Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

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May 4, 2014

Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

★~ Today’s Quote: ‘May The Fourth Be With You’!

★~ International Firefighters Day:

Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

Honor and support those brave souls who run INTO danger for others!

FIrefighters Day was proposed by firefighter JJ Edmondson following a tragic wildfire in Australia that took the lives of five firefighters on January 4, 1999.

The symbol for is a red and blue ribbon. The color red was chosen to stand for fire and blue was chosen to represent water. These colors also signify emergency services around the world

We celebrate International Firefighters Day by honoring  Firefighters’  and recognizing the sacrifices they make to ensure that our communities and environment are as safe..

Why Dalmatians? Back in the days Dalmatians were trained to escort the horse-drawn fire engine and protect the horses from stray dogs and other animals on the way the the fire. The distinctive spots of the Dalmatian made it easy for the horses to distinguish them from other dogs (not sure about this but…). During the fire, Dalmatians seemed to keep the horses calm while safeguarding the fire equipment.  Back at the firehouse Dalmatians provided companionship and keep the firehouse free of rats. And to top it all off–Dalmatians are a darn good looking mascot.

~  Saint Florian, is the patron saint of firefighters.

 ★~ Star Wars Day:

Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

“Star Wars” Day is here. For the uninitiated, “Star Wars” Day — an unofficial and fan-created “holiday” — occurs every year on May 4, because “Star Wars” fans love their puns: “May the Fourth be with you.” (Get it? Instead of “May the Force be with you.”)

“Star Wars” Day isn’t sanctioned by Lucas film (though the company is all for it) or the U.S. government, but that doesn’t stop millions of “Star Wars” fans from celebrating the holiday. Ironically, there actually is a “Star Wars” Day on the official record: the Los Angeles City Council declared May 25 to be “Star Wars” Day because that was the day “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” was released in 1977.

How to celebrate? Watch Star Wars movies, or just acknowledge people by saying, “May the fourth be with you.”

★~  Motorcycle Mass and Blessing of the Bikes Day:

Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

For some, getting out on the open road with their cycle is a Zen  experience. On Motorcycle Mass & Blessing of the Bikes Day, bikers  gather for a special mass to have their bikes blessed. The Bikers Patron Saint, St. Columbanus of Bobbio  lived from 540-615AD was known for being rugged, handsome, and being irresistible to women; not to mention having a liking for beer. In fact, one of his miracles involved creating more bread and beer for a gathering.

While Pope Francis may never wear this jacket he does seem to be admiring it with appreciation.

★~  National Orange Juice Day:

Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

The idea of drinking OJ in the morning stems from the 1920s when California and Florida fruit growers started touting the health benefits of vitamin C, a newly discovered vitamin, in their promotional campaigns. And of-course we all know that a day without Orange Juice is a day without sunshine.  For a real eye opener try  Spicy Orange Juice

★~  Candied Orange Peel Day: 

Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

I have to wonder who that first pioneer women was that looked at pile of orange peels, thought, ‘Gee, what a waste,’ and then sliced the peels up, boiled them in sugar-water and thought “I’ll preserve these orange peels so my family can snack on them and I can add them to my holiday cookies and fruit cakes.”  I wonder if she ever considered that there would be a Candied Orange Peel Day? Inquiring mind . . . Here is a recipe If you want to make your own Candied Orange Peels  or make a Chocolate Mousse Garnish with orange peels

★~ Today in History: 


♥~1964 – Another World premiered on NBC-TV. The soap opera dramatized the story of two families: the Randolph’s and the Matthew’s.

♥~1968 – McDonald’s Big Mac sandwich made its debut. The introductory price was 49 cent and 520 calories. The price has gone up however the good news is the calories have stayed the same!

♥~1970 – – Four students at Kent University were killed and eleven wounded by National Guard troops at a campus demonstration protesting the escalation of the Vietnam War. The incident inspired Neil Young to compose ‘Ohio’ which became a hit for Crosby Stills Nash & Young.

♥~2006 – U.S. Judge Leonie Brinkema sent Zacarias Moussaoui to prison for life, to “die with a whimper,” for his role in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Moussaoui retorted, “God save Osama bin Laden. You will never get him.” He was wrong.

★~Born Today:

Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

♥~1929 – Audrey (Edda Kathleen) Hepburn (van Heemstra) Academy award-winning actress: Roman Holiday [1953]; Gigi, War and Peace, Love in the Afternoon, The Unforgiven, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Children’s Hour, Charade, My Fair Lady; died Jan 20, 1993; Google honors her 85 Birthday with a doodle.

♥~ 1959 – Randy Travis (Randy Bruce Traywick) singer: Forever and Ever Amen, On the Other Hand, Diggin’ Up Bones, Always and Forever

♥~1958 –  Keith Haring’s  pop art American artist was inspired by street styles and dance music of the 1980s and mentored by Andy Warhol. Google Doodle celebrates Keith Haring

♥~1961 – Mary Beth McDonough actress: The Waltons, Boston Legal, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Christmas at Cadillac Jack’s, One of Those Nights, Waiting to Act, Mom, Midnight Offerings, Lovely But Deadly

★~ Good to Know: 

Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

Since Spamming is at an all time time high and AOL’s hacking issues are plaguing so many long time users, I thought this was appropriate but not nearly tough enough. I would add on AOL with Internet explorer.  Just sayin’


The Mario Cart boy’s night took place last night. Boys are so silly. I mean really silly.  I made Sloppy Joe’s for a late night snack but the boys informed me that the snack was a little offensive to their friend Joe. Could we rename it? Sloppy Joe’s is now called Sloppy Jack’s. When I told them with enthusiasm that I bought them rootbeer AND vanilla ice cream so they could make floats they all gave me sideway grins. The girl equivalent to rolled eyes.  On the other hand headlocks and hugs, flowed my way, and I woke up to a clean kitchen. Wait. A clean kitchen?

My teen hasn’t given up on the idea of the perfect prom-graduation suit at a price he can afford so we are trudging downtown to some discount suit warehouse he found on-line. Shopping on a Sunday, downtown with a teen who’s had (I’m betting) less than a couple of hours of sleep. Give me strength. I would gracefully refuse, “No Way.” if, yesterday, he hadn’t put in hours of due diligence on our gate. In the event of a tornado or hurricane, I’m grabbing on to one of those gate posts because with the amount of concrete he poured they aren’t going anywhere. EVER. When I asked him why the concrete wasn’t smooth, he told me he didn’t think I wanted my concrete to look like everyone else’s concrete. Who would? I’ll post pictures as soon as the gate is swinging. The concrete will need about a week to dry. At least. I’m all about learning curves and hands on experience.

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday.

Odd Loves Company,

10 thoughts on “Firefighter Day, Star Wars Day, Motorcycle Blessing, OJ Day, Candied Orange Peel Day

  1. May the Fourth Be With You!
    It’s threatening to rain which makes it even easier to stick around the house until dinner. I’m taking a raspberry tart.
    I drink my juice every day. Because a day without OJ….
    My AOL account has been hacked too many times to count. I have two accounts (one is gmail) but it’s dam annoying. Glad they doing something about it. Internet explorer. Kids are always on my case. It’s what I know.
    Glad someone is blessing Motorcycle riders. They need lots of prayers.
    Audrey a classic.
    Glad to here the gate posts are secure. Concrete doesn’t have to be smooth to work and it takes practice to master.
    Have a good one.

    • Cole was talking about a Motorcycle for awhile. No. Just No.
      I am glad there is plenty of sunshine in your life.
      Internet Explorer? Really? Mike.
      Hope you had a fourth-full day.

  2. 1st things 1st: Happy Birthday Mom! She is 94 years old today. My mom is doing ok considering body parts are that age.
    Firefighters earn their day of recognition daily. Thank you! It wouldn’t be the same without Dalmatians.
    An orange type day today it seems. Like oranges a lot.
    Sounds like the boys night was a success. Your menu would have been doable for me. A clean kitchen was a nice touch!
    Good morning!

    • There, Their, They’re all fixed. Of-course, I would have never noticed! Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom! Hope she has a wonderful day!
      I keep a lot of firefighters pups and my FIL was a Chicago Fire chief who told us some amazing stories and some very funny one’s too!
      We are all safe from scurvy! Good to know!

  3. Sadly, no OJ for me. I can eat all the oranges I want, but drinking orange juice upsets my stomach. Sigh. Thankfully, manufacturers now put extra vitamin C in everything from grape and cranberry juice to blueberry juice to punch!
    Never had a Dalmatian, but one of my neighbors has TWO! They’re very cute, but a bit vocal (and I say that, knowing how vocal Shelties are!). Speaking of which, is that a Sheltie at the top of your page (or perhaps a Collie? It’s got a cute face.)
    Glad Cole’s Mario Cart night went so well — hey, I’d have liked your menu! Hope the suit hunt goes just as well.

    • Dalmatians are cute. Did you know they were born white? And spot out later. Yes people who own Shelties can not cast…well you know. Yep a sheltie.
      My menu is a winner and I noticed my sloppy Jack pan was clean and somebody was having floats. I have to compete with the parents who allow beer. I don’t serve my kids under age friends beer.

  4. I have OJ every morning, along with my watermelon.
    Firefighters are good guys. You can call them for help in many instances and they get to you first.
    Dog show week so will be very busy.
    It’s a Sheltie!

  5. Happy Monday, Katybeth!
    Eye-rolls at root beer and ice cream?? wow ~
    We always called ’em “black cows” and it was a special treat – pop was not generally an “in stock item”.
    Daddy always talked about using Coke to clean decks on aircraft carriers during The War, so we certainly didn’t get to drink it!

    Isn’t it fun to make up stories about how or why some combination of food came to be put together and deemed Good 🙄 😀

    • I think they were remembering back to simpler times when my main sleep over menu was Sloppy Jacks and Root beer Floats. The eye roll was to remind me they weren’t 9 any more. :-D.
      I love Coke. It is my go to beverage through thick and thin.
      Those made-up stories are FUN.

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