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There really is an app for everything.

A startup in San Francisco called ManServants aims to give every woman exactly what she wants: a man who does exactly what she wants. The company, founded by two advertising copywriters, wants to unleash our inner lady of leisure and provide us with a gentleman, tailored-to-order, mashup of butler, bodyguard and cabana boy.

According to Khajah and Wai Lin (ManServant founders) the idea for ManServants sprung partly from a colleague who insisted that her bachelorette party be male stripper-free. Khajah and Wai Lin said they never understood where that modern tradition came from anyway, since so many women think it’s awkward and unsexy. Instead, they envisioned a service that would send a pressed and polished man to do a woman’s bidding at such an event, serving drinks, cleaning up, making witty small talk and fawning over the guest of honor. All without a tear-away shirt in sight.

Each ManServant is cast to meet the criteria that the client requests. Clients can dictate dress code, name their ManServants, and request they have certain skills. ManServants will respond to your every request by saying, “As you wish” and will address you as “Milady”.

ManServants can be engaged for any number of services because, as the founders point out, “every woman’s fantasy is different.” During testing, for instance, one woman asked for a sassy gay best friend who could give her pointers to spice up her marriage. Another wanted a bodyguard at her office to screen all her visitors. And yet another wanted to be served food while the ManServant sang tunes from The Little Mermaid.” (There’s no judgment, but songs will cost extra, according to the company’s website). I wonder what it costs to peel grapes?

ManServant is NOT a Gigolo Service. “It’s completely PG,” said co-founder Dalal Khajah, “We have a very strict code of conduct and a very rigorous training process.” You can read about the code of ethics on their web site.

Although there isn’t a price list for services on the web site, I’m pretty sure ManServants don’t come at servant wages. It isn’t easy to find grape peelers these days.

I would like this concept better if the ManServants were called Butlers. I’ve always wanted a butler. My teen has promised to provide me with one when he becomes rich and famous. I mean, the Queen of England has a butler, Kim Kardashian has a manservant. Point made. On the other hand, if I was given a ManServant for the day I’m pretty sure I could keep him busy. I would request someone with an English Accent that looked like George Clooney or maybe someone like Tim McGraw, a little bit country….what about you??

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10 thoughts on “ManServants As You Wish Milady

  1. I have been giving this more thought since last night. Perhaps that is what woke me at 1:30 and did not allow me to go back to sleep until 4. Yawn. I think I might have the manservant be my chauffeur all the time. That would make my day. To have a well dressed, well mannered and yes—–good looking man drive me around , open my door, extend his arm to assist me whenever needed….yes…that would be wonderful as well as peeling and feeding me grapes. 🙂

    • I knew you would you would give this subject your full attention and get back to us in the morno. I like the chauffeur idea a lot with the extended arm—“existing a limo” has such charm. Grape feeding is a must. I wonder if you have to provide the grapes or are they included? 😀

  2. I agree “butler” is a better term, ’cause I want nothing those Kardashians have, bless their hearts. My butler would go everywhere with me and would laugh at all my jokes as though they were the funniest things he’d ever heard. We could gossip together, have lunch and he would drive too. I hate to drive. There are so many things I could think of but I’d try not to overwork him. Yes, I want one. Please and thank you!

    • Girlfriend, you have the right idea! I am sure you would be the ideal Milady. And Manservants would be clamouring to be at your service.

  3. I can picture my ManServant as Tom Selleck. Both the Magnum, PI & Blue Bloods versions & in between. He has struck me as a down to earth nice guy. He would be at Nik’s disposal while I’m away……playing with her & taking her to appointments. It would be heaven for Tom to cook. I’d probably go for just being a passenger, too. Sweet! I can see why Beth Ann ^ started her day very early!

    • Beth Ann was all stirred up about this idea on FB last night :-D. Whoa…I never thought about Rascal. She would love a manservant Tom? Not bad and your choice of men shows excellent taste. Of-course they would cook! Whatever you wished.

  4. I can’t peel grapes or cook worth a dam, but I’d be happy to help the lady with her golf clubs for the right price and pop open a bottle of champagne for her. My English accent isn’t much tho.

  5. Rather than having a manservant, I think I’d prefer an all-round handyman. Someone who could tackle the chores I can’t (or don’t want to) do, like washing windows, cleaning out the garage and closets, cleaning the bathroom… You get my drift!

    • A handyman would be very nice. I’m not sure if manservants will tackle those chores but I’m sure anything is possible for the right price.
      On another note, I use Craigslist for a lot of those outside chores and have never been disappointed. Although some of the guys works harder than others or do a slightly better job. I price the gig low and tip for a job well done. Not a manservant but helpful.

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