Pack Rat Day, Cherry Cobbler Day

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May 17, 2014

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★~ Today’s Quote:  It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.” ~ Lucille Ball

★~  Pack Rat Day:

Attics and basements were meant for storing old junk. But a pack rat asks, “Why stop there? If we park the cars in the driveway, we can also fill up the garage. And while we’re at it, let’s just live on the back deck and then we can use the whole house for storage.” Some may criticize the pack rat for living a life of clutter, but the pack rat lives by the motto, “Waste not, want not.” In case you’ve not heard  George Carlin’s routine on Stuff I’m posting it for your listening pleasure.

★~Cherry Cobbler Day:


The U.S. grows about 370 million pounds of sweet cherries each year — of that annual harvest, 175 million pounds are packaged into frozen, canned or maraschino cherries. Here a few ways to turn all those cherries into cobbler.

Old-Fashioned Black Cherry Cobbler
Quick Cherry Cobbler
Slow-Cooker Cherry Cobbler
Lazy Day Cobbler

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1792- The buttonwood agreement was signed.Twenty-four brokers sat down to fix rates for commissions on stocks and bonds. From that agreement came what has been known since as the New York Stock Exchange or Wall Street.

♥~ 1932 – The U.S. Congress changed the name ‘Porto Rico’ to ‘Puerto Rico’

♥~ 1975 – NBC-TV paid a whopping $5,000,000 for the rights to show Gone with the Wind just one time. It was the top price paid for a single opportunity to show a film on television.

♥~ 1975 – Elton John’s Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy album was released and certified a platinum record on the very same day. It was the first album to be certified a million seller (in this case, a two-million seller) on the first day of release.

♥~ 1978 ~ Charlie Chaplin’s corpse, which had been stolen and held for ransom, was recovered.

♥~ 1986 – Whitney Houston became the first female singer to hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with three consecutive singles as Greatest Love of All reached #1. The other two were Saving All My Love For You and How Will I Know

♥~ 1989 – Vincent Van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet was auctioned for $82,500,000.

♥~ 2004 – First US same-sex marriages . Massachusetts became the first US state to sanction gay marriage. Hundreds of gay and lesbian couples received licenses and were married.

★~Born Today:

sugar ray leonard

♥~ 1903~ James “Cool Papa” Bell, born in Starkville, Mississippi (1903). Cool Papa was perhaps the fastest baseball player of all times. He played baseball for almost 30 years in primarily in the negro leagues where records where statistics were not very reliable so we are not sure exactly how fast.

♥~ 1911 – Maureen (Paul) O’Sullivan actress: Tarzan films: Jane; Hannah and Her Sisters, Peggy Sue Got Married, The River Pirates; died June 23, 1998.

♥~ 1936 – Dennis Hopper actor: Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, Rebel Without a Cause, Giant, Hoosiers, Flashback, Blue Velvet, Super Mario Brothers, True Romance, Speed, Waterworld, Space Truckers; director: Easy Rider, Colors, Chasers; died May 29, 2010

♥~ 1942 – Taj Mahal (Henry St. Claire Fredericks) entertainer, songwriter: for film, Sounder; singer: urban folk-blues

♥~ 1956 – Sugar Ray Leonard  International Boxing Hall of Famer: Olympic gold medalist: Junior Welterweight [1976]; World Welterweight [1979] and World Junior Middleweight Champion [1981], WBC Heavyweight and Super Middleweight [1988]

★~ Good to Know:  Speaking of good shots….

Golf Hole In One

no pushing


I’m off to the Chicago Waldorf Mayfair.  It’s a bit on the chill side but no clouds in sight. Which is a good thing because I am done with soggy Mayfair—been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.  Odd Random Review will be posted when I return home. Cole is hosting a bon-fire party at our house tonight so I will be holed up in my room clicking away at the computer keys.

Hope you have a Sunny Saturday too.

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16 thoughts on “Pack Rat Day, Cherry Cobbler Day

  1. Morno,
    Great shot! I’ve seen it before but I can’t watch it too many times. Nice prize too.
    Have fun at the fair. It’s still raining here suppose to be pretty tomorrow so I’ll catch up today and play tomorrow.
    Have a good time at the fair.

  2. Poor cat. That was a cheap shot and look how pleased he is about it. One would expect more from a Golden. The hole in one was amazing. Golfer must have friends in high places.
    Speaking of Pack Rats we are cleaning out our shed today and starting on the garage. You can have just too much stuff and with 4 kids it accumulates very quickly. They want to have a garage sale. I’m not sure if I’m up to it although it would be a good way for the kids to earn spending money for vacation.
    Cherry Cobbler sounds good.
    Sunny day for us. Have fun at the fair.

    • It was a cheap shot. And I am very sure well deserved.
      A garage sale is a whole lot of work. But might be a great project for kids to kick off the summer! Especially with a goal of vacation.

  3. I could sit here for a LONG time watching those two videos — the odd hole in one chip and the dog swiping the cat off the bed (then laughing about it!!)

    I’m not a pack rat. No, really. Sure, I save mementos like scrapbooks, photos, ticket stubs, certificates, that sort of thing. But junk? I can’t call that junk. And it doesn’t run me out of house and home. Living on the deck and filling one’s house with STUFF sounds a bit on the loony side. Don’t they have a TV show about hoarders??

    Sunny here but cool. Waiting for a bit more warmth before taking Dallas for a walkie. Enjoy your day!

    • Cousin Carla was telling me about the show Horders. Sounds fascinating and horrifying. I think if is meaningful to you by all means keep it, but not everything is meaningful and needs to be saved. At least in our house.
      Glad you liked the videos!

  4. Good Sunny Day,
    Very pretty start to the weekend although we are suppose to get rain tomorrow which we need but we have a picnic planned so I’m hoping it holds off until very late in the day.
    I need to clean out a bunch of stuff. I haven’t changed out my closet so maybe that will motivate me along with the Church rummage sale next month.
    I’d agree, one amazing shot and one cheap shot. Although I bet that cat has deviled that golden more than a time or two he was just smart enough not to get caught on camera.
    Enjoy your beautiful day!

    • Rummage sale is a wonderful motivator.
      I have a feeling that cat is getting his due, to! He walks by pretty confidently.

  5. Both videos are so cool…love the hole in one shot..
    We bought a large shed and I am gradually editing my stuff..have given a bunch away, is amazing how things hoarding for me..
    Cherry cobbler sounds great..
    Very hot and dry today in El Paso..ugh !! 8) 8)

    • Stuff adds up so fast!
      I’m really hoping our summer isn’t as hot as our winter was cold or I will simple perish. I’ll try to blow you some rain.

  6. Not a cobbler person, but will just eat the cherries.
    Clutter unnerves me. I’ll be going through my stuff this summer since last summer was a wash.
    Good for the golfer! Wonder what would taxes be on the Beemer….
    Yeah, the Golden was laughing at his slap down. Surprised the cat was not nimble.

    • At first I read Cobbler unnerves me and I wondered why—A fear of cherries, perhaps? And then I reread and went Ohhhhh.
      We have a fire pit in the back yard and it makes a wonderful bonfire.

  7. After watching that video on STUFF I’m getting rid of some today!
    Cobbler does sound good, maybe i’ll make one today.

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