Yellow Pig Day, Peach Ice Cream Day

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July 17th,2014

Peach Blossom

★~ Today’s Quote:  The reason women don’t play football is because 11 of them would never wear the same outfit in public. ~ Phyllis Diller

★~ Yellow Pig Day!


What the heck is Yellow Pig Day? So there were two guys, Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly, who were math students at Princeton, and their assignment was to analyze the properties of the number 17.  Well, as you can imagine, thinking about the number 17 and ONLY the number 17 for too long probably made them go a little delirious, and they suddenly came up with the idea of a new majestic mythical creature: the yellow pig. They may have been taking a break at the local bar. Their yellow pig had seventeen toes, seventeen teeth, seventeen eyelashes. Now mathematicians in colleges and universities everywhere celebrate Yellow Pig Day by eating Yellow Pig cake and singing Yellow Pig carols. We could make up our own songs! The Yellow Pig of Texas? How about The Yellow Pigmarine?  Feel free to join in!

★~ Peach Ice Cream Day:

yellow pig day, peach Ice cream day

Peaches are a summer fruit, and Peach Ice Cream Day is a way to celebrate their goodness while enjoying a cooling delicious dessert.

Peaches are native to China and were taken to America by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Commercial cultivation has made them the second biggest fruit crop in the US (after apples). Peach ice cream is generally only made during the summer months and can be enjoyed in a sundae, as an ice-cream cone.

★~ Today in History:

Wrong Way Corrigan, Yellow Pig Day, Peach Ice cream day

♥~ 1866 – Authorization was given to build a tunnel beneath the Chicago River. The project was completed three years later at a cost of $512,709. The Washington Street traffic tunnel was in use until 1953.

♥~ 1938 –  Douglas Corrigan, unemployed airplane mechanic. It was on this, a foggy day in 1938, that Doug left Floyd Bennett Field in New York, supposedly headed for Los Angeles. He landed his 1929 Curtiss Robin monoplane about 28 hours later – not in California but in Ireland at Dublin’s Baldonnel Field. Corrigan made the 3,150-mile flight without benefit of a radio or navigational equipment other than a compass. His explanation for the monumental mistake was that he was following the wrong end of the compass needle. (Folks were never sure whether his feat was a mistake or moxie.) He was, however, welcomed home as a hero (ticker tape parade and all) and known forever more as ‘Wrong Way’ Corrigan.

♥~ 1955 – Disneyland opened the gates to “The Happiest Place on Earth” in Anaheim, California. In the famous theme park’s first year of operation, some four million people visited Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Frontierland and Tomorrowland. On its opening day, Disneyland held a gala TV broadcast featuring Walt Disney, Bob Cummings, Art Linkletter and Ronald Reagan.

♥~ 1959 – Mary Leakey, half of the husband and wife team of Dr. and Mrs. Louis Leakey, discovered the oldest known human skull — in the Olduvai Gorge in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). Zinjanthropus boisei, as the skull was named, was later determined to be 1.75 million years old.

♥~ 1993 – Barbra Streisand’s Back to Broadway was the #1 album in the U.S. for one week. The album is among only a handful of recordings ever to become number one on the sales charts in their initial week of release and to go platinum through their first shipping orders.

★~Born Today:

Phyllis Diller, Wrong Way Corrigan, Yellow Pig Day, Peach Ice cream day

♥~ 1899 – James Cagney  (James Francis Cagney, Jr.) Academy Award-winning actor: Yankee Doodle Dandy [1942]; Mr. Roberts, The Seven Little Foys, Man of a Thousand Faces; died Mar 30, 1986

♥~ 1917 – Phyllis Diller (Driver) comedienne: The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show, actress: Boy Did I Get the Wrong Number

♥~ 1935 – Donald Sutherland actor: Dirty Sexy Money, JFK, Klute, Backdraft, M*A*S*H, The Dirty Dozen, National Lampoon’s Animal House, Outbreak, Commander in Chief

♥~ 1960 – Mark Burnett Emmy Award-winning producer: Survivor [2000]; On the Lot, Rock Star: INXS, The Apprentice, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

★~ Today’s Gallimaufry: 41 Fats About Dogs 




My teen and business partner is drawing the cover photos on our Camp-Run-A-Pup Facebook page (example above). He has also published a Bouvier De Flandes (cropped ears), and a Golden Retriever cover photo.  Going forward, he’s decided we should let our friends vote on the next breed or non-specific breed (terrier mix, for example) that he draws. On Monday, he’ll draw and post the breed that has the most likes. No worries, he will draw each breed sooner or later—but will prioritize by suggestions and likes.  So far the Sheltie has not been suggested and the Doberman only has one like. Just sayin! The Lab, however, has 4 likes. And one person, I shall refrain from naming, has voted for the soft eared Bouvier multiple times –  it’s a problem all Chicagoans are familiar with….I am in no way influencing votes, but here is the link if you would like to check it out.  Camp Run A Pup Facebook page   You do not have to join FB to visit our page. However, you do have to join FB or like our page to comment or vote.* I will open Odd up to breed suggestions, and likes and then include them in the overall tally. And yes, of-course, you can download any picture you want or ask us to send it to you.

And finally a public service reminder: Don’t Mess With Texas .


Have a wonderful day and remember If it makes you smile, giggle or laugh…Do it again!

Odd Loves Company,


* This may or may not be true. It seems to depend on FB mood.

10 thoughts on “Yellow Pig Day, Peach Ice Cream Day

  1. Morno,
    I am voting for Harry the Cat. I hope your camp does not discriminate.
    Yellow pigs. I’ve seen a few but not under the best of circumstances. Peach ice cream is in my top 5. I’ll have to watch the video later.
    Texas always be prepared.
    Have a good one.

    • Harry the cat? We have had cats camp with us a time or two.
      I’m do not think I want to see a yellow pig under any circumstance. On the other hand it would make an interesting blog post….

  2. Vote early, vote often……Doberman, of course! And which breed was 1st on Mind Floss today??? And GrandMarcie’s favorite dog???
    I like the campfire & marshmallow idea.
    A bucket list item is getting my CHL…..really.
    Princeton math students are out of my league & I’m ok with that.
    Good morning!

    • But of-course…and you know my sweet Mom said she had the perfect model. What a coincidence.
      Out of my league too. Great item for your bucket list.

  3. I always wished I could draw. Sadly, I wasn’t in that line when talents were being handed out. Cole, however, was, and I’m super-impressed at his drawings! Of course I’m going to suggest a Sheltie (if he doesn’t have enough examples on my blog, he can visit for more). And he needs to do a Corgi, too.

    Don’t like peach ice cream — sorry, I’m weird that way. I love peaches, and I love ice cream, just not together!

    Phyllis Diller’s quote is too spot-on! I suspect parochial schools get more complaints about uniforms from moms and their daughters than any other group.

    Love the Texas video — I’ll have to come back and watch the one about the dogs. Busy morning, with several appointments.

    • Thanks I’ll pass along the compliment. I’ll send Cole to visit you for the perfect Sheltie model.
      Well, as always, you can order ice cream with peaches on the side.
      There is a story the my sweet Mom was instrumental is having her parochial change the uniform. I think she was even part of the redesign. We’ll have to get the whole story. . .

  4. The yellow pig story made me laugh so following instructions I read it again! Peaches are appealing but the quote by Phyllis is great! 😀

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