Camp Run A Pup Tales – Cake Included

Camp Clean Up

Pug Campers Sullivan and Jake were treated to an Early Morno bath before checking out of Camp.

Camp-Run-A-Pup has been tail-waggingly busy this week, which is not unusual for the summer months. What is unusual are the cool summer morning temperatures. Cool weather means playful campers, so most mornings this week, my teen and I have made the short commute to the patio and started our day by cheering for our campers as they chase each other around the yard, along with throwing countless balls and frisbees that are dropped at our feet. We also take  lots of pictures and videos *  for our traveling pups families.

Susie and Fella are best camp buddies.


Little Ace and Flynn negotiating.

Camp Run A Pup

Masha enjoying a sun bath.

When our campers settle themselves for sun baths, we enjoy our laptops and smoothies. Have I mentioned how much I love my Ninja blender! 

Camp Run A Pup

My teen, who has suddenly become a morning person (which doesn’t mean he’s not a night owl too, it’ll work itself out, he’s a young pup) and I banter about our commute to the patio (Scooby cut in front of me this morning on the way out,” “Lada was so slow”…), play the game of matching dog breeds with people that we know, and argue about the best smoothie combinations. When I answer the phone, Cole looks at me inquiringly, when he hears me say, “Your dog is social like an alligator?”  It’s all good, especially when we dig through a bag of people-food a family dropped off along with their pup at check in—someone has to help with the fridge clean-out before vacation! Camp is Good!

Camp Run A Pup Cake

Another camp highlight this week was the ^^ cake that Vickie, our friend and camp helper, modestly brought over for us to eat. Vickie is taking a cake-decorating class and made the chocolate cake above. When she told us that she wouldn’t eat it and asked us for our help, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. Vickie insisted that the cake had flaws, but I can assure you that its only flaw was being almost too pretty to eat. I say “almost,” because, of course, we did eat it, and it tasted as good as it looked.

It’s August 1st! I hope you remembered to say “Rabbit, Rabbit” since I was remiss in reminding you. But if you forgot, just say it right now three times very fast,  as you hop up and down, and you’ll have an awesome August!

Odd Loves Company,

* I post ongoing camp pictures on our camp Facebook page and my teen updates the header with a new “breed sketch” every Monday. Rumor has it that this upcoming Monday the sketch with be of a Doberman. You do not need to join facebook to visit our Camp page.

10 thoughts on “Camp Run A Pup Tales – Cake Included

  1. Cake looks really good on the outside and I bet on the inside. Cake eating is a nice favor to ask someone to do.
    I did remember Rabbit. Rabbit. Even reminder my sister. Surprised myself.
    Nice pictures. That deer hound and her fella are something else.
    See you on El Morno.

  2. I love your doggie pictures!! They ALWAYS make me smile. So what wins out for the best smoothie combo???? I like strawberry, banana, blueberry and raspberry combo with a handful of spinach. 🙂

  3. I can see why Susie is a camp favorite! Like her fella Fella, too. Enjoy romping dogs.
    Your smoothie looks tasty. Wondering now if my old blender still whirls…..
    Forgot rabbit rabbit. Oops.
    That was big of you to take the cake off of Vickie’s hands. The ultimate sacrifice! Looks like Vickie is learning her class lessons well!
    Being a morning person is a good thing, Cole!

    • Susie is a lot of fun and Fella has really turned the corner this past year (primarily due to his devoted family) and is now a wonderful playmate.
      If your blender isn’t whirling replace it with a Ninja. I would have thought you’d be a smoothie kale ninja already. The top of the line Ninja won’t break the bank and offers so many smoothie options (as well as soup, and sauces, and….)

  4. Yum, Vickie made a beautiful cake! Glad to hear it was as good as it looks.

    Domer has found himself in the morning person category, too, thanks to the world of work. He and his working friends always joke about being too “old” to burn the candle at both ends these days!

    What a good camp you must run — pictures and videos for the traveling pet parents is a great idea to keep them updated (and informed their little darling is socializing well with the other campers, ha!)

    • Too old? Too funny!
      It’s fun interacting with my campers families. Fortunately, I like them as much as their little dogs!

  5. That cake was simply beautiful.
    We are enjoying some cooler weather too, only 74 here today.
    I love the pictures of the pups. Suzy is just to cute.

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