Opening Night Rave Reviews


Opening Night Cast

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opened to rave reviews. The set, music, props, and cast created a magical performance for old and young alike.

El Morno is on hold until the show closes Saturday night. In the meantime just eat chocolate, lots of chocolate, and you’ll be with us in spirit!



 Lovable Squirrels

Charlie and the chocolate Factory

Mr Beauregard


I’ll be back soon to share the crazy. Miss you!

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15 thoughts on “Opening Night Rave Reviews

  1. Looks like opening night was a huge success. Have fun. Looking forward to having El Morno back at its regularly scheduled time and hearing more about the play, of-course.

  2. They were all just wonderful. And the candy stand was the best even tho my kids devoured more candy than they need in a month.
    These kids and parents are going to be missed at the school.
    Good luck. I’ll be back to read some behind the scenes stories.

    • So glad you enjoyed the play and the concession stand! Yes all these lasts are so bittersweet.
      I do have some fun stories that I will be back to share.
      Thanks for visiting Odd, Ilana!

  3. Miss you, too, but I fully understand you need to be present and fully participate in this milestone — ENJOY!!

    (Looks like a wonderful opening — squirrels?? Gee, don’t tease Dallas, ha!!)

    • Squirrels. In the book the squirrels were geese. They were very friendly squirrels, tho! As long as you were a good nut.
      I did enjoy every minute. But holy chocolate what a crazy week! I’m out of practice having done far less during the HS years than I did during the grade school years!

  4. Thanks for sharing…I am enjoying all the photos, etc….
    Enjoy every minute of the last hoorah at Waldorf .

    • I am! And there are so many! Fortunately my Mom and dad will be here to enjoy a few “lasts” very soon.

  5. Wonderful! Opening night is so special…the other nights will be great too…but there’s only one opening night!

    • Very true. It wasn’t their best performance but the energy was so high and it was a lot of fun.

    • Exactly! When they chose the play my expectation soared! Someone brought chocolate covered macadamia nuts to celebrate their trip to Hawaii—SO Good.

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