Keep Calm – I’m Going To Look Great



It’s all good. . .

My sweet Mom and Dad arrived. FUN.

I have an outfit I love for the Rose Ceremony (tomorrow)

I have an outfit I love for the graduation on Sunday.

The graduation slide show is not done but it will be.

I will see you for sure early next week, but I’ll be popping in with updates from time to time. You know, about my clothes, and various and other sundry things.

Cookie’s, owners son, arrives home late tomorrow night. So very, very happy to say goodbye to the Little Shit.

As promised here are the links for the senior play. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. . .

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ACT 1

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ACT 2

Carry on. And don’t stress I don’t think we’re missing any pivotal food days during my absence. And if we do I’ll find a way to make it up to you.

I’m off to look at my shoes again.

Odd Loves Company.

6 thoughts on “Keep Calm – I’m Going To Look Great

  1. Aw, this brings back such GOOD memories — and I know yours will be equally wonderful! Enjoy every special moment because this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime occasions.
    Congrats to Cole (and his dear mom and grandparents!). I’ll check back now and then until you’re back for good — I wouldn’t want to miss your shoes!

  2. Glad your family arrived. Enjoy your time together. Catch up when you can. Good lucky with the slide show. Maybe throw in a picture of your shoes.
    Looking forward to future updates.

  3. So very happy for you and Cole. Gonna be an amazing weekend. Sending love and hugs and all things calm your way. You’ve got this!!!
    PS. Did you hear me say hi as we skirted around Chicago today?

  4. Katybeth, please give BIG congratulations to Cole from Wyllys, me and of course Maggie, Tanner & LuLu!!
    Wow. Can hardly believe Cole is already here! Seem like just yesterday……..

  5. So glad to know you have a great outfit, but I’ve been so out of the loop, I don’t know what the Rose Ceremony is. But I’m sure it will be amazing!

    Hope you are doing well. Sorry to have been gone for so long. We were without internet for two weeks and then I traveled to the US for nearly another two. So glad to be home!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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