack Benny Show [radio]

♥ ~ 1909 –  Benny Goodman Welcome to My Nightmare clarinetist, bandleader: Jersey Bounce, Taking a Chance on Love, Let’s Dance, Sing, Sing, Sing, Stompin’ at the Savoy, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, St. Louis Blues, Goodnight My Love, One O’Clock Jump, Perfidia; Benny Goodman

♥ ~ 1964 –  Wynonna Judd (Christina Claire Ciminella) Grammy Award-winning singer: with her mother, Naomi: The Judds

★~Good to Know: 


(feel good video, nobody dies, nobody gets hurt.)

Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald’s life was saved in Afghanistan when Layka took down an enemy, despite being shot four times. The incident left her with one less leg, and out of a job.

To the military, dogs are war equipment, to be discarded when no longer useful. To the service members who know them, they are fellow soldiers. McDonald slogged through a difficult bureaucratic battle and managed to take Layka home to his family, where she enjoys the retirement and forever home she deserves.

Layka’s picture is on the cover of the June issue of National Geographic magazine, which has an article on military working dogs.


Watching the sun rise this morning. Feels like a brisk day which is a good thing since it appears I need a new air conditioner. It has a leak in the coil which does not seem to be fixable. My day will be spent researching my options. Leaks must come in threes  — Along with the ac leak, my van is leaking power steering fluid leak, and I have a leak under my sink which I hope will be fixed this weekend. On the bright side my lilacs smell good and my Azalea bush is in full bloom.

It’s Friday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Odd Loves Company,

11 thoughts on “Mint Julep Day, Water A Flower Day

  1. Good Morno,
    Sorry about your leaks hope you get them plugged up soon. Do you have an older A/C that uses freon?
    Nice story about the service dog. Those dogs have earned and deserve a first rate home.
    I have a few outside flowers I can water. Not sure about the Mint but I might throw some bourbon over a little crushed ice.
    Have a good one.

    • Yep, and it’s the freon that is part of the problem. They are being phased out.
      Those dogs do deserve a first rate home!
      Bourbon over crushed ice is close….

  2. Well good morning!!! I may have to make a mint julep===I have all the ingredients and heck—what goes better at the end of the day than a nice light refreshing drink on the deck??? I may just do it!!!
    Nice story about the service dog—Mike is right–they deserve a good stress free home where they will be adored when their work is over.
    Will anxiously be seeing where in the world is Cole today via paypal tracking!

    • Did you make one? Oh do! And let us know how you liked it.
      Cole didn’t spend a dime. I will speak to him about it when he calls this weekend!

    • Great. I’ll shoot you an e-mail and check in with him. I’ve used All Temp but am planning to branch out.


  3. I’m not cultured enough for a Mint Julep. I’m good with that.
    Nice video. I’m always so happy when these dogs are adopted out of service &/or wars. Yeah, classified as mere equipment. Chalk up another one for the government we fund.
    Whoa……too many serious type leaks. Good thing you don’t have anything like a graduation or family coming into town. Hope all fixes are painless.
    Good day!

    • It’s a race track drink! It may not be good enough for you.
      I had no idea that military dogs were not given the best of homes following their service! Hopefully that will change now that more people are becoming aware.
      The fixes are not painless, but I’ll just take it one at a time. You don’t know a Dutch kid with big thumbs do you?

  4. Would you believe I STILL haven’t had a mint julep?? I think I said last year that I need to remedy that — where has the time gone??

    Sorry to hear about your leaks. Figures that sort of thing would happen when Cole’s out of town. Otherwise, I can see the two of you trying to figure out “cures” by yourselves!

    Sweet video. I keep reminding Dallas that plenty of dogs are running around every day with less than four legs, yet he has trouble balancing on three when I have to wipe his wet/muddy paws before coming inside. I’ll bet he’s just being stubborn!

    • This will be the summer of the Julep!
      Well, Cole will be part of the fun. He can fix the power steering fluid leak.
      Stubborn, Dallas? Surely not!

  5. I wish I were in Hawaii on a beach! All that wonderfulness wasted on kids!!!! I know they are all having a super time.
    Time to run out and spray the weeds.

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