Grandchildren and Elephants Never Forget


“Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.” – Lois Wyse

My sweet mom and her grandson caught up on all things various and sundry on Saturday, and I’ve heard a rumor that he solved a tech problem for her today (Sunday). My teen picked up a 2013 travel atlas for his granddad at the science surplus warehouse sale we shopped at today. Tongue in cheek, my teen finds it hard to believe that, despite the fact that his granddad has an i-Phone and GPS, his final destinations are always reached by using a map. It’s fun traveling with those twoI speak from experience. One holds a phone, one holds a map, and the driver (that would be me) mumbles a lot under her breath. 

Cole and I were both blessed with the best grandparents. Tutu (my mother’s mom), who let me play dentist with a knife and fork in her mouth while she was in a full-body cast, told me wonderful stories and was certain I hung the moon. Mimi (my dad’s mom) always offered me coffee with plenty of cream and sugar when I visited in the morning. Papa (my mom’s dad) took me to see planes land and take off, let me drive his car (I swore I would never tell, and I didn’tuntil now), and charmed Harry the tarantula out of his hole so I could see him. Granddaddy (my dad’s daddy) built me a go-kart, took me shopping for my birthday present, and showed me how to pick cotton without getting stuck, and was the first person to come out and see me ride my new horse. Nana, my great grandmother, let me run down the hills in the park and type on her typewriter. 

Cole’s granddaddy rode in a hot air balloon with him, crashed landed, climbed out of the basket, and agreed with his grandson that the experience was awesome. He also claimed it was no big deal when Cole sprayed him with a can of Mace while he was driving. It was, of course, an accident. Cole’s grandpa (Joe’s dad) shared stories, always showed up with candy, and taught him to measure. Grandmarcie and her dear boy have spent many an hour together, planning their assassin business with an Italian ice stand as a cover. She taught him to swim, dive, and pour sugar over the sink. Her work will be done when he swears to always vote for the Republican candidate. 

Generations of love. My grandparents were the best at making me feel special, loved, and darn-near perfect. Cole’s grandparents have done the same for him. I can’t think of a better inheritance (beside jewelry and a gun, of course). 

The slide show is random and not in order, it pairs well with this post.  

Grandchildren and Elephants never forget from Katybeth on Vimeo.

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12 thoughts on “Grandchildren and Elephants Never Forget

  1. What a great way to start a Monday. I was blessed with wonderful grandparents and so are my kids. The pictures were wonderful and George is one of my favorites.

  2. My parents and my in-laws have been really wonderful grandparents. Showering my kids with all kinds of experiences over the years. My grandparents were older when I was born but I still remember playing a games of gin with my grandmother.She was a card shark. My Grandfather loved to take us for ice cream after Sunday dinner. The pictures were nice.

    • Sounds like your parents made the most out of their times with the grandkids. My grandmother probably wished she could teach me to play gin. I struggle with Old Maid. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  3. Love the slide show — what fun!

    My grandparents on Daddy’s side were older, but I remember my grandma was a Checkers whiz. On my mom’s side, my grandma was a super cook and took me to Bingo with her.

    My own parents were always ready to take Little Domer on adventures — and to remind him to love and appreciate his mama!

    • BINGO! I love Bingo. Sheesh if it was a Catholic Bingo hall you were lucky to survive the experience. Grandparents are the greatest!

  4. OMG where has the time gone! The video was like a trip down memory lane. Thanks for putting it together. What fun we had with Cole, and what fun your Grandparents had with you.

  5. You & Cole have been very lucky to have generations to share your lives with. I saw only my mom’s mother until age 4……the other grandparents had passed. Very nice pictures!

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