Lush Who Me?

Lush me

This Morno. I ate a bagel  in case I get a hang-over later.

Lush Signs. . .

Drinking alone. Well, technically, I wasn’t alone. My teen was drinking alongside me. I was drinking the damaged frozen strawberry daiquiri while he indulged in the virgin ones.

Drunk Facebooking. “I just drank a full pitcher of frozen daiquiris. YAY me!”

Defensiveness: I was joking. I didn’t really drink a full pitcher of frozen daiquiris, the pitcher had a thimble full of rum in it. A THIMBLE FULL.

Excuses: It was my Ninja blender’s fault. We had strawberries.

Denial: Everyone knows I do not drink, it was just one time.

Lusting: Truth. While watching tv, I did see a commercial for a Vitamix blender that made my heart go pitter patter.  But I don’t think I’m ready for that type of relationship. My Ninja is blender enough for me.

Blackout: What the hell are you talking about?

This morning when I signed into Facebook a private message greeted me. The message went something like this: I understand your need to drink but perhaps it would be better not to post on Facebook while drinking.

Huh? What? Who the hell are you? Oh, a friend of a friend that asked me to friend you. What the heck!  I raced to my Facebook page. Nothing. Ok. One comment about drinking a pitcher of daiquiris, but surely that doesn’t make me a daiquiri lush does it?  DOES IT!

At first I was ticked off. A quasi friend on my intimate, personal Facebook page was privately commenting and advising me on my non drinking habit. Really.  Note to self, block friend.

And then I started to laugh with gay abandon. This was a new first for me. Look Mom, I’m a Lush!

Peeps,  get a new designated driver. Cheers!

Odd Loves Company,

15 thoughts on “Lush Who Me?

    • Cheers and as my great irish aunt would say..May the good Lord take a liking to you…But not too soon!

  1. You know it’s a holiday/football weekend when the drinks start flying and the nay-sayers start shaking their heads. And making overly critical comments when they don’t have the whole story. Gee, I wish I liked strawberries, too!

    • Very true. Well, if you like pineapple (and I can’t remember if you do) then you could have a pina colada. Be sure to add a paper umbrella and pretend you are on some Island somewhere. If that doesn’t please time to whip of a whiskey sour. Cheers.

  2. What nerve, someone commenting about you drinking strawberry daiquiris !! Obviously she must be no fun at all and have no sense of humor..Absolutely, block this “friend” !
    I don’t drink either but a strawberry daiquiri does sound good. 😀 😉

    • It was very refreshing. I highly recommend. No sense of humor is worse than the holier than thou comment. What’s Odd to me is her “concern” is directed towards a person she barely knows.

  3. ROFLMAO!!!!! OMG that is the funniest thing I’ve read in a very long time. Good to know they understand “your need to drink”! Next thing we’re going to discuss is “your need to swear”.
    To whom it may concern, my daughter does not drink or swear. If she has a Daiquiri believe me there is little to no alcohol in it.

  4. Some people are very brave behind that keyboard. I was about to admonish you for the thimble shot glass of liquor! I agree with everyone ^……arm curls!

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